I Have Never Ever Icebreaker Game

by Linda Davis
(Florida, USA)

A Game for Large Party Groups

A Game for Large Party Groups

(Photo from besighyawn)

There was a game I loved to play when I was at college in one of my student organizations that had new members attend weekly. It was called...

"I Have Never Ever"

We all sat in a circle facing each other and start the game off with one person standing in the middle of us. That person standing does not have a seat to sit in or a spot on the floor where the rest of the people could be seated.

(So if 20 people are playing, there are only 19 seats/spots on the floor to sit).

  • The standing person says out loud in everyone's hearing: "I have never..."
  • and finishes the statement with something they have never done/experienced in their life before.
  • For example, "I have never skied in snow!"
  • or "I have never had a threesome"
  • If anyone sitting in the circle HAS done that stated thing, they MUST immediately stand up and scramble to find another vacant seat to sit in (which would become vacant from someone who was originally seated but also obviously stood up as well because they share that similar experience).

If just one person immediately stands up, the person in the middle automatically takes their seat and it becomes the previously seated persons turn to stand in the middle and make their "I have never..." statement.

If no one immediately stands up, the standing person in the middle must try another statement until some one stands up.

This game can be as

  • Creative

  • Innocent

  • or as daring as you would like it to get

And you get to learn a whole lot about the people who stand up admitting to some of the stuff they have done in their past. It is loads of fun!

The only thing you need to accomplish this are

  • seats for everyone (or just a marked spot on the floor - maybe with large enough pieces of colored duct tape)

  • and sufficient room to run and scramble about when securing your next seat.

Persons who consistently secure seats immediately on their left or right can be disqualified because they have failed to scramble to find a seat.

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Never Have I Ever Icebreaker for Adults

by Alia

An Icebreaker Drinking Game

An Icebreaker Drinking Game

(Photo from Simon Welsh)

"Never Have I Ever" is a great ice breaker game.

It is for adults and you need

  • Shot glasses
  • & alcohol.

Everyone sits in a circle, and each person takes a turn saying something that they have never done.

Those people in the circle who have done it take a shot.

For instance, the first person might say "Never have I ever been to Europe" and those people who have travelled to Europe would take a shot.

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