I Wore a Dress, Pantyhose and Heels

(Photo from Tony Alter)

Ok, so I was at my friend James house, and there were four of us drinking, all guys. So we were playing Quarters, and taking shots as well. Very fun stuff, we were in the garage.

So after we were all pretty lit up, we decided truth or dare.

I started, and I took my turn.

It went all the way around, and there were a few mundane dares...stuff like go up to a neighbor and ask for some peanut butter.

The guy who had to do that did it. No problem!

There were some truths in the mix, and this night was a watershed of telling secrets and lots of delving into personal stuff.

At the end, it came up to me.

And little did I know it, as I took the dare, what the dare would be.

It was to go out, in a woman's outfit, to the liquor store.

No one expected me to do the dare, but I was drinking and I was in the mood. So, I went with my friend into the house and into his sister’s room, where he found a cute pink top and short skirt.

He also found some nylons from his mom's underwear drawer. I felt funny getting dressed in front of my friends, so I went behind some hedges and put all the stuff on.

Finally, I got everything on. The pointy toed heels were a little loose. But I was able to walk in them. I walked some, and took another shot of Jameson.

I had my courage up. We drove up to the liquor store, and I walked in, walked to the cold beer case, and got a 12 pack. I proceeded to pay. It was pretty fun.

Oh, one thing I didn't say. I am a tall guy. I am 6 foot and 175 pounds. I must have been quite a sight.

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A Memorable Drinking Night with Friends

(Photo from Paxson Woelber)

I used to live in Somerset Kentucky. Well I still live in Kentucky. Anyhow it was me, my cousins Jimmy, Ivy and Belinda, and Belinda's husband Will.

I was about 24 at the time and we are all about the same age. We were drinking on a Friday night because we had all just got paid and decided we wanted to party. We all lived together at the time.

We lived in a trailer out in the country with a front deck that was 6 feet off the ground. We decided to play truth or dare. Jimmy went first and he picked dare. So we all dared him to jump off the banister of the deck.

The banister was about 10 feet off the ground. The grass hadn't been cut in a couple of weeks and the yard was flooded from where we had so much rain that week. Jimmy jumped the first time because we dared him to.

He screamed I am superman as he sailed through the air. He landed with a big splashing thud and we all thought it was funny. He thought it was so fun that for the next hour all he did was jump off the porch and land on his belly in the yard every time.

Later on that evening Ivy and I decided, we wanted to make a fire out back in the home made barbecue pit. We laid in the pit with a bottle of liquor, a notebook full of blank papers, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

We couldn't get a piece of paper to catch on fire so we just laid there and kept drinking. Finally we gave up and just laid there and eventually both passed out in the pit. Sometime after that Ivy went in and got a blanket and we laid in the pit under the blanket in the rain.

Finally Will noticed we were missing and came looking for us. By this time it was pouring the rain. I was so drunk I could not walk and Ivy could barely walk but she could walk. Will carried me and the blanket in the house and put me and Ivy to bed in my bed.

Before we passed out for the last time that night I laid in bed and kept asking Ivy if the bed was spinning. Every time I would ask her if the bed was spinning I would grab onto the rails of the headboard and start yelling wwwwweeeeeee we are on a tilt a wirl.

All in all it was a good night and we all let loose and were able to relax and all ended up sleeping like babies the rest of the weekend.

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Drunken Jenga Truth or Dare Action

(Photo from spakattacks)

One day there was about four or five of us friends together, just hanging out. My friends came and got us, then we went back to their house, and hung out for a bit.

I think we were going to stay the night over at their house. Well after a while of hanging out and playing video games, we were playing rock band. Seeing my friend trying to play on the hard level sometimes in order to get those hard notes, he would try and stand on his toes to hit them.

But after a while of playing that, we went to our friend's house to play a game called "Beer pong". Perhaps you might have heard of it?

But anyways, we were playing that and then we did some shots of one hundred proof of hot damn, and some shots of gold slugger.

Then after playing some beer pong we decided to play some drunken twister. We TRIED to play...

Then out of nowhere, while we were playing twister, one of my friends got up behind my girl as if it looked like he was grabbing her from behind. Oh my god it was funny, oh my god it was hilarious.

Then after that we were bored we made up a game called Junking Jenga. Which it is a lot like normal Jenga but it is also better then the Jenga Truth or Dare that they have at the store, with those truths or dares that suck and are weak.

One of the dares that we had to do is go to the store and buy some condoms, put some mayo in it, drive to another apartment building (cause we didn't want to get in trouble at the one that were at and end up getting my friends kicked out) ...

But anyways we're driving around looking for some other apartments but instead we figured where we would put the condom with mayo in it. Should we go put the condom onto our friend's boss's door knob?

