Boys Kissing Boys: Birthday Surprise

(Photo from Beth Rankin)

I'd like to tell a story about something that happened to me a few years back. I was having a birthday coming up, and I decided that for my birthday, I would ask my boyfriend to give me a very special present.

The idea of boys kissing boys was a huge turn-on to me, and as a girl, I had always wanted to see it up close and personally. I watched videos of boys kissing on the internet, but for my birthday this year, I wanted to see a couple of boys kissing one another, possibly making out.

The idea of it was just really exciting to me. So this year, I asked my boyfriend Jason to make out with another guy in front of me, for my enjoyment. It didn't have to be anything serious, and they didn't have to go too far, just hugging and kissing, making out and being close... the idea of it seemed super hot.

Jason was below average in height, about five feet eight inches, with a medium build, but a rather fat stomach, blue eyes, with a shaved head and glasses. Admittedly, he wasn't the best looking guy in the world. Therefore I was sure that we could get someone younger and hotter to participate in my birthday make-out session.

After asking around to my friends about whether there was a hot single guy who was available to participate in a birthday kiss with my boyfriend, I became acquainted with a boy named David who was perfect for the job. He was in his mid twenties, with dark shaggy hair and dark eyes, and stood a couple of inches taller than Jason.

He was gay and had a boyfriend, but I asked the boyfriend for his consent and he allowed it. After all, this was only a kissing game, not meant to go any further. We agreed that we would all meet at the library and congregate in the reference section, back behind some bookshelves that were infrequently used.

The location was secluded and private; very few people ever went back there. Jason and I went there on the day in question, ostensibly to study -- though I was a college student, Jason was unemployed and living at home with his parents -- and we sat there behind at the small table behind the bookshelf, waiting for David and his boyfriend, When David arrived, Jason stood up and faced him.

David's boyfriend came and sat next to me, so that we could sit together and enjoy the show of the two boys making out. The two young men faced each other, eventually their faces got closer and closer together until their lips met. I inhaled sharply with surprise and excitement; I had been waiting to see boys kissing boys in front of me for ages, and this was a spectacle that was well worth the wait.

Jason's arms wrapped around David and pulled him closer as David parted his lips and his tongue darted out of his mouth, forcing Jason's mouth open. The boy's tongues met and caressed each other as I giggled and blushed. It was a truly enjoyable sight! The kiss lasted only about twenty seconds in reality, but time seemed to slow down as the boy's tongues slithered back and forth between one another's parted lips, their arms wrapped tight around each other.

When the kiss broke, Jason and I thanked the young men for a truly wonderful birthday experience, then we went to dinner and later that night, went back over that day's amazing memory. It was a birthday present that I will never forget, even if I live to be a hundred years old!

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