An Adult Riddle Game to Play at Parties

by Kenny
(Neshanic Station, New Jersey, USA)

(Photo from photostock/

A game that you can play at a party with male and females in attendance. You ask for two volunteers and they do not have to be a couple. Ask them to sit in the middle of the floor back to back.

Then place a blanket completely over them making sure nothing is exposed. So make sure the blanket is large enough, like a king size blanket.

Now the thing is this, you ask the couple if they are comfortable and say I am going to ask you a series of about ten questions each in which we need a response. Please explain that when the question is answered correctly the game is over.

I will explain the correct response at the end.

The first question for the male is: “You have something on, we need you to take it off and hand it to us.”

When he has done that you can proceed.

And now the second question is for the female: “The question is that you have something on, Please take it off and hand it to us.”

When this is done you can move on. You then move from male to female until you have used up all ten questions each. I have seen this at parties and found that in the excitement of the party, People are more than willing to cooperate especially if they have had a few cocktails.

What's amazing is I found the couples were almost completely nude under the blanket. Funny!

The answer to the question, “You have something on, please take it off and hand it to us” is the blanket!

Most people won't think of that. Please only try this game at parties with only adults there. It would be hard to explain this concept to children.

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Name Game

(Photo from Laurelville Mennonite)

This is a great game for children or young adults of all ages. The leader of the group can introduce himself / herself by saying his/her first name, such as, “Hello, my name is Carla. I am going to Canada for my vacation trip.”

She can then turn to the girl (or boy) to her right and ask them to introduce themselves by stating their first name and then ask them where they are going on their vacation. The second person must state their name, such as Angela and then state where she is going on her vacation.

Unless where she plans to go begins with the letter “A” (the first letter of her first name), she doesn’t get to go on her vacation. The leader simply says, "I’m sorry, but you can’t go".

Then it becomes the next person on Angela’s right to state their name and tell where they will be going on vacation. The game continues until everyone has had a turn. If someone guesses the right answer, then they are told that they can go on their vacation and will be skipped over for the next round.

This game continues until everyone gets it correctly, or someone gives up. At the end, the leader can ask if they were just guessing or did they figure out the correct puzzle. Someone usually figures it out.

To make the game a little more difficult, you can use the last letter of your first name. Then Carla could have said she was going to Argentina for her vacation trip. This is a very fun game and can be challenging for some and easy for others, depending on how much they are paying attention and enjoy the game.

It can also be changed from vacations (countries) to food – My name is Carla and I’m eating a cantaloupe. Just use your imagination and have fun.

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(Photo from TechCrunch)

Objective: The objective of the game is to write the same word as your partner beginning with a one word clue, based on word association. Your team will have 10 rounds to arrive at the same word.

The game begins with only a one word clue. Both players then write the word they first associate with that clue. They then reveal their written answer.

If it matches exactly, then they completed that round in only 1 turn. If the words do not match, both words now become the clue for the pair to write a new word. The process repeats either until the words match or 10 turns have transpired unsuccessfully.

For example: Clue: Tire Person1 writes “Rotation,” person 2 writes “Bike.” They reveal their answers. Since they don’t match, they go on to turn two in which their clue is “Bike Rotation” or “Rotation Bike.”

Person 1 writes “Pedal,” person two writes “Flip.” Once again they do not match, so on to turn 3… “Pedal Flip” or “Flip Pedal.” Person 1 writes “Ramp” and person 2 writes “Ramp.” They reveal their answers and have now completed this round in only 3 turns.

If you’re playing just to pass time then there is no need to keep score, just keep personal note of your fastest or funniest rounds and have fun. If you’re playing in a larger group, pair up and keep track of which team arrives at the same answer in the fewest turns for each given clue.

You can have each group start with the same clue, or have a separate clue for each team. Award points to the teams in order of completion and keep a running total score, or keep score based on the raw number of turns each team takes, and the lowest score will win the game.

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Who Am I?

by Theresa
(North Bay NY )

(Photo from ϟnapshot 19)

The best ice breaker game I have ever played was on an adult toy party. The host put a picture on the back of each person. This picture was of some famous person either real or imaginary. We went around the room looking at each picture.

At the start of the party each person went to the front of the room and asked questions about the picture on the back. We only had 10 questions we could ask and they were yes or no questions only.

After the 10 questions we had to figure out who was on our picture, we could guess before using all of our questions if we thought we knew who it was. If you were not able to guess who you had the host gave a clue that would help you figure it out.

If you were unable to figure it out from that, then you didn't win. The winner was the person who guessed who they had in the shortest number of questions. The winner at this game was given a door prize.

This game was really fun since it forced you to think about what questions you were asking and gave everyone a big laugh at some of the people we weren't able to guess. The host had tried to match the pictures she placed on us with someone we would be able to guess and also to try and match our personality.

I guess you could also us things or places for the pictures and try and have the guests figure out what place or thing is on their back and this game is very easy to adapt to any type of party you are having.

If it is a wine party then you could use different wines or makers of wines, a desert party then you could use deserts, a birthday party it could be things about the birthday boy or girl.

There are many ways to personalize this game and make it fit your party. It also doesn't take up a ton of time and you could have them write their questions on a sheet of paper and go around to people to ask the questions instead of going up front of everyone.