Oh boy, we almost got caught because we were too damn loud! We almost got the cops called on us for it!

Well while one friend was putting the condom filled with mayo on the door knob, my other friend was pissing in the guy's gas tank...!!

Holy crap that was funny.

Webmaster's comments

That must have been a hell of a party! Judging from the way you told the story, it might have been a recent event??

Anyways, I am going to cover my butt on this drunken story. Be sure to have fun with crazy dares, but do so responsibly!

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Dec 31, 2011
New Idea
by: Emily

This is new to me, I never combine any other game with my Truth or Dare game. I could give it a try next time. Great idea!

Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Next time, play naked Twister.

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It's All Funny Until Somebody Gets Naked!

by Tiffany
(Mishawaka IN USA)

(Photo from thinkscape)

For legal purposes, we'll say I was 21... I was at a hotel party celebrating a double birthday: mine and my crush's.

He was in a pretty popular Industrial Band, & had a photographer coming later that evening to take pictures for the band. The party was pretty hardcore, & after an engaging game of Kings with Vodka instead of beer and lots of shots of hard booze.

The idea came about that we all play a game of good ol' Truth or Dare. This was a pretty entertaining game...

I learned way too much about friends I'd known since high school, watched a couple straight guys begrudgingly make out for 10 seconds, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the prom queen get an awkward, unattractive desk clerk's phone number.

Then came the moment displaying the epitome of peer pressure. The photographer had arrived and I was the girl with the reeeally big breasts, so naturally I was dared to show my chest for the camera.

My crush's keyboard player, who I'd been close friends with since high school, and I went out into the hall with the photographer, I lifted my blouse as he placed his hands strategically to look like Vana White showing off a letter.

No big deal- until the band's CD came out with that picture as the COVER! The title was: Truth or Bare: The Groupie Collective, which apparently they thought I'd be a good sport about because "it was meant to be ironic." Turns out my feelings for my crush weren't too strong to prevent me from punching his face, but that was after the band's CD release party.

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Multiplayer Skyrim - The Drinking Game

Skyrim - It's epic, there are dragons, and I'm gonna make a drinking game out of it!

Skyrim - It's epic, there are dragons, and I'm gonna make a drinking game out of it!

As I announced you in my blog, I will explain how you can have fun and get drunk with all your buddies by playing a special multiplayer version of SKYRIM - the epic role-play game.

I know that Skyrim is normally a single player game and it's not made for drinking at all. But all the ale, wine, mead and other stuff in the game made me get this idea in my head which I just had to put out there.

Up to you to you say it's good or not!

Playing the Skyrim drinking game with several players, you will need to change the players of the game in a hot seat manner. This means everyone gets allowed to play a certain amount of time (use a timer) and then he has to switch.

It's a little bit like a power hour drinking game.

Let's say everyone gets five minutes to play. As you know, in this game you can virtually do anything. You are free to do as much stuff as you want and just have to live with the consequences.

Everyone has to have something to drink ready and everyone has to watch the game. Depending on the players, different events will cause different amount of drinking.

You can also choose to play in teams. For example Boys Vs girls! (But call them "Graymanes" and "Battleborns" instead, for added fun and bawling!)

And no:

It does not matter if you actually can play the game or not. Just try to find out and it will get harder anyway if you get more and more drunk.

Now to the Rules:
  • You have to drink something each time you get attacked by a wild beast.

  • Someone in the game says "Woah Woah, look out!"

  • Someone mentions "Ale"

  • You have a critical attack animation.

  • Someone else that you can choose has to drink if you manage to catch an ingredient.

  • He has to drink twice if you manage to catch an ingredient which is flying like a butterfly. (See the second picture at the top of this post)

  • If you kill an opponent in the game.

  • If you pick a lock or if you level up.

Everyone has to drink if:

  • The character dies

  • or the companion dies

  • or the companion gets thrown in jail.

  • or if any player buys an alcoholic drink like ale, mead or wine and drinks it.

You can also use gold that you find from your enemies for the drinking game.

  • For each ten pieces of gold you find you can declare someone to finish his drink.
  • If you find more than ten pieces, the next person has to finish the drink and so on - including you!

And finally, when you play with all these rules for certain time in this game, you will be crazy enough to come up with your own special rules like:

  • If you find a chicken egg or kill a chicken then you will have to do a "Dare" and do something special.

  • And if you just want to play a drinking game, well, also empty your glass for this event.

Here, that's it! I tried to turn a single player role play game like Skyrim with its amazing graphics and nice game play into something wacky, crazy and what should make you and your friends drunk like hell - if you like the game or not.

What do you think?

A great idea?

Just so-so?

Or would you have made it better?

I am interested to hear in your comments - so jump into the discussion!

Feel free to click below and leave us a line or two.

