A Time I Will Never Forget

(Photo from alexgowers via flickr)

As a child we often went to parties. These types of party's content seemed to get more and more mature as we got older. It seems like from middle school or high school you did not know what to expect. Seven minutes in heaven is a game in which almost everyone is aware of.

It normally is played after the age group of elementary and before the age group of high school. I of course have my own story of seven minutes in heaven that still today is something that makes me blush. It was at my friend Sarah's birthday. The party was staged in her basement with the parents upstairs.

We all got the idea to play this game. Since it was Sarah's birthday she decided who would go first and that they would pick a name out of a hat. There we two hats. One hat contained boy's names and the other contained the names of the girls that were there. She picked this kid named Brett to go first and pick this girl Amanda's name.

As they went in the closet we all sat around looking at the clock laughing hysterically at how embarrassed they must be. After their time was up, they both came out of the closet in big smiles. Brett than picked his friend Lucas to go. Needless to say he picked my name. Lucas was a tall blonde that I had been crushing on for a few months.

Basically everyone at the party knew except for him. So when he said my name I do not think I was ever so red. While people around me were laughing hysterically knowing the situation I just wanted to run and hide in a hole. We got into the closet and our time began. I was so shy and not knowing exactly what to do or even how to make the first move just sat there.

When he decided to find move to kiss me our teeth bumped off of one another. It was so painful and funny at the same time that we did not know whether to laugh or say "ouch" first. Eventually we tried again and succeeded this time.

Even though we ended up kissing for not even a minute it was the most awkward and embarrassing time that I can recall. After that point everyone found out, just how bad our aim was and decided they would make fun of us both.

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A Night to Remember

by Jessica Berline
(Albany NY)

(Photo from KarlaFrazetty)

The first time I played truth or dare when I was drunk was when I was seventeen years old. It was the summer before my senior year and I was hanging out at a party with a large group of friends, including my best guy friend.

My best friend, Steve, and I had been close for several years but there had never been anything besides platonic feelings between us. Until that night that is.

We all had several drinks in us, we had just finished playing another drinking game called “I never” In that game, someone would say something they had never done. If anyone in the group HAD done it though, then they had to take a shot.

This got us all drunk very quickly.

Now that we were sufficiently warmed up, we were ready to get a little crazy. Steve was up first and was asked truth or dare. He chose truth and was asked to reveal his big crush.

Everyone was laughing like crazy, I figured it was from the drinking and thought nothing of it. Steve turned bright red and quickly changed his answer to “Dare.”

Even though that’s technically cheating, we let him get away with it. They dared him to kiss someone. He chose me, which was no surprise; we always chose each other for stuff like that.

It was a quick kiss but it felt like there was some emotion behind it. I was stunned. Everyone got quiet. Then I was up and I chose dare, afraid someone would ask me what I was thinking if I chose truth.

They dared me to skinny dip in the neighbor’s pool.

Always game for something like that, I stripped out of my clothes and hopped the fence. Only the neighbors were home AND IN THEIR POOL. So there I was, standing naked in their backyard. I was a deer in the headlights.

They stared at me and I just laughed and said, my friends took my clothes and I thought they tossed them over the fence. I don’t think they bought it but they didn’t call the cops or anything.

Just then, Steve jumped over the fence and wrapped me in a towel and helped me climb back over. When we got back over the fence and I was dressed, he pulled me away from the crowd and said to ask him “truth or dare.”

I was confused but went along with it. He said truth. Before I could think of a question, he said “the truth is I’m in love with you.” Then he kissed me.

It was incredible and entertaining and I was damn thankful for the alcohol lowering his inhibitions! It turns out all our friends already knew that he was into me and I was the only one that had no clue.

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Truth Dare or Curiosity

(Photo from pedrosimoes7)

I was never the coolest guy in high school. I always considered myself weird and socially awkward. So when my best friend Curtiss told me about party at Beth’s house, I was hesitant.

Beth was popular, pretty, and cool. Curtiss knew that I had been crushing on her for a long time and thought this was perfect opportunity for me to put the moves on her. I wasn’t sure.

“Don’t be a girl, Alex” he said.

