The perfect good night kiss and the art of kissing

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The art of kissing is not one to be taken lightly. A woman can know immediately if there is chemistry between her and someone special in one single kiss. She can be on a date with a man whom she has been flirting with all night. The chemistry could be absolutely perfect, and the date could have gone beautifully.

However, that one little kiss at the end of the night can change everything. If a man is a bad kisser, it can leave his date disappointed, literally with a bad taste in her mouth. The kiss needs to be perfect, and the moment needs to be perfect.

While there is no tried and true kissing technique that all women are looking for, there are a few tips to make every kiss pleasant, and quite possibly, wanting a lot more kisses in the future. Rule number one is certainly common sense; though one might be surprised how lightly some men take this rule: good breath is your best friend.

While her date doesn't necessarily need to run off and brush his teeth a few moments before the end of the night, making sure he thoroughly brushes, flosses, and rinses prior to the date will certainly be helpful. A girl doesn't want to kiss a man with rancid breath.

Also, if it is a first date, avoiding certain foods like garlic and onions will be helpful to keep your mouth fresh. At some point during the date, it helps to drink a small glass of cranberry juice. It is a natural breath freshener and can kill some of the bad bacteria in the mouth to keep breath fresh and inoffensive.

Finally, on the way home, he should discreetly pop a piece of gum or a mint into his mouth and gets it working around for a few minutes. This way when the moment comes, he can be sure his mouth won't smell like a sewer. Now, the time has come and the moment is right. She is fumbling with her keys, batting her eyes, and stalling to go inside. At this point, it is pretty clear she is expecting a good-night kiss.

It is fairly safe to assume he can move in and sweeps her off her feet with that breathtaking, stomach churning, beautiful kiss. It can, however, still go badly, fresh breath and all, if he still has the gum or mint in his mouth. It is important he somehow get rid of it, either by swallowing it, or discreetly discarding it prior to the moment.

When he moves in, it is helpful if he takes her hand, or touches her face and looks into her eyes, then closing his eyes as their lips touch. If she sighs and leans in, it should be safe to attempt a more intimate kiss. This is also a point where things can go awry.

When pursuing a more intimate kiss, if her lips are clamped tightly shut, it does not good to try to pry them to open with the tongue. It is a sure sign she doesn't want it to go any further, so best not to try. However, if her lips soften and part, it is safe to say she would be willing to take the kiss deeper.

At this point, tongue control is a must. A woman hates to walk away from a kiss wiping her face-off because of a drooly, sloppy kiss. He can be assertive, but neat at the same time. While the art of kissing is not completely covered here, it is a good start to leaving a woman breathless and eager for the next encounter.

Good breath, reading the moment correctly, and not being sloppy are the keys to a wonderful kiss.

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