Japanese Girls Kissing in Anime

Cosplaying Girl Anime-Style

Cosplaying Girl Anime-Style

(Photo from tibi wagner)

A common theme reflected in certain Japanese anime is the sexually-charged nature of human individuals; sometimes it's the heterosexual love most common in Asian countries, but in other regards it's homosexual.

Although homosexuality is somewhat less accepted in some Asian cultures due to their traditional belief systems, the themes are rampant in Japanese media which tries to be more Americanized, as the Japanese know they have to "outdo" the Americans.

Japanese Girls Kissing Anime Girls Kissing
Anime Girls Kissing
(Photo from Rena-mit-Cappuccino)

Society worldwide has become more accepting of such behavior in most circumstances. Japanese girls kissing is pretty much the same thing as two American lesbians kissing, or a man and a woman kissing.

I'm not sure how homosexuality became so popular, as in the old days it was a sin in many cultures, especially in Asia where the wife had a traditional role confined to the home in very patriarchal societies.

These days, it's different. Girls do the same things as boys: They go to school, get brainwashed, and find jobs in the workplace. They are free to express themselves as they want, including by deviating from traditional sexuality.

There are many hits for "Japanese Anime Girls Kissing" on YouTube, there are many out there for the viewing pleasure of individuals who find that sexy in some way. Perhaps it is done to excite the viewers, as the majority of the girls in the videos are young and attractive.

It would not surprise me if a man subjected the girls to do it as opposed to them being lesbians, although natural kisses are a completely different story. I am not overly fond of such videos and find the fact that certain people take pleasure in things like it as repulsive and disgusting.

Japanese Girls Kissing Japanese Anime Girls
Japanese Cosplay Girls
(Photo from prayitno)
Subjecting others to such tasks for your personal 'well-being' is inappropriate and sexist. People should not be subjected to alternate sexualities only to satisfy the selfish pleasures of others because doing so is inhuman. People should just be people.

Each person should be themselves, and sexuality is a part of that. If Japanese girls want to kiss, let them kiss. But if they don't, then don't make them. End of story. See ya later.

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