For some reason, that was all it took to convince me.

I spent the whole day preparing for the party and expecting the worst. I thought about Beth all day. She was a sophomore and I was a freshman.

There was no way she could go for a guy like me, I thought. Curtiss picked me up around eight and we headed to the party. When we arrived, Beth was there to greet us. Curtiss made a bad joke and I gave an awkward greeting. We made our rounds and mingled with the crowd.

After a while, someone suggested we play Truth or Dare. Internally, I thought this was a horrible idea but I bit my tongue. Naturally, Curtiss was enthusiastic and said “Me and Alex are game.”

I nodded in agreement even as I was shaking inside. A group of about eight people decided to play, among them was Beth. The game began smoothly as I was largely ignored.

This was the way I intended. Finally, it was Curtiss’ turn. Before he spoke, he gave me conspicuous look and I knew what was coming. He said “I dare Alex to kiss Beth.”

My face turned red and died with embarrassment. I briefly made eye contact with Beth then looked away.

I looked back at Curtiss with hate in my eyes. He just looked back me with a smirk look. I, again, looked at Beth and prepared to make my move.

I looked into her eyes, then at her lips, and back at her eyes. I began to make my move. I leaned in and I completely missed her lips.

I heard laughter from the group. I quickly recover and we connected lips. It was electric. There was certain chemistry between us. We made out as the crowd cheered us on.

When we stopped, she had a dumbfounded look on her face. The rest of game played out but I could feel her eyes on me. Afterwards, she led me to empty room and asked me “true or dare.”

I said “dare” and she pointed at her lips. This time, I knew what to do and aimed right for her lips. The rest is history.

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The Poo Dilema - Yes That Was Pretty Stupid

I was 16 years old, sitting at a friend's house in Virginia Beach, Virginia and we wanted to make out with the girls at the neighbors house. After midnight we threw some rocks up at their window and got their attention.

7 Minutes in Heaven A Couple kissing in a dark place
(Photo from linh.ngan)
They came down to the street to meet us and we proceeded to "eat some sandwiches" (Do you know How I Met Your Mother?).

This made things a little funnier and everyone was more open. After Melissa "took a big fat bite out of the sandwich", she suggested that we play truth or dare.

Melissa was not very attractive, but the other two girls were fine specimens of the opposite sex. Chris, my friend, agreed to play the game with the hopes of making out with one of the other sexy girls.

We went through the initial stage of the game, with some silly truth questions but then we got to the awesome make out part.

Chris was up first and was challenged to sit in the dark closet with Amber and make her come out of the closet in under 5 minutes with a rosy complexion to her cheeks. 5 min latter and we had to bust the door down to get them out.

They were loving making out with each other. They loved the feel of their tongues in each other’s mouths. So, my turn and I get to make out with the ugly Melissa.

But, I was only 16 and I was high as a kite, so I set upon my journey to make this girl melt with the tip of my tongue.

It was just ok. Later on in the night, we were all getting a little tired of the game and I just wanted to eat some nachos or make out with the pretty girls without the stupid game getting in the way.

Soooo, it was my turn, and I wanted the game to be over.

Sooo, ... I dared the ugly girl to eat rabbit poo. She said no and all the girls left.


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A Dare Brings an Embarrassing Truth

by Heather

I was 13 years old, and it was Halloween. A few of my fellow seventh-graders and I had gathered at our friend Chris's house, and we decided to play truth or dare.

The most important players in this game were my friend Tara, who was somewhat advanced for our age, if you know what I mean, and Chris's dreamy neighbor Justin. He was older, all of 15, and at the time he seemed incredibly mature and dangerous.

So the group of us started playing truth or dare, and went through a few tamer dares until it was finally Tara's turn to choose someone.

She knew I had a crush on Justin, and when she chose me, my heart automatically started pounding out of my chest.

"Heather, truth or dare?" she said with a mischievous smile.

I chose dare.

And all these years later, I still wish I hadn't.

"I dare you to make out with Justin!"

As I said before, Tara was advanced for our age. Making out was nothing for her. She had made out with dozens of guys, quite literally. Tara might have been a bit of a sl#t. But I had never made out or had a boyfriend.

