Twin Sisters Kissing College Story

Quite Smart College Twin Sisters

Quite Smart College Twin Sisters

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Sara and Vicky Turner were identical twin sisters who did everything together, including getting into the same college. Their GPAs were 4.5 out of 5 (highest in their high school class) and had to flip a coin to see who would be valedictorian.

Once graduation was over they attended Stevie's keg party and got really drunk. Stevie and a couple of his buddies double dared them to kiss and so, without much hesitation, they went into a passionate, heated kiss. All the boys started hooting and hollering and when Stacey came over to ask: what was going on??? Stevie simply said: "It's just twin sisters kissing, mind your business."

Twin Sisters Kissing Girls Kissing at a Party
Twin Sisters Kissing at Party
(Photo from thefuturistics)

They woke up feeling embarrassed and ashamed. Not from the deed itself, but because they enjoyed it so much they felt disgusted. "Do you think daddy will find out?" Vicky asked nervously to which Sara replied, "Only if you tell him. Just hush up about it."

Three months later they made their way into college. They were eager to learn, but had no money for books since their parents were very poor. They had gotten in with great GPAs, sure, but the scholarships they received would only pay for their schooling, no dorm room or supplies.

They got part-time jobs at the local supermarket, but it just didn't cut it and so they decided to put on a show for a few men. They told about ten guys each, who in turn told ten more and before you knew it there were over 200 men willing to pay 100 dollars to see twin sisters kissing. That wouldn't cover all of their costs, but it sure would put a dent in their book situation. The rest they could make up at their jobs.

Twin Sisters Kissing Taking a photo while kissing
Making Their Video While Kissing
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They decided they needed a large place for this to go down and decided on a frat house that would host for free. They had a huge party that night and decided to make extra off of the two twins and so they video taped the kiss and sold it for 20 bucks a pop.

They sold hundreds and needed to keep making copies upon copies to keep up with the demand. It got so big they decided to get other girls to do the same, but they would never find anymore twins to go on video camera.

The frat ended up creating a company and becoming millionaires, while Vicky and Sara graduated with honors and started their own shipping company that put them on the Forbes list.

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