Some Nice Icebreakers for Adult Parties

by Liane Jacobs
(Charleston, SC, USA)

(Photo from Snow Snow)

Ever feel like the odd man out at a party when encountering a group of folks that you're meeting for the first time. Chances are that you are not alone. There are many times in our life that we will face this scenario, but take it from me, it doesn't have to be as awkward as it seems.

I will lay down an entertaining path for you so that you can put your shyness at bay and become the life of the party. (Warning---Don't blame me when your social calendar fills up!)

A great icebreaker to help learn people's name would be similar to our childhood game of "Guess Who?" and "Hangman", in which you would ask, Does your name start with "M"? This eliminates those who don't and narrows the crowd some.

If your memory is based on imagery then you will be able to sort out those people. Keep going down the list of alphabets and you will learn everyone's name in no time.

Another game would be a memory based game and stand or sit in a circle. Let's say Cameron starts off and whispers his name in the next person ear and so on and so on and then see if the last person gets it correct.

Another game could be spun like "Has anyone...." per se made an angel in the snow or whatever comes to mind. There are all different takes on how the story could be spun. In either case it gets people to open up and talk about themselves and gives you the opportunity to learn more about them.

All these icebreakers are meant to be had in fun to help lighten the mood of an party. Nothing is written in stone so switch it around adlib and have fun with it. Before you know it the party will be pumping and you will know that you were person that made it all happen.

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