A Truth or Dare night with full of fun

This was quite some time ago, back in London, I was living in this house I was renting from my sort of ex-girlfriend.

truth or dare stories holding drinks in their handsAlcohol + Truth or Dare = Ultimate Combination

My buddy John was staying with me, as he'd just left his lover. He was really depressed, so I invited over my ex and this bloke I was seeing and they brought bottles.

After a while I suggested we play Truth or Dare. None of them had ever heard of it. Once I explained the rules, though, they were all for it. And we introduced a penalty; if you absolutely refused to tell the truth or do a dare, you had to do a shot.

Needless to say, we got a bit trashed that night. Before we became truly hammered, we did get up to a bit of mischief. At one point I dared my ex to take her shirt and bra off, and then streak across the street and back, which she did!

Later I was dared to give our boss a prank ring (we all worked for the same company) and use a fake voice since I'm a bit of a mimic. The others lost it when I started talking like Kermit the Frog and I had to hang up the phone.

truth or dare stories funny kissing couple
(Photo from Tschaff)

We don't think Boss ever figured it out. Best part was when Trev got a bit hammered and we dared him to snog John. I had my camera ready since he'd been daring me to kiss my ex-girlfriend several times that night.

I got a few choice snapshots of those two blokes sharing a very sordid snog that night! They think I've deleted them. They're actually hidden in a folder on my laptop. We definitely raised John's spirits that night, although the next morning was not very kind to us.

Still, it was worth it to see John laughing until tears rolled down his cheeks and to have that superb photograph of him and Trev lip-locked.

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We should have chosen 'Truth'

(Birmingham Alabama)

A drinking dare story of two hot girls

A drinking dare story of two hot girls

(Photo from icky Pallas)

Naive and new to partying, my best friend Amber and I once participated in a game of truth or dare at a college party. The dare - to drink Crown Royal whiskey was simple in itself, but the fact that neither of us were drinkers led to an experience that people still laugh about years later.

We were both familiar with beer, but didn't realize at the time that whiskey was much more potent. Instead of taking a shot or two, we each poured a huge glass of straight whiskey and chugged it as people do with beer.

Within minutes we were buzzed out of our minds and throwing up in the grass. We felt better after that, but I don't think either of us realized that we were totally drunk. After our simultaneous vomiting session, I called a friend to invite her to come to the party.

During the phone call, I looked over at my best friend, who was eating cigarette butts and singing gospel songs. We were so sick the next day and vowed never to drink again. This vow didn't last very long, but at least we both learned how to drink properly after that.

Needless to say, our first drunken experience is hilarious looking back. Often retold by us and probably anyone else who witnessed it, we owe the funny memory all to the game of Truth or Dare.

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Apr 05, 2012
lol whiskey
by: Anonymous

The good stuff you do with wiskey! Once a friend came back from a party without pants but with his shoes. ;)

The only thing he could remember was also the whiskey...

Apr 07, 2012
long whiskey-walk
by: Kittycat

A former flatmate of mine also loved whiskey. She once went to a bar and drank too much of it. After that she couldn't remember the way home and therefore walked around in the city for about 1 1/2 hours!! She even walked in circles, as she passed the same buildings several times...

Then she finally found a bus in the right direction, poor thing.^^

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A Night Full of Fun

Nice Slogan for a Disco Party

Nice Slogan for a Disco Party

(Photo From Jasmin Baltres Photography)

Just Three or Four days ago I was invited to a birthday party by my friend. It was a rather small party at his apartment at the 6th floor. There were in total seven guests including my friend.

Drinking Stories Girls Smoking SheeshaGirls Smoking Sheesha
(Photo From tympsy)
Now let me tell you this that I started drinking a month ago, but I only drank wine and beer what at this party I was going to drink whisky for the first time in my life.

Everybody came we started the party by eating something at the beginning and then slowly we got our hands on the whisky. We started slowly and then we got a little drank and I got a little too much drunk.

We were at the same time also listening to music and we turned the volume full on. We started dancing and smoking Sheesha we went crazy. So crazy that we danced like mad dogs.

