Women kissing women to "practice" for their first kiss

Make your kisses perfect

Make your kisses perfect

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Never Been Kissed From the look of me I seem like normal sheltered woman. Not one of those women kissing women. I'm innocent in every way, well; I was until I met Annie. We had known each other since forever so when we were made partners in one of my labs I was relieved because I knew she had a hard work ethic and was striving for A's just like me.

Annie was beautiful, ethnic, but not some much as though you could tell what. She had long black waves of hair that went all the way to the middle of her back, and perfect light green eyes that made everyone just stare at her all day. That day all we were doing was prepping our stations for the lab tomorrow, which was fairly easy.

Women Kissing Women Two Women Hugging Each Other
That's what BFFs are for
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For the rest of the class I and Annie just sat there talking about what college students usually do. At the end of lab Annie asked me what I was doing after and I told her I had a meeting, but after that nothing. She suggested that we hang out and I thought "Hey, why not? Not like I have anything else to do".

So after my meeting I went to my dorm and she came over, we watched a few movies on my laptop and she told me stories about all of these guys she had dated before. It was actually kind of embarrassing because I unfortunately had no stories of my own to tell. She told me not to worry because college was where I was going to be able to come into my own.

I laughed because she sounded like a teen fiction novel. I then started telling her that the closest I've ever come to a boyfriend was over the phone and that I had never kissed any guys and that's what bothered me the most. I didn't feel like a woman. I didn't feel sexy.

girl kissing girl to practice their first kiss
Girls Practicing for a Kiss
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She told me that she knew how I could change that. I looked at her confused and she grabbed my face and planted my lips onto hers. Her kiss felt so warm and safe. I couldn't believe what was happening? We made out, which Annie called practicing, all day. Nothing ever really came of it?

We both realized we were heterosexual, but what we shared was amazing to say the least. Annie is now happily married to a guy that we used to hang out with after our lab together. I had never really thought about women kissing women, but here I was, and I must say I don't regret it one bit.

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