Icebreaker Questions Would You Rather

An Icebreaker for All Ages

An Icebreaker for All Ages

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A name that never gets old whether if you are playing with one person or a group of people, or if you're 10 or 40 is

"Would you rather".

Would you rather is a game filled with questions that can be as

  • Funny
  • Disgusting
  • Inappropriate as you want.

The main objective of the game is to say would you rather do this one scenario or do this other scenario. The more embarrassing of the questions you are asking them to choose from, the funnier it will be for everyone around them.

We all love watching people get embarrassed. When they answer honestly we see a whole need side of them at times.

If you don't want to completely put someone on the spot ask them things that would be hard to choose from:

"Would you rather eat chocolate cake or vanilla cake?"

Easy questions like that should start the game.

As the game goes on the dirtier, more embarrassing, and horrific the icebreaker questions are - the better of a result it will have.

You should take into consideration that what you ask can somehow be turned around and asked right back to you - if not worse!

Punish players who don't want to answer!

When people don't want to answer at all you should have them do something even more embarrassing. It is a great way to get to know someone and make each other feel comfortable around one another. If one person is completely embarrassing themselves alone it is no fun. But since everyone is doing it so no one can directly point the finger - it will be a lot more fun!

Playing that game will not only open doors for a load of fun but, it will open doors for friendships as well!

You are all sharing information that not everyone may know. My friends and I play this game because, it is known well throughout the United States, and in our small town of New Brighton, PA there is often not much more to look forward to.

You always have at least one person that completely thinks outside of the box and makes you not want to answer either way. Sarah is always the one you should fear when it is her turn to ask someone a question in my group!

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Dec 24, 2012
would you rather...
by: Francis

Lick a battery or tickle a cat?

Eat a newspaper or drink a whole tube of toothpaste?

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