Break the ice with a shisha smoking game

Why not play a smoking game with your shisha while you relax and greet and get to know your new friends at a party?

girl smoking shisha at party

A shisha at a party makes things much more sociable!

(Photo from decidida)

In all the groups I know there is little more relaxing and chummy for a party evening than a shisha. Well, maybe a guitar and a camp fire would be better, so why not combine all three?

Many who wouldn't touch a cigarette if they were given a pile of money will gladly draw a smoke or two from a shisha. Especially if the tobacco is aromatic and smells nice.

After you carefully filled your shisha with fruity tobacco, pierced the aluminium foil and put the sizzling coal on top, conversations seem to be easy and natural. There are no awkward silences because you will either comment the shisha itself or indulge in entertaining smoking games with the shisha when it is your turn.

The easiest icebreaker is to try to make smoke rings with a shisha. Everyone will discuss how to do it, comment on those who can do it and try to outdo each other. In other words, this simple challenge alone is social and competitive and leads to lots of small talk.

Here are some shisha party games...

The Oriental Circle

Each smoker retains the smoke in their lungs while the shisha goes from one person to the next. You may only exhale when it is your turn again!

The more players join the game, the harder it gets. Those who exhale before it is their turn drop out of the game. You should still let them drag on the shisha casually from time to time.

Let the winner choose the next smoking game or tobacco flavour!

The Smoke Bomb


This trick is rather impressive! Try making the biggest smoke filled soap bubble!

You need your shisha and some solution to make soap bubbles. Use detergent and water to improvise if you don't any.

Prepare a larger tube (like a loo roll) and dip it in the soap solution at one end. Try then to carefully fill the bubble with smoke! The biggest smoke bomb wins!

Enjoy your relaxing games with the shisha, get to know each other and tell some funny jokes! Don't forget to have a refreshing drink from time to time!

Pass the smoke


If you are comfortable with each other, you can try passing the smoke from mouth to mouth! Try to let the smoke "travel" to as many people as possible. That will heat things up and not only break the ice, but melt it!

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