Sleepover Icebreaker Game - Glow in the Dark

(Photo from Becka Spence)

I remember that every time we had a sleepover party for the kids I was thinking of all kind of games to keep them interested. One time we decided to buy some ‘glow in the dark’ sticks in different colors and have the kids wear those around their neck.

So the guests arrive for the sleepover party when it’s getting dark and everyone will receive a glow in the dark stick and they are not allowed to open them until everyone is there because the sticks last only for a limited amount of time.

Then you can hide treats in different places like a “Treasure Hunt”. Hang a gift bag on tree branch, or hide a toy in a flower pot, under a bush, in places that items are easy to find in the dark.

Add a glow stick to the “Treasures” so they are somehow visible. Make sure you keep track of all the things they find so you know when they have everything. If you want to get involved in the game you can participate with the kids and scare them once in a while, they like to get excited to run and scream in the dark.

They also like to play Hide and Seek in the dark wearing the glow stick so I think the fun part is letting them play in the dark. I usually turn off all the lights in the back yard and also make sure they don't wander around into the neighbors’ yards.

We had this kind of parties in the summer when the weather was nice and we were able to install a big tent in the back yard for sleeping outdoors.

Also mention in the invitations what kind of activities you are intending to have so everyone comes appropriately dressed and bring a sleeping bag if necessary. They don't get much sleep but that's why it‘s a sleepover party.

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Doing it in the Dark!!!

(Photo from Petticoat Brenda)

This is the perfect ice breaker game. You and your guest will play a game of getting dressed and made up in the dark. You can do this as individuals or for more excitement as a team.

If playing as a team, the game should be played only in teams of two’s. Have clothing readily available for your guest to change into. The game is best played at night, in the dark, when no one can see what they’re wearing. Nor will they be able to see where their make-up is going.

You can ask your guest to bring two outfits. One outfit would be something they'd love to be seen in and the other would be something not-so appealing. For extra added fun and laughs throw in some underwear and swimwear.

Items Required:

  1. One set of nice clothing

  2. One set of not-so-nice clothing

  3. Lots of make-up

  4. Wigs

  5. Jewelry and accessories

  6. Stopwatch

  7. Camera

  8. Tiara and certificate for the winners

Here’s how to play:

Place all of the clothing on the floor or on a table, mix them well. The floor is preferable in order for guest not to hurt themselves while playing in the dark. Have the makeup in one section, the clothing in a different section and the accessories in its own section.

Explain to your guest that they will have 5 minutes to get dressed and made-up in the dark. First, turn the lights off. One person countdown from 5 and they say go. Each game player then runs to get dressed up in the dark.

When the clock stops, stand in your place. Try to have at least two people as judges to see which individual or team did the best job. Give a tiara to the first place winner as well as a certificate.

You can create a certificate titled “Queen of Doing it in the Dark”. Be sure to give your second and third place winners certificates as well. Take a load of pictures and keep this look for the rest of the evening, you’re bound to have an excellent time.

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Three Scary Games for Your Next Sleepover

by Benjamin
(Kankakee, IL )

(Photo from Ursala Hudson via Flickr)

1. Scary Game - Prison break

Materials: Flashlight, clothes that can get dirty

Setting: Outside in large yard preferably with trees and either an open porch or treehouse. Also, best played at night.

Instructions: The treehouse or porch is designated as a "guard tower". One person is standing in the guard tower with a flashlight and everyone else starts a set distance away from the guard tower.

They must then sneak to the guard tower without being spotted by the light. It can be made more exciting by adding guards that are walking around looking for escapees.

A final variation would be to allow the tower guard to leave the tower to be able to look for escapees.

2. Another Scary Game Idea - Werewolf

Materials: Werewolf mask optional, clothes that can get dirty

Setting: Open area indoors with places to hide or outside at night

Instructions: If played indoors then all the lights are turned out and the area is cleared so there is room to run. Best played outdoors at night.

One person, the "werewolf", hides in an area of the yard and everyone counts to a preset number. Then everyone goes off looking for the werewolf.

When someone sees the werewolf they yell werewolf and everyone runs back to the safe area. If anyone is tagged then they become the werewolf.

An alternative would be to have everyone hide and the werewolf finding and chasing the people hiding.

3. Scary Game - Snipe hunting

Materials: Flashlight, Woods

Setting: First you have to have gullible friends. Then you have to convince them that such a thing called snipe hunting exists and is done at night.

You then take your friend out in the woods and say we're going to spread out and flush them out. You then hide and enjoy their reaction.

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The Scary Manhunt Game

(Photo from Jermz Photography via Flickr)

Manhunt is a wonderful game to play at sleepovers or general parties at night. The people who play it will usually be teens or children. The way it works is almost like tag, except much more scary. To play, you need a large, quiet house or a large backyard with many hiding places.

First you must choose someone to be the hunter. This person will be "it" just like in the game of tag. Then, turn off all the lights in the house or in the yard. Be sure that everything is very quiet otherwise the game is not as fun.

Next, the hunter must close his eyes and hum to themselves for 30 seconds. This ensures that the hunter could not hear where the other people went or see them. Once the hunter is done counting, they must search for the "prey", or other kids.

The hunter must be quiet. If the prey can hear the hunter coming, they are allowed to move around to avoid the hunter. The hunter must try to find the person, and if they can, scare them for added fun and hilarity.

Once the person is caught, they must go to a predetermined "base" where they must stay still and quiet until the game is over. The last person left in the game other than the hunter has a special role. They can either choose to give up or they can choose an alternate method.

This alternate method adds to the scare factor of the manhunt game. The last prey standing should try to ambush the hunter. If the hunter is legitimately scared or frightened when the last prey ambushes them, the last prey wins.

Once, when I was younger and I was playing manhunt with some friends, we had the best game ever.

I was lucky enough to be the last prey. I crept up on my friend who was the hunter, and I scared him so much that he wet his pants! It was a good night.

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Feb 17, 2012
Sounds scary but dangerous
by: Francis

Nice game idea - it will scare most people I know shitless ;)

I only see one problem with it - when you scare someone in a dark room, and they jump up from fear...

They risk bumping their heads or something. So you should only play the game with your homies that know their way around the house :)

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