Kissing games that will teach you a life lesson

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People of all ages are known to attend parties and act wilder than they would in everyday life. Normally they play games that cause them to do things. Growing up it was often that I would go to a party and play different games such as kissing games.

These different kissing games included Truth or Dare and even seven minutes in heaven. We played these games to show how much we were growing up. How severe the games got was based on how old we were. Our truth or dare games began in early middle school and often got more complicated as we went through school.

As we all may have heard of seven minutes in heaven, we all have played it at least once in our life. It is when people picked one person to go into a closet or a closed room in which you would be stuck with one other person for seven whole minutes.

What you did was based on you and what your partner wanted to do. It was between you and them which not many people had to know about. Unfortunately when we go to our Junior and Senior years of high school and even college our games often included alcohol.

It then leads to more advanced kissing games with more than one kissing partner. As I look back I am often embarrassed with how I reacted to the certain situations. But, being young I was unaware of how exactly I should have reacted.

It was important at that time for you to impress people and to show them that you were more adult than your age which means everyone basically did what everyone else was doing and what was expected out of them.

The bad side is the kissing games that were played one day became the new gossip stories during the next school day. You would hear all day "he kissed who" then you would get asked about it all day. Girlfriends and boyfriends ended up finding out just what their significant others were caught doing with another person.

These kissing games ended up ending a lot of relationships because any infidelity was caught the following day since no one could keep their mouth shut and other people did not make better choices.

I would never want to take back my past experiences because they are something that any girl or boy will eventually learn.

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Don't play truth or dare with the opposite gender!!!

by Bailey
(United States of America)

A guy I was playing with was dared to kiss me on the cheek.

How that felt?

I was super embarrassed and quiet... My face was bright red.

Well, the guy was asked who he liked. And he said me.

So then later on, someone dared him to kiss me. And so if me/he didn't kiss each other we would lose the game.

So he kissed me but then he ignored me for the rest of the game!

After that, a bunch of other kids keptd teasing me about how I probably like the guy back (and I don't!!!)

And that I should go out with him and that we would make the perfect couple!

What reads as a nice and innocent story is probably a huge deal to you, Bailey.

I assume that you are a bit younger.

But don't worry, this is not as much of a big deal than you think.

Like I discussed in another post, kissing on the cheeks is nothing serious. In fact, in some countries that counts as a normal greating between friends!

So, no need to stop playing Truth or Dare with the opposite gender.

Believe me, it's way more fun with boys and girls at the same time.

And who knows, perhaps you will be the winner next time! :)

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