Make Telephone Prank Calls to Your Friends!

There nothing more fun to do with your phone than to make telephone prank calls to your friends! It is also an excellent idea for to do it for a dare.

Just imagine

  • Having someone prank call your teacher
  • Calling someone else's crush (and pretending to be him!)
  • Face calling someone else's parents (and "confessing" outrageous stories)
Cat with a mobile phone

Nah, that was just my cat calling... 

(Photo from

The possibilities are endless!

To do these prank calls you only need to hide your identity and pretend to be someone else at the phone.

To do that successfully, you have to prepare yourself. You don't want to get into trouble!

First, it's important that you only prank call your friends, and never someone completely strange to you. That could get you in serious trouble. (And I am not referring to getting grounded...)

Second, whatever you pretend to be and say, never get them into trouble asking them to do anything dangerous or damaging them in any way. You will want to stay friends with them. And avoid the serious trouble I was just talking about.

Remember, the best telephone prank calls are those which you reveal to your friends after having tricked them for a while! They will be impressed by your ingenuity, embarrassed to be tricked and will be sure to give you plenty of payback. This can really become a lot of fun if you do it right! Here is how you do it...

Girl prank calling with her mobile phone

(Photo from chellseeyy)

  • Make sure your phone number does not show up on the other end
  • Either alter your voice or call only people who do not recognize you by voice
  • Keep your cool when asked questions that could reveal who you are

Now on to some prank calling ideas to trigger your imagination...

All these ideas are meant for you to try to stretch the prank call as long as possible without being seen through! The longer you hold out, the more fun it is!

Homosexual Date

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This one is fun when you call someone of the same sex:

(With a seductive voice) "Hey sweetie... They say you are so hot...! I want to meet you...

They will of course ask who you are.

"My name is (sleazy fake name). You want to go out on a date? Continue on and make sure to let them believe that you are bi!

Selling Chinese Medicine

Call and imitate a chinese accent as good as you can. You can exaggerate and even mix in some fake chinese words in between the sentenses...

Herro! Yes, herro! I sell you Chinese Energy. Yes yes! Buy Energy quickly. Really healthy! Wah Chi Chow Ya~! Yes!

And then keep pushing forwards and keep up the fake accent! Try not to burst into laughter!

Spoof calling card

What could you need this for? Well it’s fairly useful for telephone prank calls that will trick even your smartest friends...

  • It allows you to display a fake number as caller ID on the phone of the person you call
  • You can have your voice changed to sound like a man or a women
  • You can record your call. It's hilarious to listen to it again and to show the recording to your friends!

You can use it with land line phones, with your cellphone and even from payphones! Useful and flexible.

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