The Most Exhilarating Night of My Life

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The most exhilarating night of my life happened, as most stories do, back when I was in college throwing back a few beers and celebrating my roommate’s birthday.

Peter was a really quite guy (which was why I roomed with him) he was incredibly smart and moderately good looking if you're into the book worm kinda dude. He did have one excellent hook for the ladies; he had already been accepted into Southwestern medical school.

Any time a girl found out he was going to be a doctor making the big bucks, suddenly they seemed to warm up to Peter like he was Clark Kent and reveling his intelligence was like ripping off his nerd glasses and dress shirt to expose that big yellow S underneath.

Sadly, Peter was too modest to ever boast about his future career plans so most girls never gave him the time of day. Anyways, back to the tale. It was Peter's 22nd birthday and I made it my personal goal to show him the best night of his like by getting him drunk and finding him a lady.

Sadly, His birthday fell on a Tuesday night and finals were just around the corner. Most of the bars were closed or creepily empty so I had an at home kegger planned. Only a few handfuls of people showed up but luckily Karen the hottie that Peter obviously had a thing for showed up with her little gaggle of girls (from which I have had the pleasure of testing out if you know what I mean).

The only problem was that Karen was way out of Peter's league. Like so far out they weren't even in the same solar system.

Anyways, fast forward to a few hours later the partied has all but died only Peter and I and Karen and some of her friends were left so we decided to play Truth or Dare. Since Peter was the birthday boy I gave him the honors of being harassed first and I dares him to strip down to his boxers for the rest of the night.

The ladies loved it but then it was there turn and they gaggled and gabbed as they all chickened out and kept asking each other truths about who kissed who and etc. etc...

Finally it was my turn and I collaborated a group dare. Girls vs. Boys competition: whoever collected the most Buckey badger paraphernalia (our school mascot) from around campus living in their underwear won the dare and then got to make up the next dare challenge.

Maybe, it was the 5 beers she had drank or her adventurous spirit but Karen actually accepted the Dare and the race was on. Running around like a fool in my boxers was no new thing for me so I had no problem pounding on my neighbors door around 11 p.m. asking for a Bucky and it sure was fun to watch the girls scramble around in their undies trying to compete with us.

The competition had a 20 minute time limit and so Peter and I split up to cover more ground. I somehow ended up in the nicer neighborhood where it was rumored that some teachers lived and about 3 houses in I couldn't believe who's front steps I found myself on.

Her Name was Sandy Grady and she was a graduate student and my TA for my English Lit class. I was so dumbfounded by her beauty I completely broke character just stood there silent grasping for words.

By some stroke of luck I managed to form the sentence "I came for office hours" and I couldn't believe what happened next but she invited me in and I got to spend the rest of the night with the glorious and talented Sandy and my collection of Buckey dolls.

My absence was a blessing for Peter too because when rendezvous time came and I didn't show up Karen decided to partner up with him and go out and search for me alone.

According to him they ended up talking for hours while the wandered the streets and eventually they made it up the nearby lake where they watched the sunset and he got the two most treasured things in his live.

A kiss from Karen and her number.

So there you have it, the best night of my life, the night I met my wife and Peter his current fiancée all started out with a few beers and one heck of a game of Truth or Dare.

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The Craziest Drinking Dare Story Ever

by Angel
(USA,Georgia, Newnan)

(Photo from ob1left)

That Night... A group of friends and I were playing truth or dare. Simple things at the beginning, like kiss your hand, or mostly questions, to start, because we all knew if we picked dare it could get interesting later.

As the night progressed we had to start taking dares, we set a limit on how many truths we could use before you had to take a dare.

The dares started off as kiss the other person on the cheek, then progressed, pretend you are air humping, make a prank phone call, how do you sound when you orgasm, (we knew things would get dirty, I was a lot younger at the time, I was wild but sometimes you need that extra push to go all out as long as no one gets hurt), shots were to be taken if we declined a dare & after so many truths (that way you still get a good buzz).

We having a blast and thought things to be hilarious, actually it’s still funny to this day, however a tad embarrassing also. The friends were my girlfriend, her brother, cousin, & one of our other girl friends (some dares had to be maintained due to the others being related of course).