But it was fun for me and for them all we all danced and took pictures and danced on different music from, India, DJ music, etc. Finally to be stopped by Gays who were our neighbors and then the whole fun came to a halt.

Then we went out to a disco also for the very first time in my life. Nobody could stop us there from dancing on the music that was so loud that it burst my ears.

Drinking Stories Guys Dancing and DrinkingGuys Dancing and Drinking
(Photo from c r z)
But we danced and danced until I vomited and when we were coming back home one of my friends got drunk and was running into trouble by passing comments on the people that were picking up prostitutes. He was suggesting them to speak English, carry on and the sort of things.

Finally thank God we got into a cab and went home safely without any mishap. That was it..... Hope you like it

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Truth or Dykes!

by John
(San Francisco, USA)

Ever Played Truth or Dare with Beer?

Ever Played Truth or Dare with Beer?

(Photo from MARCZERO1980)

Groups of friend's and myself were trying to find something new or something to do that we haven't done in a while. We are heavy drinkers so our social gathering usually involved quite a bit of alcohol.

This helps us relax and be obnoxious after a long week. On this specific day, we decided to change the normal game of Beer pong to truth or dare. My group of friends is made up of many different people varying from sex /sexual orientation, and race, so this game was definitely going to be interesting.

We all sat around in the living room with a beer in a hand and a nervous smile on our faces. We slowly started playing this game that we all know will pick up and be fun or devastating to others. We started off the game as everyone else does, with everyone picking truth to avoid the inevitable embarrassment that comes with a dare.

So we ask completely obnoxious questions. I asked friends of mine how many sexual partners she has had and with the outcome being ridiculously high she was the butt of all jokes to come.

Women Kissing Women
(Photo from thefuturistics)
Finally someone picked dare! A friend dared two of the female players to make out with one another. Needless to say all the men were very intrigued by this dare.

The women were very attractive and in their kiss showed that they were attracted to each other. What started out as a slow game quickly did turn right around and became an excited and interesting game.

We knew that after these girls kissed and saw how they felt towards one another that we needed to give them a little more alcohol and see what happens that night us guys slept alone while the girls had fun with each other.

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Blackout - What Did I Do With This Giant Lady after I got Drunk?

by John Zuglio
(Miami, USA)

Imagine a make out with this lady

Imagine a make out with this lady

(Photo from Alaskan Dude)

My name is John Zuglio and I am from Miami, FL. I was at a night club and I had been drinking from 10 in the morning until 10pm. My friends and also smoked five joints throughout the day. Everything was funny and we could not stop laughing. Every girl I looked at was pretty.

This was because of the effect of the drugs. I drove my car without thinking. I forgot that it was illegal to drink and drive. Also, I could not think clearly and was making poor decisions. Once we arrived at the club, it was 11pm and we're inside about one hour later. Once inside, I began to drink more beers and dance.

I was completely out of my mind as I jumped on the bar and started to strip. The bartender and the bouncer pulled me down and told me to stop. I began to pace around with my four friends to find pretty women to dance with and take home.

I found this Italian lady who appeared to be pretty while I was still drunk. I danced with her and danced until the club closed. Afterwards, we went back to my place with her and her two friends. They followed my car as I sped through red lights with music blasting.

I do not know what happened next, but I woke up with pains all over my abdomen, neck and legs. I jumped from the bed and stared at a giant lady who appeared to weigh over 400lbs! My friends had left and the door of my dorm room was open.

I began to receive text messages about me and Wilma. The news was all over campus and I was ruined. The giant lady woke up and began to eat cereal. I walked her outside politely and said goodbye.

As soon as I turned around to enter my home again, there was about 20 or 30 students who appeared to be laughing at me and cheering. My face turned bright red and I ran back into my room and I never planned to leave again.

I sat down in my bed again and the bed cracked and fell to the floor. I got up and then called my "best friend." I asked him what I did and he said that I did something very embarrassing with her in front of 20 students while I was drunk.

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