Ultimate Breakage of an Iceberg (Party Edition) – ICEBERG and LAVA

(Photo from Charleston Hospitality Group)

So the game goes like this, basically everybody has to start off by playing beer pong or flip cup to get in the zone. Being in the zone allows people to be more open with each other and way less shy.

Then after that, everyone has to sit in a circle and play Truth or Dare. I believe that Truth or Dare is one of the most ultimate ways to break the ice with people at parties.

Truth or dare allow people to learn about one another by making them do funny and daring things, as well as slipping out gossip and deep secrets. Learning people's secrets breaks ice in many ways causing people to become more open with one another.

Not only is Truth or Dare super fun, it allows people to become closer. For example, a Truth can be to ask somebody who their ultimate crush is. Another truth can be to ask somebody what their guilty habits are.

A Dare could be to dare somebody to go streaking down the street, or to make a really funny prank call to another friend.

You can dare somebody to take a bunch of shots, and if you are too underage to drink, you can dare somebody to do the cinnamon challenge which is to eat a whole spoonful of cinnamon which is extremely challenging!

Making somebody do that challenge can cause one another to be closer because of the fact that you guys are doing daring things together, hence the game Truth or Dare a.k.a. iceberg and lava. Also, you can dare people to kiss one another causing them to break the ice LAVA STYLE.

Truth or dare can be played in so many different ways and is perfect to break ice. Which is why I call this ultimate game ICEBERG and LAVA!!!

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An Icebreaker Game for a Baby Shower

by Angel

(Photo from Graham and Sheila)

When hosting a friend’s baby shower, I found a very humorous ice breaker. It was literally the job of each person to break the ice! In order to play this game, you will need ice cube trays (one tray compartment per person attending) and small plastic babies.

The babies should be an inch in size or smaller, depending on the size of your ice cube tray. The plastic babies can usually be found in craft stores. The last supply needed is water, which is easily accessible for most. Tap water is fine, but do consider that it should be clean water.

To play this game, I needed to prepare for it at least a day prior to the baby shower. I took each of the ice cube trays and filled each compartment half full with water. (Note: Fill as many compartments as you have people attending.)

The half filled trays were placed into the freezer until ice cubes were formed. Once completely frozen, I took the trays with half size ice cubes out and placed a small plastic baby in each compartment (baby, face down).

I then filled the remainder of the compartments with water until each was completely full. The trays were returned to the freezer until completely frozen again. When all of the women arrived the next day, they were seated in a circle, by the mother-to-be.

After quick introductions, I took the ice cubes out of the freezer and placed each one in a Dixie cup. The women were instructed to each take a cup and wait. Once each person had a cup, I then instructed the women to do whatever it took, no flames allowed, to free their babies from the ice.

The first person to free their plastic baby from their ice was instructed to jump up and shout, "My water broke!" This person was awarded a small gift for winning the game. The laughter levels from this game, and the creative ideas that came about, were astounding! Some women were rubbing on the cubes, others were breathing or sucking on the cubes, and some tried stomping on the cubes.

A few women even worked together with their body heat! It was definitely a game which could be taken out of context and therefore good to be played without the presence of children! I must say it definitely was an "ice breaker," and fortunately the only water that didn't break, was that of the mother-to-be.

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Playing the Game for Naughty Fun

by Pleasingu
(Burlington, Iowa)

Girls Wearing Mardi Gras Masks

Girls Wearing Mardi Gras Masks

(Photo from Richard Masoner)

Start with at least two couples. More players may play - but have at least four players. All players sit in a circle, alternating male and female, if possible. All players start fully dressed and wearing accessories, such as glasses, watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Also have one "Mardi Gras" mask for each player. The masks will be needed later in the game.

Round 1:

  • One player asks a naughty "Truth" question to the player on his or her right. That player answers.

  • The same "Truth" question is posed to the next player, moving counterclockwise around the circle.

  • After all players have answered the naughty "Truth" question, the questioner chooses his or her favorite answer.

  • Whoever had the favorite answer gets to ask the "Truth" question in Round 2. All other players, including the Round 1 questioner, must remove one item.

Round 2:

  • The Round One winner asks a naughty "Truth" question to the player on his or her right. That player answers.

  • The same "Truth" question is posed to the next player, moving counterclockwise around the circle.

  • After all players have answered the naughty "Truth" question, the questioner chooses his or her favorite answer.

  • Whoever had the favorite answer gets to ask the "Truth" question in Round 3. All other players, including the Round 2 questioner, must remove one item.

Round 3:

  • Round three continues the pattern of the previous rounds.

More Excitement Ahead

By Round 8 (approximately), at least one player should be down to underwear. Bottoms only for men. Bra and bottoms for women.

The rounds continue with "Truth" questions. But any player wearing his or her underwear must answer the "Truth" question and perform a "Dare" chosen by the questioner!

The game continues as previous, but anyone wearing underwear must answer the "Truth" question and perform the "Dare".

What happens when a player wearing only underwear must remove the clothing item?

