Teambuilding Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

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You better prepare some icebreaker games for small groups for the next long weekend:

Your company plans a small trip for your team in one of the company's properties in the nearby woods.

The group looks less enthusiastic about this, there are not a lot of things that can be done in that area.

Exploring the woods is one thing your group can do but, you know that not all of you are into exploring the forest.

You wouldn't want it to be a boring time for your team, wouldn't you?

To start shaking up the team's spirit, start with a game that can instantly ignite their energy.

Human Knot

If the team needs to bond more and form closer ties with each other, the game human knot is sure to bring the group closer both figuratively and literally.

Divide the team into groups and have everyone hold the hand of all of their group mates. The challenge, and at the same time excitement, from this game is for the group to find a way to get untangled.

This can be played under time pressure and is one of the easiest icebreaker games for small groups in order to test their skills to solve problems as a team.

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Trust Walk

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The Trust Walk is another easy game guaranteed to create closer bond. As the name of the game implies, trust is of highest importance. Divide the group in pairs in which one will be blindfolded while the other guides his/her way.

Ultimate trust to the directions given by the partner is needed to be victorious in this game, as the blindfolded will only depend on those directions.

For those waiting for their turn, it is fun to see where the guide will bring his/her partner. This is a game that can be played everywhere, even into the deeper ends of the woods!

Charles Down the Line

Another game that is perfect for small groups and is something that needs no materials and long preparation is Charles Down the Line.

This game is played with the members acting out a given message to each lined-up member until the last in line finally received the message.

Someone who can act as the facilitator can give the original message. The members in line are facing the opposite direction from those acting the message in order to make the game more challenging and fun for every one! The fun part in these icebreaker games for small groups is that one of the lines is bound to get the original message all mixed up - making the message totally funny!

There should be no excuses for boring times when you and the team are spending some R&R (Rest and Relaxation) time together. The fact that you can find gazillions of icebreaker games here will warm up your team and make them excited to any activity the company has prepared.

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