Icebreaker Games for Parties

by Dee
(Florida, USA)

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There are a few really great icebreakers specially for parties that I know.

Pass the Snacks

Icebreaker games for parties girls eating snacks
Snacks aren't just for eating!
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If there are small snacks at a party, you should pass them around and tell guests to take as many as they like. After everyone has their snacks, inform your guests that they have to share one interesting fact about themselves for each snack they took. The smaller the snack, the better this works. M&Ms are great for this game.

Two Truths and a Lie

It's an oldie, but a good one: "two truths and a lie." Each person has to say three things about themselves, but one of them is a lie. It's up to the other party guests to determine which one is the lie. Kind of gives you an idea of first impressions people make about you.

Who am I?

Each person has to wear a card with the name of a famous person on their forehead or back. They have to go around to other party guests and try to figure out what celebrity is on their card by asking the other guests questions, like, "who am I"," Am I a president?" or "Am I an actor?" It doesn't reveal any personal information, but sometimes it's easier to get people talking when it's not about their own personal information and history.

First Impression

Beutiful girl drinking
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If there's alcohol involved, there's a fun drinking game about first impressions.

One person will provide a statement, like, "Who is the person most likely to have gotten straight A's?" On the count of three, everyone points to the person who they think is the most likely to have gotten straight A's. Whoever has the most people pointing at him or her has to take a drink and then come up with the next statement.

Just be careful because this game can unfortunately sometimes get mean or offensive. Make sure your guests keep it light and friendly.

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Icebreaker Games for Parties

by Tina
(Los Angeles, California )

In this one game you take the first letters of each person's name, and make a sentence out of it. For example;

  • MARY- Moonpies Are Really Yummy.
  • Or I can use my name, which is TINA. Trees In Nature's Autumn.
This can be a great tension loosener, and break the ice.

Alphabet Game

Another game is going through the alphabet, and making a game of using each letter to describe something. It could be anything. For example, A is for apple, B is for bear, C is for cat.

Musical Chairs

Another game is musical chairs, where everyone walks around chairs until the music stops. Then everyone must grab a chair before the music stops. There is always one less chair, so you have to be quick and fight for the chair when the music stops. At the end of the game it's two people with one chair. Whoever manages to sit in the last chair wins the game.

Scavenger Hunt

Icebreaker Games for Parties Playing Scavenger Hunt
Playing Scavenger Hunt
(Photo from anniebanannie2006)

You can have a scavenger hunt game in the house, where everyone must find items on a list. They are handed the list as they enter the house. It could be 15 items. For example it could be A banana Blue sock Pair of tweezers Sunglasses Red pen A DVD, book, etc.

Icebreakers for Adults

Another game can be played with men and women. It has a dice that you roll, and on the dice it says Lick Hug Kiss Caress face Suck finger Sensual back massage. It's an adults only game.

TV Drinking Game

There's another game where you can take a shot of vodka, or any alcohol drink, each time someone does something in a TV show. For example, every time Lucy in "I Love Lucy", cries, or says "ewww", then take a shot. Or if Lucy angers Ricky you take a shot.

Strip Poker

Another familiar game is Strip Poker. Every time you lose at a hand of cards, you must remove one item of clothes, presumably until everyone is naked. This game can be erotic, or embarrassing, depending on who you are.

Truth or Dare

You can also play a truth or dare game. You either ask truth or dare, and the person must pick "truth" or "dare". If it's truth someone has to tell a truth about a secret, and if it's a dare, then the person asking must tell the other person to do something. For example, when I played truth or dare, I picked dare, and I had to run down the street topless at midnight. Luckily, no one saw me.

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The Art Outfit

Truth or Dare + Throwing Colors = great fun!

Truth or Dare + Throwing Colors = great fun!

(girls) Pick one of your favorite/prettiest dresses
(guys) Pick one of your favorite/best suits
get a few buckets of paint.

For a more intense challenge, make it paint that won't come out.

The person must put on the outfit and let the person of their choice paint them and the outfit.

Francis' comments:

Awesome twist for a paint dare party :)

If the girls take their best dresses out, you are sure that they will go crazy if you dump some colors over them. Still, this can be fun in its own, evil way >:)

Still, I recommend you use water soluble fun. Perhaps you even create a special set of can-be-colored-outfit that you wear to color-themed parties. With or without dares.

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