The guys dared me and my girlfriend to kiss, we did quickly, still a tad embarrassing, but the alcohol was setting in as well, then it was just that fun with no thinking of embarrassment, (hence I did like the idea of some dares to one guy, I had a crush on him).

The dares got a little more demanding so to speak, toward the end, I was dared to strip naked & run to the end of the driveway & stand there for 20 seconds before I was to return, so filling like I could conquer the world.

I stripped down & my friends window was located right on the front porch, I climbed out the window, went down the porch & ran down the driveway to the street & was standing there like a fool, it was late so I figured okay, then I realized her brother had followed me to see if I actually ran down the driveway or not.

I did & he was like you won't run to the stop sign (it was about a driveway and a half away, so thinking it was so late I so fine, I ran to the stop sign, as I was coming back I noticed my friends neighbor outside, he had seen me.

The neighbor was also one of my other friend’s cousins, mothers, and boyfriend. That was embarrassing. When I got back all they could do was laugh, at the time it was funny & not funny.

The next time I went to my friend’s house next door (which is the neighbor’s house) he asked me, "so how was your run the other night?".. Talk about embarrassed, he and everyone else thought it to be hilarious. In the end it was just fun and games.

But at those times when you’re like wow really. It is still funny to me this day. The things we did when we were younger. Hell, how about the things we may do in the future, even as adults, sometimes you just need to be crazy (but in a good way).

Who says you’re too old to have fun?

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How Not to Tell Your Girlfriend You Got a Hickey Playing Truth or Dare

by Kyle

(Photo from James Simpson)

One weekend when I was around 19, I was hanging out a small party with about a dozen friends of mine. I had gone there by myself since my girlfriend was out of town that weekend.

We all start drinking and hanging out. We had a room set up with musical instruments that we'd all go in to and play various songs rather horribly and we had the Nintendo 64 set up with some 4 player Goldeneye action.

As the night goes on, we all drink more and more. Once everyone gets rather tipsy, one of the girls suggested we all play Truth or Dare.

Everyone cheers and thinks it's a great idea! It starts out pretty tame, mostly daring people to drink more and more alcohol.

After a couple rounds, one of my friends dares this girl Rachael (who has had a crush on me for ages) to suck on my for 1 minute.

I "brilliantly" go along with this and after a somewhat painful 60 seconds, she detaches herself from my neck and I'm left with a big gnarly hickey on my neck.

There were some more dares for people to make out as well more drinking until we tired of that. At that point it was a bit late and I was ready to head home so I said my goodbyes and walked home.

The next day my girlfriend of about 6 weeks got home. I had forgotten about the hickey and she didn't notice it until we got back to my place. She gets a little pissed and asks me what that is.

I tell her, "Oh, I got a hickey playing Truth or Dare".

Her eyes go wide and she punches me in the nose and calls me a liar. I try to explain to her that it really happened but she isn't having any of it and storms out of there.

We didn't talk much after we broke up but we're good friends now and she'll still ask me about that hickey and we'll both have a laugh about me getting it playing truth or dare, even though she still doesn't totally believe that story!

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Nothing and Everything happened after the big drinking party night

Buzzed Girls at Drinking Party

Buzzed Girls at Drinking Party

(Photo From philosophygeek)

I went over to my friend Ryan's house last night. Had a thirty boxes and a half gallon of some vodka between like four people. Needless to say we were all trashed. Not to mention we started drinking around 3PM....oh lord, what a bunch of alkies we are.

Anyways, some girls ended up coming over, this girl Nicole who is a huge whore and her sister-in-law who I can't remember her name. They're both in their later twenties, 26 and 29 I think.

Anyways, we needed more chasers because the beer was all gone, so my friend Nick decides it'd be a swell idea to take our friend Justin's car to the Maverick to get some drinks. Justin's passed out by the way. No one wants to go with, so I decided I'd tag along.

Drinking Stories Car Stopped By Police
Car Stopped By Police
(Photo from fairfaxcounty)
We don't get four blocks away when we get lit up by police. No big deal, except Nick is trashed (literally can barely stand up) and on probation (can't drink, not even a drop), has no driver's license, and Justin's car has no registration.

So, I say so long to Nick, have fun in jail, and that's when the cop comes to the window. "License and registration, please" so Nick gives him an ID card and pretends to look for the registration in the glove box and tells him it's his friend's car and he can't find it. Cop comes back and asks Nick how much he's had to drink.