I was only 13, so I never really felt that was abnormal. But instead of just going for it, or even backing out for some made-up reason, I said the first thing that popped into my head.

"I don't know how!"

I'm sure my cheeks immediately turned bright red and would have betrayed me if my face weren't caked with Halloween makeup. Yes, I admitted my lack of experience in front of an older man (okay, boy). It was the most embarrassing experience of my young life.

No one seemed particularly perturbed by this revelation. I assumed that most of the fellow partiers were in the same boat as me, and I got by with a quick peck for my dare, though I'm sure part of me would have wanted to make out with Justin, had I not just made a fool of myself with my admission.

There was no need to wonder if Justin knew how to make out; later on in the night I caught him with Tara.

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Kissing Games and one Incredible Night

I was 13 years old and it was my first boy/girl party. I was really nervous because I knew eventually we would be playing some kissing games. I had never really kissed a boy before and was extremely anxious about playing these kissing games, but a part of me was really excited too.

About an hour into the party, our host, Kristie, announced that it was time to sit in a circle. As we all made our way to the center of the room my heart hammered inside my chest. Kristie brought over a bottle and placed in the center of our circle.

She explained that we would be playing Spin the Bottle and laid down the ground rules. We had to kiss whoever the bottle pointed at, we were not to use our hands, and the kiss had to last at least five seconds. Kristie went first. We watched the bottle spin in anticipation. It pointed directly at my best guy friend.

My heart fluttered as they came towards each other on their knees. When their lips met the room filled up with giggles and "ewwws and ahhs". A couple of rounds went by and with each spin my anxiety level kept rising. And finally my wait was over.

A really cute boy from another school had spun and my lips were his prize. As I inched towards him, my stomach felt as if a million butterflies were fluttering around, my body felt numb and time seemed to pause. As our lips finally met, an excitement inside me lit like a thousand tiny fireflies. It was a short but very sweet kiss.

I sat back down and must have had the goofiest grin on my face because my guy friend was staring at me like I had lost my mind. I just kept staring at that boy who gave me my first real kiss. He was very cute and I later learned his name was Justin.

After awhile, kids became tired of the game and broke off into groups. 9:30 pm came too soon for me and it was time to go home. My mother picked me up and it was all I could do to not tell her about my first real kiss and the kissing game that led to it.

I decided to keep this moment to myself for fear that she would not like that I played a kissing game. That night as I drifted off to sleep, I saw his face, soft lips, and sweet smile coming slowly towards mine. It was an incredible night.

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Friends and Real Kisses

(Photo from Daccio)

My friend Kendra and I went over to Craig's apartment, a mutual friend, one evening for drinks, snacks and to meet Craig's new boyfriend. We came in, sat down and had some pleasant conversation. Out of the blue Craig suggested us play Truth or Dare.

Kendra and I looked at each other with a bit of uneasiness, and then reluctantly decided to go ahead and play. The game actually ended up being a new invention and bit of a mix, a hybrid between Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare. We talked for a bit more to finish the one bottle of wine for use in our little game.

Then both Craig and his boyfriend went to the kitchen to fetch another bottle for consumption as well as some more snacks. While they were gone I told Kendra that when it was my turn, I would take a Dare and that she should order Craig to kiss me. And that she should be abundantly clear it was not to be just a little peck, but a REAL kiss.

When we started playing my heart was pounding so hard. I think it did not know if she was going to go through with it or if it was the idea that I was soon going to be kissing an extremely attracting man or if it was the fear that he wouldn't partake in my Dare.

After a few spins of the bottle, it finally landed on me and she DIT IT!!!! I was so beyond nervous. Craig was totally hot, as was I, and while he always said he technically was bi-sexual, he really always ended up with guys, so this was probably the only way I was ever going to kiss him.

We kissed for a very long time and it was heaven, so sweet. After we finished the second bottle of wine, Kendra and I decided to take off. In the car she told me that Craig's boyfriend had very creepily; intently watched us kiss, she mimicked him, all bug eyed and said that he seemed turned on. Kendra and I laughed: "so gross!!!!"

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