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I have been thinking lately of a unique or rarely done dare. Something normal and ordinary, but is the last thing that a certain friend would do. A dare that does not involve eating some weird stuff or putting some out-of-this-world liquid on your body or someone else's. This ketchup dare video right here got it all right for me!

Unfortunately, this video is no more available on YouTube. Either the owner of the video has removed it from YouTube or changed it's permissions.

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In this video, this girl who hates ketchup was dared to drink it straight from the bottle. A very ordinary dare, right?

But it is something that would really disgust her, as she is not fond of using ketchup!

So what other things can you make your friends do that would not hurt or disable him or her in some way? Here are some dare ideas I thought of while watching the video:

  1. Ask someone who hates cats or dogs to hug the pet.
  2. Make a vegetarian eat some barbecue.
  3. Dare a friend who's not into swimming to join you in the pool.

You see, dares do not need to be extreme to be fun. The mere reaction of these people who hate or are not comfortable with these things can make your game of truth or dare fun!

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Painful dares!
by: Veronniecahh

  • Do the cinnamon challenge, get it on video, and post it on facebook.
  • Same with the salt and ice challenge!

by: Emmy

I don’t really fancy food dares because they tend to get very nasty most of the time. However watching other people doing is hilarious! The fun thing about truth or dare game is you got to make people do things that they don’t usually do and they can’t complain about it.

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Video of Disgusting Eating Dares

Probably one of the most common dare involves the use of food! Expired milk, exotic food or weird food combinations are some of the things most used by darers when coming up with disgusting eating dares.

A blend of milk, ketchup, salt and pepper is food dare done in this video. The girl was asked to prepare a concoction of the four ingredients and like what she said in the end:

It tastes like eggnog!

One disgusting eggnog if you were to ask me.

Combining foods can be another eating dare that your group should try. Be imaginative and resourceful in whatever you will combine.

  • Try Vinegar and tomato paste or...
  • why not make burgers out of rotten onions!

If you're willing to go that far!

I have done quite a bunch of disgusting food dares in some truth or dare games that I had played. But, most of them just involved eating exotic foods or those things that I don't usually eat. So, what had you eaten for a game of truth or dare?

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Disgusting Sandwich Dare!

Here is an eating Dare that will make you wish you would have picked “Truth” instead.

Try to make a sandwich just like in the video below and then eat it. I promise you that it will be disgusting.

Did you get everything?

Get ready to pile of huge amount of mismatching food on your sandwich.

The raw egg at the end is a must, you have to put it on.

If you don’t find same kind of sweets just use some alternate ones, but make sure to mix stuff that doesn’t match.

Keep a bucket ready and try doing the Dare. You win the dare when you finish the whole sandwich.

You lose the dare if you end up cleaning the carpet.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you: “It’s disgusting.”


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