Funny Icebreaker Questions Game

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One way to quickly warm up a group of adults at a party is to ask yourself some funny icebreaker questions. There's a simple game called "Question and Answer."

Mixed Up Question and Answer Game

All you need is a writing utensil and small bits of paper to write on (napkins work great). This game can be played just about anywhere. You can play with four or more people; the more people you have, the better!

Each player takes a small piece of paper and writes a question on it. This question can be about anything. Now, everyone folds up their piece of paper and places them in the middle of a table or in a hat.

writing a question on paper

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Next, someone counts down from three and then everyone grabs a random piece of paper. Each player now writes an answer to the question on his or her piece of paper. Remember, these questions and answers can be as clean or as vulgar as you wish. .

Handsome guy

  Some "clean" funny icebreaker questions:

  • Did you think that your left neighbor is looking good?
  • Did you ever hear voice in your head?
  • What was the most embarrassing thing that you ever did in a party?
  • If you were a superstar, which superstar would you want to be?
  • For guys, when you're at home, are you taking a pee while standing up or sitting down?

Sexy girl in elevators

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Some dirty questions:

  • Have you ever performed a striptease performance?
  • Did you ever have a sexual experience with the same sex?
  • Has the person of the same sex ever hit on you?
  • When you're travelling, do you carry condoms with you?
  • Did you ever take a photograph of yourself naked?

Next, everyone folds up their paper and places all of them in the middle of the table. Someone counts down from three and everyone grabs a piece of paper.

Here comes the fun part! One player starts by reading the question that is written down on their paper. Now here's the catch. The person to the right of whoever read the question then reads the answer that is written down on their paper.

The questions and answers don't correspond, but you will find that the results are hilarious.

The game continues by going around the table, following the mismatched questions and answers.

I know the game doesn't sound like it would be all that fun by just reading the rules, but you really have to sit down and play the game to see just how funny the game really is.

For example, I was on a ski trip with some friends in Colorado and we decided to play the game. One of the mismatched question/answer combinations went like this:

Question: "What would you do if Kara was a lesbian?"

Answer: "I would not be surprised."

As you can see, even though the answers are not matched to the question asked, that almost always yields a funny result! I have spent hours playing this game and it is sure to make everyone laugh.

Remember, the more "adult" the funny icebreaker questions and answers are, the better!

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