He tells him two beers 15 minutes ago. After that he tells him to step out of the car. Nick somehow passes all of his sobriety tests, blows a .68 (under the legal limit, how the f**k he pulled that one off, I'll never know) and then tells us to get on our merry way, doesn't want to take anyone to jail, impound the car or anything. What the...!

Anyways, we get back to the house and that girl who I can't remember her name (Kara, I think?) is passed out on the couch.
Well, it's about time to crash and I was pretty drunk so this girl's ass looked like a perfectly acceptable pillow to me.

Everyone's ragging on me about how I'm creeping on her and stuff, but I'm so sloshed I don't give a f**k, I just wanted to cuddle. Ten or twenty minutes later she wakes up and starts feeling me up and making out with me and sh*t. I'm stoked and I put the moves on her.

The whole time Nick is lying on the floor not Five feet from us and I keep telling him to get out, but he won't leave, pretending he's asleep and sh*t. Anyways, long story short, I was so drunk I couldn't nut.

How embarrassing??? I literally pounded it for like two hours and even went to town myself for like Ten minutes. Nothing, like I literally have gnarly ass rug burn on my knees. Didn't help that it was like kicking a hot-dog down a hallway, but I wasn't complaining. Anyways, I'm telling her I'm so sorry, this has never happened to me before, blah blah blah.......

She kept twisting it around like it was her fault that she could not satisfy me, which wasn't the case, she had a rocking body. I told her this, but she never believed me.

I tried to go to bed, but I was still horny after like an hour and I tell her so. So I tried again. Nothing. What the hell, she said. So we stayed there some more, and after a few more hours I said, well third time's a charm and she says no.

I probably could have busted at that point, I was half sober, but she must have been in pain or embarrassed or both. I know I was. Anyways, we start talking and she said something about me puking. I didn't vomit the whole night, so I'm like, unhhh "No I didn't puke," and she says, yeah over on the side of the house, right?

Well, the only person that puked outside was Justin and I tell her that and she's like Oh... Like I don't know if she just thought it was me that was the one puking outside, or if she thought she was lying down with Justin all along, I couldn't tell by the tone of her voice. F**king weird, like that tripped me out.

Anyways, sun came up, everyone woke up, had coffee, whole awkward like Jesus, it was bad.

I had the worst blue balls, had to rub one out when I got home, haha. Anyways, feeling like sh*t, hung over after an epic night.

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Cotton Candy Vodka and The Funny Dress Dare

by Steven
(Syracuse, NY, USA )

(Photo from makelessnoise)

I had been drinking cotton candy vodka again in my apartment in Syracuse.

“Steven, it’s your turn.”

“Dare,” I say.

“Okay,” my friend murmurs.

“I dare you to knock on your neighbor’s door and ask for some sugar. In my dress.”

I had already downed half the bottle and decided that I could easily do the dare. So I slipped into Samantha’s cutest green gown, knee-length, the kind of dress you could buy at Urban Outfitter for fifty bucks a pop but had been found instead in the innards of a grandma’s attic.

I looked horrible in it, my knobby knees shaking, my chest hair showing, a grey little splash below my scruffy chin. Cute, real cute.

I stumbled out of the door and into the hall. It was chilly in the dress in the hall. It was the middle of December. I could hear Samantha laughing through the thin wooden door, cracking up and cracking open another bottle of wine or beer.

I rang the doorbell and waited.

I scratched my head.

I adjusted a strap.

The door opened and a teenage boy answered, Tod, my neighbor’s son. He gave me one look and started laughing. “You won’t remember this in the morning,” he laughed and let me in.

I stumbled into their living room. “Is your mother home? Your father?” I mumbled.

He shook his head. I could smell his cooking in the kitchen a few feet away. “Do you have any sugar?” I asked, slurring my words.

“Yeah,” he said, heading toward the kitchen.

“Why are you in a dress?” he asked.

“I’m on a dare,” I whispered, taking the bag of sugar.

“I’m making cookies, you know.” He snapped a picture with his camera phone and probably put it on Facebook.

Oh well. “Steve,” Samantha said when I got back to my apartment. “Poor guy.”

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