Fun Icebreaker Games for Kids That You'll Enjoy

A group of kids mocking together

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There are fun icebreaker games for kids that will help the kids to get to know each other. And you'll get to know them too.

You may find it difficult for an adult to manage a large number of whom you are not familiar with. Plus, it can also be frightening for children. It doesn't need to be!

Elves, Wizards, Giants

A new version of the "Scissors-Paper-Stone" is "Elves, Wizards, Giants". That's only one of many icebreaker games for kids.

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What makes it different from the old game is that the new version has funnier actions and sounds which each of the team has to act out.

Each of the character involved has a particular action or noise.

  • If you chose Elf, you will squat down and holding up the ears by your fingers imitating pointed ears. 
  • While doing this, you should make an "eeking" noise.
  • The Giant's action is tip toeing with arms raised in a horrifying pose producing roaring or growling sounds.

For the Wizard, you stand normally while your arms are outstretched as if casting a magic spell. Create proper spell casting sounds.

Similar to Scissors-Paper-Stone, each character can win against the other character. You can make comical actions for the winning and losing. 

  • When Elves win against Wizards, Elves act shooting an arrow while the Wizards play dramatic gestures as if struck in the heart.
  • For Wizards' turn to win against Giants, the Giants pretend to shrink.
  • If Giants win against Elves, Giants act like they are squishing something small.

Silly Crumple

Another amusing icebreaker game for kids is "Silly Crumple".

It can be played if the group is mixed and can mingle with everyone they meet.

In this icebreaker, one person is chosen as the leader that will not be included with the game. All the other players will get inside a circle.

Each of them will be given a piece of paper for them to write a silly thing to do without letting others see what you wrote.

A piece of crumpled paper

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Repeatedly, the leader will call for two persons to perform the actions stated on pieces of paper.

Writing commands such as bark like a dog and jump like a frog will surely make them enjoy.

They will then crumple their paper so that what's written on it will not be seen.

On the signal of the leader, the players will start passing the pieces of paper around the circle.

Then the leader commands to stop: Two persons will be chosen to perform the actions written on the pieces of paper.

They have to do so without laughing.

For those who can't stop themselves to laugh will be out of the game. Repeat it until only two will remain.

Line Up Game

You can also try playing the Line Up Game. It often proves to be an effective icebreaker.

  • Assign everyone a number.
  • The kids have to organize themselves in numerical order without talking or acting on fingers.
  • They should make their own sign language that will make the game amusing.
Kids standing in a queue for playing a game

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In the second round, you can change the instructions. Let them arrange themselves in calendar months or in the days of week.

You'll have a lot of fun with those icebreaker games for kids. Make good use of icebreakers during

  • Parties
  • Camps
  • or even in class!

Make those kids laugh, enjoy their time together and make new friends!

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