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A Nice Group Icebreaker Game We Played at School

(Photo from JeanHavoc via Wikimedia Commons)

This is something my drama teacher had my class do (10 or 12 of us, I think) to get comfortable working with each other. My name is Ryan, and this occurred at my old high school in 2008 in Chicago, Illinois, USA (Walter Payton College Prep if you specifics).

We had 2 rounds of our little game. Our teacher explained to us that she was the "conductor", and we were to follow her instructions. To get us warmed up, she told us all to imagine we were in a city busy park.

We were to each think of a sound we would hear, and imitate it. She paused here, allowing for the inevitable complaints that it would sound like a jumbled mess, but she invoked her authority, telling us to ONLY COME IN WHEN WE WERE READY.

So we began in complete silence for a long 5-10 seconds. Then, one girl in my class came in as a distant car. Then another began to breathe heavily and jog in place, then another sang "ring around the Rosie" and another girl joined her.

Soon, all inhibitions were gone, and we had a very convincing auditory scene of a north side Chicago Park. As the conductor, our teach indicated some of us to increase and decrease volume, so that it was like one was walking along, and heard things approach and fade away into the distance.

But then, things got really cool. We were then told that we were then going to simply make music. We were to loop beats and tunes. We were again a little apprehensive, but at this point, we trusted her and each other (the exercise already worked).

The only rules were that there was no actual words used, and that we looped in a reasonable amount of time, so that others could easily develop and join with their own, complementing tune (this is where it differs from an outright vocal jam session). She suggested someone start off with a beat.

We began, and someone started off with a creative but passive beat using their voice and by tapping their leg. Then, one of my non-vocally talented friends decided it would not be beyond him to complement the beat with a vocal base tune. It blended well.

Then more and more people joined. I went off this with my own tenor tune, helping to give what had been a complex rhythmic tune a smoother quality. Then Rachel (a friend) gave a great alto-soprano (somewhere in there) melody that gave what was an urban-rhythmic (one that you may skateboard along the lake mindlessly to) and outright angelic classical tint.

The last two or so people complimented her tune, giving$ us a finished product that was to die for. Then, the conductor told us to fade and stop, and it was all lost to the world.

To this day, I remember what most of us did, but I only remember what Rachel's tune sounded like, and how well it completed a tune I can no longer hear in my memories. From then on, we had no trouble reenacting even the most intimate (but school appropriate) scenes.

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The Knot Game

(Photo from VSPYCC)

Many Icebreakers involve a question where the participants might have to answer a silly or personal question about themselves. That’s all good and dandy, but how about a game that requires close physical contact and clear communication?

That’s what the Knot Game is all about! No matter the size of the gathering, anybody can play!

To get started, everyone crowds together and grabs one person’s hand with your right hand, and a different persons hand with your left hand. It’s more fun if you don’t know whose hand you have initially, just try not to grab your neighbors.

The key to this game is to get untangled. You will spend the next who-knows-how-long getting there! The end result will be you and your new friends standing in a large circle, but getting there is where the real Ice Breaking happens.

You’ll be talking, laughing, arguing, and joking trying to work yourselves out of this knot. You will have to maneuver tight quarters with close physical contact between participants, which is one of the fastest ways to get comfortable with strangers.

Hilarity ensues when someone ends up doing a heroic acrobatic move to get themselves oriented in the right direction. You’ll have the chance to show off your own skills, whether its flexibility or problem solving skills.

Perhaps you’re neither of those? No worries! You’ll still be chatting and laughing it up with everyone else. On the off chance someone doesn't want to play, they can still be hugely instrumental in helping the group get untangled; handing out directions from the perspective of someone outside of the commotion.

The Knot Game is a great way for people to get to know each other. It does not require any special materials, no set time limit, anyone can participate, and there’s no real space requirements either! It’s the perfect Ice Breaker for any party setting.

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Introducing Yourself Game to Break the Ice

by Lolo Sandpop
(Michigan, USA)

(Photo from eschipul)

O.K. I've got an interesting idea for a game. You get a group of people who are relatively unknown together and your host is there and people are enjoying beverages and talking and having a good time.

The host would then suggest this idea where he/she starts out by talking about where they grew up or went to college. Then the next person tries to pick something related to what that person said and talk about his/her background or what they like doing.

Then it goes all around, giving everyone a chance to say something and introduce themselves.

It might go a little like this:


"Hi everyone, I'm glad that you all have come to my party. To get this party started I'd like to introduce myself for those of you who might not know anything about me.

I'd like to tell you a little about myself, and like telephone, I'd like everyone to chime in and introduce themselves as well.

To make it more interesting however, I'd like to tell you something personal about myself that may be interesting to all of you.

I'd also like the person standing next to me to tell a similar story about them after I'm done with my little, ?vignette?. The person next to me (Larry) can tell a story of the same type or they may have heard something in my story, like a place or a person and go into their own story from that similarity.?

If this sounds confusing, let me just start to give you an idea of how this will work.

"When I was a young boy my Aunt showed me how to give a relaxing massage. Your turn Larry...."

And so on and so on until everyone in the party knows a little bit more about one another and the atmosphere is cool and relaxed! Hope you like the idea!

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