Awesome Adult Birthday Party Games

Surprised man with a birthday gift

So you're adults and celebrating a birthday? It's time to rock your party with adult birthday party games!

Who would want to play childish games anyways!?

Frankly speaking, adult parties are the coolest parties to attend. That's because you'll be more likely to find some open-minded guys and women ready to have more risqué fun and enjoy the moment.

What better presents can you think of?

Timing is everything! You will have to read the mood when choosing which game to play.

At the beginning of the party some guests will be wearing a "holy Joe"/"good girl" cover. Expose their crazy side by using these cool icebreakers games...

Pass the Orange

A good example is a game where guests pass on an orange from neck to neck without using their hands.

Hold an orange between their chin and neck.

The next person (preferably of the opposite sex) will try to pass on the orange by using their chin and neck.

The fun thing is that it feels similar to making out. There is lots of tension hidden in this game…

Another cool aspect is that if the dude/girl finds you cute or likes the smell of your cologne, it may lead to an actual kiss! Try using this game to loosen up your guests and get them in the right mood for your party.

Try varying the game by

  • Passing the orange from neck to mouth to neck
  • Having two people kiss as a penalty for dropping the orange
  • Mixing up the order of your guests

Gimme Your Banana!

If you want to heat it up even more with other adult birthday party games, try passing a banana with your mouth!

The rules of the game are simple and cool: One guest takes an unpeeled banana into his/her mouth.

Now you can choose

Girl eating banana seductively
  • Pass the banana on from mouth to between the thighs of the next person
  • Have the next person (preferably of the opposite sex) tries to unpeel the banana using his/her mouth
  • Pass on the peeled banana from mouth to mouth and chew up a bit every turn

Clearly these games are an easy way to find someone to make out with don't you think?

These games really will loosen up your guest. The banana seems very popular for these games - it really is a “naughty” fruit. However, using any fruit similar to a banana, e.g. a cucumber, is also okay.

This game will heat things up quickly. Events like these at adult (single) parties may even lead to a serious relationship in the future.

Exploit naughty adult birthday party games to play doctor cupid for your single friends. Use these games the next time one of them turns one year older and see the magic unfold! 

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