Cool Party Games for Large Groups

Parties are cool but to make your party the bomb, fun party games for large groups are the in stuff to use. Parties with a large number of guest are the best.

But sometimes, the shy dudes and chicks take cover amidst the crowd and nobody even knows if they are present.

Here is the solution! These cool games for large groups will bust them out and the let party rock.

Have fun with large parties

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The age of your attendees is very important. Do not play some kiddies’ game with your teenage friends. You need a game that your party guests can relate to, and most importantly a game that they can enjoy.

The Shoe Match Up

The Shoe Match Up game is one of the best ice breaker party games for large groups.

The game involves the party attendees taking off their right or left shoe and placing them in a pile. Afterwards, each guest picks up any random shoe and wears it.

The fun part begins when you are simultaneously

  • searching for your shoe
  • and searching for the original owner of the shoe you are wearing.
Playing the Game Shoe Match Up

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This simple but effective game allows guests to loosen up and in the process get to know the other party guests.

In addition to this, Shoe match up is a game just for fun and there is no real competition going on.

You never know if you will meet your soulmate through him/her wearing your shoe!

Try it out next time. You won’t regret playing this game. Keep your feet fresh, though!

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Scavenger Hunt

One of the most favorite party games for large groups is the Scavenger Hunt.

This awesome game is played by

  • dividing your party guests into groups
  • and giving each group the same list of objects to find

The search area can be limited to just the house or you can expand it even to the entire neighborhood.

The game is best at establishing relationships among your guest as it involves teamwork.

Be creative in the items for teams to find. Basing the items on a certain theme is a great way of spicing up the game. You can also reward the winning searching “platoon” with the items they found.

Playing Scavenger Hunt game

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If you don't have any special items ready, try it out as an appetizer before a big buffet:

Have the host or chef come out running out to the guests looking all worried.

Say something like “We would love to serve you all this delicicous food, but we ran out of

  • salt
  • pepper
  • and servicing. And we cannot have you make a mess!”
  • Tell them the hints to the first ingredient, and that they can only start eating when all “ingredients” are assembled!

That's plenty for a simple game. If you want you can go all out and prepare a professional scavenger hunt!

Now that would be a great way to start with party games for large groups at a dinner party!

Hot potato

Hot potato is another simple yet very cool party game for large groups. The game rules are as follows.

  • Guests at your party sit on chairs besides a table.
  • The host gives a potato to one of the guests.
  • The member has to pass the potato from one member to the other while music plays.
  • The player holding it when the music is stopped is eliminated.
A potato in the hand

(Photo from Sergiy Tkachenko/4th february)

To spice up the party, you can use great music your party guests love. No need oldschool music like in Musical Chairs. Which is another great party game, by the way! Turn up the groove with cool club sounds!

Just when everyone is enjoying the music played the fun part starts. The music is stopped by the host and the guest holding the potato at that time is out of the game. This continues until it is down to the last two members of the group. The two pass the potato back and forth until one loses the game.

Instead of a potato, use…

  • a pen
  • a bottle
  • or even a can of beer.

Do not limit the fun to a potato only. In addition to this, you can make up a rule that the winner of the game gets the object used.

If you want to make a drinking game out of it, use a drink (either disgusting or alcoholic) and pass that around! The loser has to take a drink...

Simon says is

Simon says is one of the most classic party games for large groups. The rules are simple. All guest can play and enjoy this game, no matter their age.

One of the party guests is chosen to play as “Simon” plays in the game. Once selected Simon has the exclusive rights to give orders to the other guests!

However, the catch is that all the orders have to start with the magic phrase “Simon says”.

Playing Simon says is

(Photo from Barnacles Hostels)

Guests may respond to orders like

  • “Simon says: clap your hands!”
  • or “Simon says: dance!”
  • or even “Simon says: give me a massage!”

Simon can occasionally say the orders without the “magic phrase” and any of the party guests who still follow them is out.

However “undemocratic” the game is, many love it and would enjoy it at your party. Choose from this list the game you want to play at your upcoming party and I promise you that your party is going to be the bomb. Good luck!

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