Who Hasn’t Had Gay Thoughts

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When I was in high school, I ended up playing truth or dare with a bunch of friends in one of my friend's houses.

At this time, there was high school drama going on within the group, complete with several people liking one another. Some of them had gotten together in couples, but I was still single and so was one of my friends.

He had a huge crush on one of the girls in our group, but it wasn't a good thing: I knew from her personally that she didn't like him that way.

Anyways, we got to asking truth or dare, and I was slated to be up next. I was asked truth or dare, and I decided to be daring and say dare.

However, the person who asked the question, who was a little drunk at the time, didn't know about the whole relationship woes between my friends.

He told me to essentially 'spin the bottle' and make out with whoever it landed on. It was a fairly lame dare, but I did it anyways, spinning an empty wine bottle around in a circle.

However, as luck would have it, the bottle landed in a somewhat awkward position, fit between two people. On one hand was the girl that my close friend liked, and on the other hand was one of the group members that was gay.

My friend gave me a concerned look, wondering if I was going to make out with the girl that he was in love with, but I spoke up just as the bottle slowed down.

"It looks like it's pointing towards Alex." I said, nudging the bottle just slightly as if by accident.

Probably more than half of the group saw me do it, but no one spoke up at that moment.

"Yeah, that looks like the case." My friend said, sounding a little bit relieved.

I knew he had no shot, but at the very least I didn't want to rub salt in his wounds. And so I took one for the team. I made out with a gay guy for quite a long time, even though I was straight.

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