Truth or dare? No I don't want to

(Photo from Pedro Ribeiro Simões)

Almost a Year ago I was in love with a girl from my school. Her name is Miranda. I never was brave enough to ask her out, but her best friend Caroline Managed to invite us both to her birthday party.

She always wanted that Miranda will get a BF, but she Never knew how. She told me that we are going to play Truth or Dare and that will manage it that Miranda and I will kiss each other.

The moment Caroline wanted to start the game I was nervous like hell. And what did Miranda Said?!

I don't want to. I was depressed but I didn't shower it. When it was Time to go to bed Miranda wanted to sleep next to me. I was so happy and she was smiling.

At 3 a.m. Miranda and I were Awake and the others were sleeping.

In this Moment I just kissed her and it felt so Good. And now, although she didn't want to play ToD we are a couple for now 7 months.

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