Chubby Bunny: Fun with Marshmallows

Say "Chubby Bunny" as you shove as many marshmallows into your mouth as you can while counting each one. Of course, you are not allowed to swallow or chew any of them.

This popular eating game is just another fun way to pass time with your friends!

Since it's hilarious to watch, it is also a good idea to record a video of your friends when they are playing this food game...

The name of this eating game is just a mild description of the face you make when you have forced those marshmellows into the depth of your mouth!

By the way, my personal record is 7.

Seven big arse marshmellows!

chubby bunny eating game fun with marshmallows

Have some fun with marshmallows!
(Photo from jarrodlombardo)

By the way, no need to limit yourself to marshmallows. Although they are cheap and readily available at most parties, you can also try playing with other food for chubby bunnies like...

I Love Chocolate
(Photo from bochalla)
  • dumplings
    You can try it with sweet dumplings or potatoe dumplings.
  • chocolate marshmallows
    You'll have a big mess for sure!
  • cotton candy
    Now here you will be able to go all out! Try to not pass out from the sweetness.
  • peeps
    They come in different colors!

By the way, you can easily make peeps yourself.

When you plan to give all and break all marshmallow bunny records ever set, you will also need...

(Photo from L. Marie)

And most importantly...

  • A camera! Don't pass up on this golden opportunity to capture your friends making total fools out of themselves on camera!

By the way, you don't have to say the same sentence every time. Mix it up and improvise new funny phrases!

My favorite is: "I love marshmallows " when playing with marshmallows.

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