My First Kiss was horrible

by Sasha
(Chicago, US)

(Photo from Mr Michael Phams)

My name is Sasha and I live in the United States in Chicago, IL. My first experience with Truth or Dare was also my first kiss. I was upstairs at my cool high school friend's house in the country.

I was just a lowly middle schooler at the time, and very excited to be there with high school kids. Somehow, people decided that it would be a good idea to play truth or dare, but I was not wanting to be the party pooper, decided to be swept up into the game.

We were truth and daring each other to do stupid things like run downstairs and eat a spoonful of mayo, or tell truths about the last time we wet the bed or who we had crushes on. Then, it was my turn. I was so excited, and, wanting to seem adventurous, I decided to go with 'dare.'

I received my fate; kiss the tall, ginger kid in the corner of the room. I was horrified. I did not want to kiss this scary high school boy. He scuttled over to me, I backed away. The entire party was chanting at me, "kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!" I closed my eyes, and leaned in, so desperately wanting to fit in.

And then his lips fell upon my face. Literally, my entire face. He was like a human, wet vacuum cleaner. It took about fifteen tiny seconds for the whole ordeal to be over, but it felt like seventy years, what with the slobber, the chanting, and the general sense of despair I felt knowing that this was my first kiss.

When it ended, I took my shirt and wiped my face and looked around the room. I sighed and bucked up the courage to pick the next person who would fall victim to this terrible game, but I could never look that ginger kid in the eyes for the rest of the night.

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Failed first kiss dare – Total humiliation!

Everybody was laughing at an embarrassing failed kiss Incident

Everybody was laughing at an embarrassing failed kiss Incident

(Photo from Marlie Kanoi)

It was winter in Minnesota. Christmas was in the air, that late December, and Molly Barnhart was throwing the middle school event of the season; a boy-girl Christmas Party. Everyone was invited, although save for a few bold outcasts, the "in-crowd" were the only ones likely to attend. It was the epitome of the Middle School experience.

Boys, girls, awkward and forced socializing, nervousness, braces, and the pressures of fitting in. The party began quietly enough, a gentle murmur of kids talking and laughing, the quiet stereo playing some incredibly bass-heavy techno, and the crinkle of chip bags and popping of soda cans.

Matt, Calob and I huddled together, refusing to socialize, avoiding any potential for embarrassment. The first hour or so the party remained fairly dull, as kids sat around waiting for something to happen. After what felt like an eternity of forced mingling, Jenna, the Some-Day-Prom-Queen-To-Be, finally arrived at the party.

"The fun has arrived!" Jenna declared, as a crowd of shrieking girls amassed around her. "Ugh. What took you so long?" Molly said, embracing her friend. "Now we can have some real fun." Matt, Calob and I looked on and watched as the events unfolded, and the girls decided that "Truth or Dare" was tonight's main attraction.

I dreaded the thought of the game, and clung to the wall. It was only when every other middle schooler had gathered into a circle that we knew we had to join, for the embarrassment of refusing to play was far greater than anything we could be dared, or truthed, into doing.

truth or dare stories guy kissing on the head of the girl
(Photo from Rin-Tin-Tin)
The game progressed slowly and harmless enough, kids being dared to put snow down there shirt, lick unsanitary things, and kiss people they would normally refuse to. We watched as others each took their turn, and laughed and jeered and had finally begun to truly enjoy ourselves.

And that's when I heard it. "Alright Josh! You're up!" came Molly's sing-song voice. My heart dropped. It was my turn. I nodded, and agreed. "Dare." I muttered, not wanting to seem cowardly. "Kiss..." She trilled, "Jenna."

The crowd held their breath. "Done." I said. I walked coolly to Jenna, in the center of the crowd. I closed my eyes, puckered, and moved in for the kiss. My lips made contact, and I heard roaring laughter. I opened my eyes, and immediately realized I'd missed, and kissed Jenna Wilkerson's nose.

My first kiss . . . ! Missed . . . Public ;) and with the most popular girl in my grade.

I laughed, mostly to avoid crying, and took my seat back with the guys. To this day they won't let me forget my very first kiss.

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My Drunken Truth or Dare Story

by Shannon
(Fairview, TN)

(Photo from deeyhordee)

My drunken truth-or-dare story starts in the back seat of my girl friend's Hyundai en route to a party with a guy I'd never met before.

She was not much of a friend, but I'd known her forever, and for the last 5 years, she'd been crazy about a new guy every week. The latest one was a cute, tall blond guy who was a little bit older than me (I was 20) and, it turned out, had a son by a woman who was a stripper.

That was his main claim to fame other than being charming, good-looking, and quickly more interested in me than in my slow-witted friend. My friend's main attraction was that she was easy.

I was a much more complex person, in college, at a fairly respectable weight. I had a reckless attitude after emerging from months of depression. It was a warm, but not too warm, summer evening in early June.

This party took place in a small town in the American South, and one of the first things the gathered group of friends and strangers did was pile into the back of a VW bus and drive around in a field.

The van parked beside the back of the house, and we sat on the porch talking for hours, drinking some kind of alcohol out of plastic cups. An empty bottle lent itself to spin-the-bottle in the driveway, and all the dares were kisses.

I spun the bottle, and it landed on the cute guy. We tenderly kissed across the circle of people. I was kissed by one or two other guys, and then, his spin landed on me.

A little later into the night, the guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to try it without the bottle this time. It began to rain as we made out standing next to a tree. We hooked up in the back of the VW van.

It was my first time. I accidentally, completely stole this guy from my friend. She got over it as soon as she found the next guy to latch onto.

I had a great time, but I wanted to avoid him after that evening, saw him once more, and gently put an end to the phone calls he made to my grandmother's house.

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First Kiss Story and a Wake Up Kiss

by Joschka

Well were playing and Some guy (Unnamed but was my enemy) in 1,2 and 3rd grade dared an (Unnamed) girl too kiss me and she told me to run.

But I didn't think she'd have the courage to kiss me, so I stayed (since I'm kind of a nerd) and she did it.

I always thought my first kiss should be from my crush... Well, yeah, the next morning when I woke up, someone kissed me!

I can't remember who because I woke up but I think that's the point.

Thanks for reading it's only meant to show people what happened and followed rating doesn't have too be good and probably won't, so yeah thanks for reading.

Comments from the Webmaster:

Hey Joschka,

Don't worry about it. Your story is personal and it was a memorable first kissing experience for you.

If a story is memorable, then it is worth telling.

Thanks for contributing it to this site and please be sure to share your stories again in the future.

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