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Video Game-Drinking Games

by Exovedate
(B.C, Canada)

Hey there, you've got a great list of drinking games here!

My site has a bunch of great video game drinking games your readers are sure to enjoy (Bomberman, and Mario Kart are always HUGE hits)!


Hey Exovedate, I really enjoyed visiting your site. To all my readers: go check them out now! (The site is now offline, so I have removed the link)

Why would you want to play a bunch of creative, whacky and FUN drinking games anyways?

Well, any party is funnier when you're drunk. That much is a fact, face it.

Oh, and the ladies...?

We're not in the eighties anymore. Girls drink and burp just as much as you guys, believe me. They'll enjoy the games just as much.

And what happens after you get everyone drunk and silly? That's when the real guns come out (no pun intended ;)) and you play stuff like...

  • Spin the bottle - You'll have more than enough bottles lying around by then. Rules like always: if there are girls, go in for the kill, I mean: for the kiss.

    Want to play only with guys?

    Unless you're into the kissing, try giving the person the bottle points to a punishment drink!

  • Strip Poker - unless you're a grandmaster at this game, you'll lose your clothes much, much faster. If you are able to do anything (or anyone) afterwards, is of course highly questionable.

  • Other card drinking games, in case someone sobered up even just a little bit again ;) You'll find tons of them on our website.

  • Or the classic: Truth or Dare.

But don't find yourself drunk driving somewhere just because you played the Mario Cart Drinking Game. Make sure you have enough booze at home before no one can drive (or stand straight) anymore!

If you did check out this website, feel free to review it in the comments! :)

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Drinking Story with Nuns

Drinking in the Backyard

Drinking in the Backyard

(Photo From rebelpilot)

Drinking Stories Nun Calling Police
Nun Calling Police
(Photo from By foxypar4)
When I was in my teens (around 1985) my friends and I used to get drunk in my friend Jackie's backyard. She had an in-ground pool. Her backyard was next to a large field that was the property of the nuns of Benedictine Academy.

This was in Elizabeth New Jersey on Country club lane. The nuns lived on the property behind her and they would sometimes call the police on us because we were drunk and had loud music and we would jump off of her top roof into the pool. This was pretty high up and you had to run down the incline and clear about fifteen feet of cement to make it safely into the water.

We also had the additional hazard of hitting the diving board on the way down. One day in the summer a few of my friends were real drunk and loud. We decided it would be hilarious if we took all of our clothes off and ran around up on the roof and jumped in the pool. So after about a half hour of this activity we noticed that there was a bunch of nuns outside in their yard.

Drinking Stories Fun at BackyardHaving a Backyard Party
(Photo from PrincessAshley)
They were watching us. They had a few acres and didn't need to be as close as they were that day and never before were this close either. We thought that this was pretty funny as we waved and called them. They were pretty embarrassed to be looking in our direction.

We all had a good laugh. Well, not the nuns, just us.

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Drinking as a Muslim on a Night Out

(Photo from Mike "Dakinewavamon" Kline)

To tell you one story that will be interesting will perhaps make you laugh and be entertained. It happened years ago when I was at least 24 years of age. You see I am a Muslim and I am not allowed to drink, smoke, or any other things forbidden in my religion.

Yet, I did something out of the ordinary. I felt like a kid trying some forbidden fruit and liking it. It turned out that I was invited to a party at my friend's house. Of course there was a lot of drinking involved. I decided to wear red since it is exotic and I wanted to fit in.

So I decided to follow what everyone was doing, such as dancing, laughing and finally something else. That something else made an itch in my spine when my friend said why you don't try some Spanish liquor called Cocito.

I am not sure if it not spelled right actually, but this drink looked sweet and milk fulfilled to my eye. So I said I am sorry I can't try it... Then she laughed and said try a little bit. I took a sip and tried the forbidden drink and savored it.

I drank a little bit and to my utter excitement I was almost in my 4th glass. I had to restrain myself and at the same time feeling dizzy, I got panicked. I was dared to make another drink as my friends came around me and asked me how many drinks I tried?

I replied four. So they walked around me and dared me to drink my 5th and last cup. I was seating and feeling great anticipation and also excitement. Such dare was scary, but I drank the last cup. Everyone laughed and I giggled and was so feeling of dread for I was few hours away to go to my family house and finally they stuffed me up with bread.

They even realized of my strict home life that I had to be able to walk when I reached home. As an end result all that bread help absorb the alcohol and I was drifted away back home to a restful night sleep. It was sure an exciting part of my life.

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Homeless Tent Cities are Scary Places

by Maggie Lovelace
(Miami, FL, USA )

(Photo from sand_and_sky)

It all started when I was 23. I decided on a whim to backpack through Europe with $600 in my bank account and my only real objective was to hook up with hot European guys.

