Courage and Truth

(Photo from Nathan Jones)

This game is a mixture of 'Truth or Dare' & 'Spin the Bottle', on this game a group of boys and girls sit on the floor around together in a circle, they put a bottle of Canada or Coca cola in the middle of circle.

When everyone is ready someone should spin the bottle as hard as possible, so that it will spin for a little time and then when it stops; they should see where does the bottom of the bottle go and where does the top of the bottle go, another words, the top and down side of bottle is toward whom.

And then when the two people are selected one of them should be a candidate for the title "Courage" and the other one for the title "Truth."

And then the one who holds the Truth title should make an idea and propose to the other one and the other one who holds courage has to do exactly what the truth holder says, no matter what that is and that's the exciting part of this game.

Truth holder may ask the courage holder to kiss the girl next to him/ her, or may ask to scream out loud and so on...

Usually, this game is played in crowded cities like Los Angeles or New York when the density of population is high and youths are a little more aggressive than other places, or the places that youths tend to have a wild party like "One wild crazy night" than to spend their time so calm by simply dancing and drinking.

Attention: This game can be a little dangerous if the people around the bottle are drunk or under drugs; cause this game is based on word of mouth and action.

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Secrets Showdown

(Photo from Amber Rae)

This is a variation on Truth or Dare called Secrets Showdown. It eliminates the dares, which let's face it, are often more unwelcome than having to divulge a secret.

In round one, each person writes out a personal secret from their past that no one knows, and submits it anonymously to a common pool.

The secrets are then read out loud, and the secret that is judged the least personal, salacious, etc., is voted upon. Whomever submitted that secret is not only out of the game, but they are forced as punishment to divulge another secret, preferably bigger than the one they submitted.

That person then acts as the judge in round two, when the remaining players write down another secret and submit it anonymously. The person with the least personal, private, shameful etc., secret is then eliminated and acts as the judge for round 3.

This continues until there are two players remaining in the game. At that point, all the eliminated players act as judges, and the last two players each recite a secret out loud.

The player with the secret judged the best, be it because it is the most horrible or shameful or titillating or what have you, wins a prize that was determined before the game began.

This game is good for at least four players and perhaps as many as eight. Beyond that it is too time-consuming and unwieldy.

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Bear, Ninja, Warrior

(DETROIT, Michigan, USA)

(Photo from Niemti via Wikimedia Commons)

This game is very similar to rock, paper, scissors but is much more interactive and fun. He are the rules to the game:

Two players stand back to back and count to three out loud. When they get to the number three they both jump into the air and turn around and mimic an action of either the BEAR, NINJA, OR WARRIOR.

The bear action is both hands up in the air above their head and the player says out loud grrrrrr (a growl) as they turn around.

The ninja action is the person swinging an imaginary swords across there chest and saying out loud hya! as they turn around.

And finally the warrior action is similar to an old man with a cane so the person would take a few small steps forward walking with an imaginary cane and saying out loud anything an old man would say for example "when I was your age" or "back in my day."

This is how you decide who wins: The bear beats the old man (he eats him) the ninja kills the bear (with his imaginary sword) and the warrior beats the ninja (out of respect for his elders).

This can be played either as best out of the three rounds or just the winner from one round depending on how much time you have and how many participants are involved in the icebreaker.

The loser then needs to introduce themselves and give everyone one interesting fact about themselves while the winner then chooses their next opponent.

This game can use any three characters you like and it does not have to be a bear, ninja, or warrior. The characters you choose need to have both an action and a saying when the player jumps up and turns around.

This keeps the audience engaged and creates a fun factor for the participants. You also obviously need to create a hierarchy that makes sense so a winner can be decided.

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When the Wind Blows

by Chad
(Jacksonville, FL, US )

A Game Similar to Musical Chairs

A Game Similar to Musical Chairs

(Photo from Artaxerxes via Wikimedia Commons)

One icebreaker game that I have always enjoyed is a game known in my household as “When the Wind Blows.” It is similar to a party game most people know, musical chairs, but involves learning a little more information about the people you are playing with.

It’s a game that can be fun for all ages and it’s very easy to understand and explain to younger children as well. Ideally it is to be played with a larger group of people and somewhere with plenty of space to move around.

To prepare to play, count the number of people choosing to participate and gather that amount of chairs and form them into a circle so that everyone is enclosed within the circle and is sitting in a chair.

The moderator can choose the first person to go. This person will stand up and announce “who” the wind blows on but it must be something that applies to them. They will begin by stating the phrase, “When the wind blows it blows on…” and then the person decided what the criteria will be.

The range can be anything from physical characteristics to personal experiences to preferences. The moderator will then say “GO” and any person fitting that description has to get up from their chair and move to another chair.

While this is happening, the moderator will remove one chair from the circle leaving someone without a seat. After everyone has settled into their new chair, the person left without a seat is eliminated.

The last person to find a seat is the next person to announce who the wind blows on. It’s fun to watch and participate in this game because you learn interesting facts about people.

When the game starts people start simple like who has glasses or who has brown hair. Once people get the hang of it, the criteria might change to who has been to Disney or who has met a celebrity.
People take note of who responded to certain things and then can start conversations with them later. It’s a fun way to learn a few quick facts about someone and then after the game you have some conversation starters to get to know them better.

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Scary Truth or Dare Variant - Waking Up Next To

by Davie Cortz
(Paiensville OH USA)

Lying down under the table in the dark is a real scare!

Lying down under the table in the dark is a real scare!

(Photo from rharrison)

The game I would like to describe is called 'Waking up Next to' the way the game is played is similar to truth or dare. One player is randomly selected by the lowest dice score. That player then has to leave the room while the other players decide what is the worst possible thing the chosen player could wake up next to?

The player is then brought back into the room and has to lie down under the coffee table in the room with all lights turned off. The 'thing' is brought in and laid down next to the person and the coffee table is knocked.

The person has to emerge in the dark from under the coffee table and face what they have 'woke up next to'. The item can range from anything from a dog to a smelly sock. The anticipation of what they are waking up to make this scary.

The coffee table and darkness makes it feel like they have been buried alive. I have witnessed screams to extreme freak outs. The game then resumes back to the original spin the bottle or dice rolling selection of a new candidate.

The game can add arms and legs if played outside or playing in connection with another scary game. The more objects or things for them to wake up next to make things more interesting. This game is played at the players own risk. This is a game for teenagers through to adults.

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Feb 17, 2012
Socks :D
by: Francis

The sock made me laugh a lot. Socks can be scary, man ;)

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