Your Most Embarrassing Moment

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The game is designed to get to know people in an entertaining and fun way. The game works by first introducing yourself and providing some basic background information such as where you are from and how you know the host.

Sally, for example, would say that she is from Arizona and knows the host because she works in the same office. Sally would then give a description of her most embarrassing moment.

In her case, Sally would talk about when she was visiting a very well-known museum where lots of people were visiting that day she went to the bathroom and came out with her skirt tucked into her tights.

She didn't notice that her skirt was tucked into her tights and began to walk around looking for her friends who were waiting for her. She walked all over the museum loin for her friends but all the while she had her skirt tucked into her tights.

She remembers walking past a number of people including children, attractive men, and lots of families. It wasn't until she walked by an older lady who reminded her of her grandmother that she finally became aware of her situation.

The older lady pulled her aside and quietly whispered in her ear that her underwear was showing. Sally explained how she was mortified and turned bright red but was very grateful to the lady for letting her know.

This is something that most women could identify with and may offer up similar stories or at the very least, empathize with Sally and begin talking to her whereas they may not have before at this party.

This is a fun icebreaker and can really bring some humor to the gathering or party. It is usually a good idea for the host to go first so that all of the other guests feel more at ease in discussing something a little personal.

Another option is to break up the guests into smaller groups so less time is spent on just this one activity. Most ice breakers shouldn't last too long so that the primary purpose of the meeting or gathering can take place.

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