No seriously, that was like 98% of why I wanted to head to Europe by myself to go backpacking for 6 weeks.

Hey, people have had worse reasons for doing crazier things right?

A week before I was going to leave for my trip, I was gushing to my former college roommate Chelsea on the phone about how excited I was to French kiss a real French guy.

Why this was so important to me, I have no idea, but it was.

Paris was the second stop on my itinerary and I seriously could not wait. Chelsea for some strange reason was excited too at the prospect of hooking up with hot European dudes of all persuasions, and decided to buy a plane ticket with her last $500, and got credit cards to make the journey with me.

The next week, Chelsea and I got on the plane headed for Heathrow airport, and we wound up having a smashing time in London. I got my first wish and met a really hot Australian guy who bought me wine and was excellent at playing the guitar.

He was as hot as he was a great singer, and it was a fantastic first experience in a European country. Chelsea and I were up all night drinking our last night in England, and had to catch a flight to Paris very early in the morning.

When 3:30AM rolled around and our cab rolled up, I had lost Chelsea because she was doing Cocaine in the bathroom with some sleazy Russian guys in the hostel we were staying at.

Needless to say, I was pissed. When push came to shove, I was able to retrieve Chelsea, and by some act of God we were able to board our plane in our inebriated state, and we arrived in Paris alive, albeit tired.

We went to bed and slept almost the entire next day because we were nursing some pretty vicious hangovers. When we awoke that night around 7PM, we were incredibly excited to discover that a bunch of very attractive American football players were staying in our hostel, and we decided to get slutted up and head down to the hostel bar.

We wound up enjoying round 2 of drinking on Rue Lafayette in Paris at our hostel bar. We met some really hot guys there, and I believe my guy's name was Grant.

We must have drank 2 bottles of wine and innumerable shots a piece and were like literally blackout drunk. We didn't know them at all and had quite the little game of Truth or Dare going that involved us asking them if they've ever had sex with a prostitute, and them daring us to make out with them.

It was all fun and games until around 3AM, when a really dorky Canadian guy who seemed really freaked out slammed the door to the bar with a quick glance over his shoulder. He announced that he had just been mugged by a black man in an alley.

He was really dorky, and although I should have been freaked out by this, I found it very strangely hilarious. My crazy friend Chelsea says to me: "dude, you should go out there and see if the robber is still there. Maybe he's hot".

I was so drunk, and so looking for trouble, that I accepted the challenge under the stipulation that my sexy football player from Iowa named Grant come with me. He agreed for some unknown reason, probably because he was just as hammered as I was.

So off we went, into the dark Paris night to see if we could find the robber. In truth, I wanted to have sex with him, and I figured what better opportunity then by a romantic canal on a gorgeous night in Paris.

We headed over to the canal across the street from our hostel, and headed down some stone steps to both get away from the commotion of the city, and to find a place where we could hook up undisturbed.

When we got to the bottom of the steps, we were astonished to see an actual real-life homeless tent city. It was in the middle of Paris by Rue Lafayette, under a gloomy looking, graffiti-laden bridge.

We were in absolute shock that a place like this actually existed. We could see bums in the distance warming themselves over real life bum fires in trash cans. We decided that this was as good a spot as any to hook up, and got right to it.

We had been kissing for maybe 2 minutes, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I thought I was feeling things (maybe inappropriate things), when suddenly I felt an arm around my neck putting me in a headlock.

I got to my feet to see a nasty looking 5 foot tall black man holding a box cutter to my throat. It went like this: He said "give me all your money".

I said: "Fuck you I'll kill you".

He said: "Shut up bitch give me your money" and pressed the box cutter closer to my throat.

I got kind of scared at this point and asked him to release me so I could get it for him.

At that point, I reached in my pockets, and pulled out the only currency I had with me that night: A few stray pieces of rocks I had taken from a castle in London and a bunch of snot rags I had in my pockets from a cold I had been fighting.

I threw all of these items at the robber and spit in his face. Then I told him that he was a shit head for ruining my vacation and that he should get a job. He started coming at me, but I’m a fast runner and I ran like hell back to my hostel bar, leaving Grant in my dust.

What I saw when I got to the hostel made my jaw drop. Grant was strolling back to the hostel with that little sleaze ball laughing and telling jokes. I couldn't believe it! I ran back in the hostel bar and slammed the door...exclaiming that I too had been robbed...of my snot rags!

When Grant returned, I asked him what he was saying to the robber. He said we were just trying to find a spot to have sex, and the robber thought that was awesome and told him to have a great night.

Anyhow, that was a lengthy story, but the moral of it is this: sometimes its worth accepting a dare to find robbers in a homeless tent city...cause you don't make awesome stories playing it safe.


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