The player who must remove his or her final clothing immediately leaves the room, still wearing that item.

The remaining players choose one of the Mardi Gra masks for the "losing" player to wear for the remainder of the game, if practical. They also select how they want that player to remove his or her final clothing.

The "losing" player is returned to the room. The Mardi Gra mask is immediately placed on his or her head. The player is promptly photographed!

He or she then removes the remaining piece of clothing in the way the other players choose.

Some naughty ideas for removing the clothes are for he or she to be a male or female stripper. Or tie the players hands behind him or her, and watch them rub or squirm to take it off. Open the drapes and have them take it off! The ideas are endless.

Nude and Masked Players. What Next?

Continue the game as above. The nude player just answers questions, like all other players. Eventually, someone else will be required to take it all off!

Again, the "losing" player must leave the room. A mask and dare is chosen for him or her. The player is returned to the room, presented the mask, photographed, is told how to strip, etc.

After at least two players are nude, each round gets more interesting.

Play Continues, but Game Gets Daring for the Masked and Nude.

A new "Truth" question is posed in each round. All answer. More clothes come off. But there is a new twist. After the favorite answer is chosen, the questions can order one or more "Masked and Nude" players to perform a naughty dare!

Again, creativity and different levels of naughtiness are a good thing. Dare a nude player kiss the a$$ of a player who is wearing a thong. Dare a nude player to give a two minute shoulder massage to a clothed player. Be extra naughty, have them massage a clothed player of the same sex. Possibilities are endless.

Ending the game

Play continues until are players are wearing Mardi Gras masks, photographed, and nude. Play at least long enough so that each player has at least one Dare.

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Icebreaker Game - Signals

by Mark H
(Illinois, USA)

(Photo from Mark Sebastian)

I have used this game people aged 8-40 and used small variations depending on the purpose. Materials needed are simply an object that someone could be bopped over the head with that wouldn’t hurt them too much.

Some objects I have used in this game are an old lightweight pillow, a Styrofoam pool noodle, an old long-sleeved flannel shirt with some old t-shirts stuffed into one tied off arm, or something similar.

The general gameplay is all players sit in a circle (floors or chairs) and one person stands in the middle of the circle with the bopper. The bopper tries to bop certain individuals according to the rules in an effort to trade places with that person in the circle. Game continues as long as people want it too.

Variant 1: Icebreaker for Names.

Every person in the circle goes around and introduces themselves by first name. Play begins with one person saying their own name, and then someone else seated in the circle. “Mark, Larry.” Then Larry would say his own name and someone else’s seated in the circle. “Larry, Curly.” This game play continues to bounce back and forth across the circle.

If someone calls out the name of the person bopping, they automatically must trade places with the bopper. The bopper attempts to bop the second named person before the second person says their own name and someone else’s.

If they succeed, then they trade places. If they fail, play continues bouncing back and forth around the circle.

Variant 2: Icebreaker for Candy or Sweet

Instead of using names of the people, each person can name their favorite candy or sweet around the circle.

Play would sound like: “Snickers, Reese’s”, “Reese’s, m&m’s”, “m&m’s, sweet tart” as the bopper attempts to remember who was what candy and successfully bop someone.

Variant 3: Icebreaker for Signals

Use hand signals. Each person selects their own hand signal like twiddling your thumbs, or the OK symbol, or a hand salute, or a yawn, etc. Everyone must pay very careful attention because now they must watch for the hand signal of the person playing or risk being “called” and not even knowing it until they get bopped.

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Silly Icebreaker Game - The Gorilla Game

(Photo from guy schmidt)

Meeting new people can be stressful for anyone. If you're hosting a party, chances are that not everyone knows one another. One fun way to get everyone laughing and relaxed is with the gorilla game.

It's a silly icebreaker game that we used to play all the time in Buffalo, New York. You need a group of people that are all good sports (a few drinks won't hurt).

In the gorilla game, two people are asked to wait in another room (only one of them has to be someone who hasn't played the game).

Once they're outside, everyone stands or sits in a circle, or around a table.

The rules are simple:

  • when someone comes in the room, you ask them their name.
  • Then everyone rehearses a quick chant. If their name is Jerry, it goes like this: "Welcome to the circle Jerry! Ooga booga, ooga booga!"
  • At the end of the chant, everyone shakes their hands under their armpits and grunts like a gorilla.

The trick is that the group will teach the chant to the first person to come in (who has never played the game). When that person comes in, for example, "Jerry," the group does the chant to welcome him, complete with the hands shaking under the armpits and grunting like gorillas.

Jerry is then sent to get the next person and bring him or her into the room.

Now the trick: when the group does the chant this time, everyone only does: "Welcome to the circle, Second person,. Oooga booga, ooga booga!"

Then, everyone else is silent, while Jerry, thinking the chant goes on, shakes his hands under his armpits and grunts like a gorilla all by himself!

Everyone has a good laugh, including Jerry, and everyone knows the names of at least two people.

It's a great silly icebreaker, because everyone

  • can goof around
  • learns some people's names
  • and has a shared joke that can start conversations.

