Tips on Kissing

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Suddenly, you need to kiss someone and you are not prepared. You need some solid tips on kissing!

Kissing in general

Although kissing is one of the most pleasurable ways for two people to get close, many forget about some very easy and simple principles.

  • Keep your breath fresh. Floss often. Don't munch on some onions and then try to smooch your crush!
  • Don't try to go french kissing right away. Try kissing with closed mouth first and then see if you both want to open your lips...
  • Did I mention to take care of your mouth hygiene? Yes? Think about it! It is one of the most important tips on kissing.
  • Close your eyes before the kiss. Don't try to peek through your eyelids to see if your partner is still looking...
  • Avoid hitting your teeth together at all costs. Be careful. You are not trying to eat each other. Yet.
  • Be lighthearted. Kissing is fun! If something happens, someone drools, or you both have to laugh... It doesn't mean the end of the world. Have a laugh and try again! Kisses are special, but they do not run out.

The first kiss

Your first kiss will be one of your most treasured memories. Keep the following tips on kissing in mind, when the time has come to lock lips with your crush for the first time.

  • I get it you are nervous, really nervous. So is your partner! One of you will have to be confident and go for it. Generations of teenagers have had their first kiss. You can do it too!
  • Don't put pressure on anybody. It does not have the perfect evening, with candy falling from the sky. Neither do you have to fulfill a long itinary of dates before you go for it.
  • Be curious. It will be a relief to overcome your fears. But also a very new experience. Take the time to open your mind to the new feeling before you rush to anything else.
  • Don't try french kissing from the beginning. That is the number one way to awkward moments. Have your lips only slightly apart, or whatever feels natural to you, and adapt to your partner.
  • Do what feels best!

Kissing after a date

Kissing in the rain(Photo from Emily Tan

After a date feels often similar to your very first kiss. The longer you wait the harder it gets. Try these tips on kissing:

Go for it.

If you succeed - well congratulations!

If you fail - at least you have certainty and can cope with the situation. Beats staying awake and wondering what "could've / would've / should've" any day!

French kissing tips

You should have a feeling from the kissing tips above of what is important for French kissing, i.e. a tongue kiss.

French Kissing Couple(Photo from Malinki
  • Have a clean mouth with no leftover food on your tongue.
  • Take it slow. The slower, the better and the more sensual the French kiss will be.

    You can try writing some letters on the tip of your partner's tongue. Or playfully nibble the upper or lower lip...

    The possibilities are truly endless.

Kissing games like Spin the bottle or Truth or Dare

Guy with a weird face while being kissed(Photo from Fitsum Belay)

When you are "forced" to kiss someone in a game, don't make a huge scene out of it. Do only what you feel comfortable doing, and don't give in to peer pressure.

But if there is no real big deal, consider these tips on kissing when you have to do a dare or the bottle points at you again.

  • Get it over quickly when partnered with someone you don't like. You can also turn the cheek at the last moment.
  • Try to get the most out of it if you get your crush! But don't look desperate, just enjoy the situation as it occurs. If you are really smooth, try behaving as if it was not a big deal. Then the chances are higher for a bigger dare the next time!

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