Romance is Equal on the Screen with Boys Kissing Boys

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Television is a gateway to the people. Almost every household has one, if not several television sets with many different channels and programs to choose from. In the past, even a small channel selection was satisfying to the audience. The programing depicted perfect families the Cleaver family of "Leave it to Beaver."

Complacent wives waited in the house, cooking and cleaning in their kitten heels before the man of the house came home and she could lavish him with love after a long day as the sole breadwinner. Kids got into trouble now and again, but nothing a little milk and an apology couldn't solve. And when the time came to "go steady," girls pressed their poodle skirts to impress the cologne doused gents in their class.

What the general population saw on Television was the accepted norm that many strove for their entire lives. However, this picture was not what some viewers envisioned for their future. Today, the public is aware of all the different types of families and love that exist in the world. The pictures on the small screen are beginning to reflect more of the population, including experimentation like boys kissing boys.

One of the first kisses featuring two male parties took place on prime-time television on Dawson's Creek, a program aimed at a teen audience. Two close friends, male friends turned their friendship into something more with this lip lock. This case of boys kissing boys ushered in an era of acceptance of different relationships on screen, which proceeded to invade real life.

With the entire viewing audience subject to this topic, it was up to the public to embrace a new type of lifestyle. Soon after, females were also depicted as being involved in romantic relationships with other women. Ellen DeGeneres' sitcom Ellen began with the title character searching for a more traditional relationship, but soon came out to the public. She eventually found onscreen love, also sealed with a kiss.

Recently, the hit show Glee has been applauded for its depictions of characters with different backgrounds and romantic interests. Several characters have navigated the struggles of exploring their personal preferences. One of the stars of the cast, Kurt, is played by an openly gay actor. The character began to get involved with a fellow student in his all-male school. After an emotional loss, the two realize their mutual love and share a kiss. This is just one example of how boys kissing boys has brought on acceptance.

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