How Well Do You Know Your Partner? Party Game for Couples

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This is a great game for events with many couples, like a wedding or any other family party.

Start the game by blindfolding a female volunteer.

Than make the guys line up and have each one shake the lady by the hand. It's the job of the volunteer to "evaluate" each shake until she is confident the hand being shaken is that of her partner.

Instead of shaking hands, you could imagine anything.

  • Tickling
  • Kissing her hand
  • Kissing her cheek
  • Giving her bottom a light spank (if you need a more naughty game version)
  • Letting her smell your breath
  • Letting her touch your clothes...

When the volunteer makes her guess, the blindfold is taken off to either

  • an applause (if she guessed right)
  • or laughter (if she guessed wrong)

If you are mean, you can also let her guess as often as needed to get the right answer. That might sometimes be very mean and embarrassing to the volunteer, so be cautious!

The game takes off really well after the first volunteer demonstrates it. I've seen the next volunteer raring to go or the party crowd egging them along.

The room gets quite active right away as the men line up to try and deceive the blindfolded volunteer. The jubilation or frustration on the faces of the blindfolded volunteer when the blind fold is removed and they see the right/wrong person is worth the fun.

The game can have several rounds until one person wins. Alternately if only one person guessed correctly, she can be judged the winner. Obviously the genders can be swapped with males being blindfolded as well.

The game is clean and does not involve any sexual touching in the normal version. Depending on the type of party, you can adapt the rules and get really imaginative.

That way, you can play the game only with your significant other! Guessing things about your partner blindfolded can be an arousing and titillating experience!

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