It can also be repeated by sending more than two people outside, but it only works in pairs (i.e., you can send four people out, buy it won't work with three)

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Shoot, Shag, Marry, ... Rape?

We were playing this game, and we call it shoot, shag or marry. There were five people playing, so we decided that all of the not-choosing people could choose a name.

That left a problem however, as there were four names, and only three things to do. So we decided to come up with another option. We were thinking, and all of a sudden, one of my friend came out with this:

"How about shoot, shag, marry or rape?"

Every single one of us burst into uncontrollable laughter.

It probaly dosen't sound like the funniest thing now, but at the time it was hillarious.

In the end, we chose to play "shoot, shag, marry or have as a brother".

We had lot's of fun playing, with such different results from different people.

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Apr 01, 2013
Definitively, DEFINITIVELY prefer "shoot, shag, marry or have as a brother"
by: Francis

Thanks for sharing your story, dear anonymous reader. When I saw the title of your submission, I almost didn't want to read or publish it.

You have to be aware that this joke is about a very serious, horrible crime.

But I know that sometimes the dirties jokes are the funniest, even if they are not politically correct.

Just be careful who you tell those jokes, or who is listening, OK?

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The Chore Game

One of the most hilarious party icebreaker games

One of the most hilarious party icebreaker games

(Photo from Ed Schipul)

A great icebreaker game that I have found is what I like to call chore game. You write down your least favorite chore and the reason why.

For example, "I don't like to sweep because I always miss a spot".

You can then replace the name of the chore with another word relating to your party.

For example we could replace the chore with the word eat. And you would end up with the sentence, "I don't like to eat because I always miss a spot".

This can lead to general hilarity as people roar in laughter about the messed up sentences that can be developed through this game.

Also the game often leads to people trying to guess the chore that it was referring to between the guests rolling on the floor in laughter.

You can use many different words depending the type and theme of the party you are having. If you want to use it for a baby shower you might switch it out for "give birth" or "change a diaper".

If you are hosting or giving a party for a product demonstration you can use a word or phrase that has something to do with the products that you are selling.

For a sleepover you could use the phrase "go to sleep".

All you really need for this game is some paper and pencil and a good group of friends to share the fun with.

These are things that most people have in the house on a daily basis, so this game can be practically free and you can spend your time enjoying your party instead of worrying about money or supplies for the games.

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Naked Pillow Fight

by Brittany
(United States, Murfreesboro Tennessee)

My idea for an icebreaker is doing a naked pillow fight. It is a great way to break the ice because there's just something special about seeing all your best friends naked that just changes the mood and opens everybody up.

I have personally hosted many sleepovers in my life and at almost all of them we had a naked pillow fight, even if there was someone new that wasn't as comfortable in the group after the pillow fight they usually were.

Some might say that it is an inappropriate thing to do but it's fun and it gets things moving along quickly. There was one time where me and my friends invited this girl over and she was very disturbed from some things that had happened in her family the week before.

So we had a naked pillow fight and it turned out that she was having suicidal thoughts and she said that if we didn’t get naked and have a pillow fight she probably would have committed suicide the next day.

So that’s another reason that the naked pillow fight is so special to me and my group of friends. It gives a context to explore each other’s sexuality while having so much fun doing it. It brings friends closer together in a state of togetherness.

Me and my friends are still to this day very close and I feel it is because of this game. It is a tradition to me and always will be for my kids and many generation to come. The inspiration for this idea was from the movie Road Trip:

Another great icebreaker game would be Beer Pong. It’s a great bonding activity for all ages and fun for the whole group as long as everybody is comfortable with it.

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Story of an Icebreaker Game that Saved the Night

(Photo from Haszak)

About a year ago I was invited to a friend's birthday party.

My friend, who we will call "Lisa" is an extremely social person and knows loads of people.

I, on the other hand, tend to be rather shy and do not meet new people easily. To say that I was nervous would be a criminal understatement.

Within ten minutes, I was ready to high-tail it out of there because I literally knew only the birthday girl.

I hadn't lived in Manhattan long and it was at this time that one of her co-workers suggested a game of "Thumper."

"Thumper" consists of any number of players be it 2 or 30 (although the more players the more difficult it becomes).

All players choose some sort of facial expression or hand symbol, such as crossed eyes or a peace sign. Have every player display their sign to the other players.

Try your best to remember each one.

Once all the of players signs have been shown to everyone the game begins.

All participants must have both hands on the table or bar and begin tapping each hand, one then the other, right....left....right....left....and so on which begins at a relatively normal tempo but will gain speed as the game progresses.

Choose a player to begin, in our case it was Lisa.

  • She first performed her sign and then the sign of another player.

  • The other player whose sign she performed must now do theirs and yet another player who again, does theirs and someone else's.
  • This continues until someone makes a mistake.

This can be a drinking game as well, but a word of caution: if you are at all uncoordinated, you may want to just watch for a few rounds.

Needless to say, Thumper broke the ice for many of us at Lisa's party and I and everyone there had a fantastic time.

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