by Victoria Kimmer
(San Diego, California)

(Photo from Mat_the_W via Flickr)

Instead of playing the same drinking card games that everyone knows about, why not play something with a little bit more "interaction"?

This is an interactive game that I've played at a few house parties...of course, I was the initiator of the game. :)

First, you need a group of people. The larger the group, the more exciting and fun it is!

  1. Sit in a circle so that everyone can see what's going on.
  2. Choose one person to start off. They don't get a chair and have to stand in the middle.
  3. That person needs to choose someone who is sitting in the group. Once he/she chooses that person, they need to think of a way to approach that person (make it as amusing as possible~!)
  4. Once the wooer approaches the person sitting down, they need to say the words, "BABY, I LOVE YOU. WOULD YOU SMILE FOR ME?" The best way to get a smile is to make them laugh at the way you approach them.
  5. If that person decides to give you a sweet smile or is forced to laugh because the approach strategy was so hilarious, the two people switch seats. And the cycle begins.
  6. IF the person DOES NOT smile or laugh and is able to say with a straight face, "Baby I love you, but I just can't smile for you", the wooer gets ONE STRIKE. After 3 strikes, there is a punishment.

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Icebreaker Drinking Game - "Password"

by Isabel
(New York, USA)

Another great game for an ice breaker is "Password".

You will need

  • paper
  • a pen
  • shot glasses
  • and alcohol.

Everyone sits in a circle and cards are passed out with common secret words on them. For instance, a card might have the word "like" written on it.

Each person, on their turn, tells one sentence of a story. The next person continues the story with a new sentence.

For example, the first person says, "Once upon a time there was an Alaskan girl who moved to New York City." The next person replies, "She found the city to be far too busy and always looked for quiet places."

As this is going on, people take a shot each time they hear their "Password."

Guests can have fun guessing each other's passwords and making the story as ridiculous as possible.

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A Cold Wind Blows

by Amber
(USA, CT, Fairfield)

A Game for Large Groups

A Game for Large Groups

(Photo from Ocean_Wade)

Finally, a nice ice breaker game is "A Cold Wind Blows". All you need is chairs.

Players sit in chairs, with one fewer chair than players.

Someone stands in the middle and says "A cold wind blows for all my friends who?" and fills in the blank with something about themselves.

Once they finish, all of the people to which this applies must get up and run to a new seat and the person in the middle must rush to a seat. The person left standing makes up the next "cold wind".

For instance, someone might say, "A cold wind blows for all of my friends who like musicals" Those people who like musicals would have to get up and make it to another seat or be left in the center.

Just like in Musical Chairs, the last player that gets a chair is the winner!

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