Drinks On - Party On

by William
(Atlanta GA )

(Photo from photostock/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

I was barely 21, the legal age to purchase beer when I started playing Truth or Dare. The guys had me go out and get 3 kegs of beer before the game.

I didn't have enough money so we all chipped in around $20 a piece. As I got into my car with the kegs of beer I was anxious to get home and watch the game.

When I got home my friends, especially Katie, dragged me into my first game of Truth or Dare. At first it started with innocent things like secrets, then one of the guys dared me to drink 12 glasses of beer.

Because I have never drank before, since I just became of age, I had no idea this would be way too much beer for me.

Unknowingly I latterly gulped down 12 glasses of beer within 2 hours. The last thing I remember was getting out of my chair to go to the bathroom. The following day I woke up on the floor to find my TV was busted, my friends were passed out all over my apartment.

All the kegs were empty, my head ached profoundly, I felt extremely nauseous. I went to go drink a glass of water and was extremely thirsty and hungry. There was some pizza left in the fridge so I ate cold pizza for breakfast and fixed myself some coffee.

Later I went to return the kegs to get my deposit back, and the guy at the package store told me this was the second set of kegs I had returned, I did not realize I drove to the store for another set of kegs the night before.

By that time I wondered if 12 glasses of beer was all I really had. When I got home my girlfriend was there and extremely mad at me. She said she saw me with someone else but I have no idea who the woman was.

She said I went to the strip bar and picked up a hooker. She broke up with me over something I don't even remember. I love this game.


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Funny Indian Drinking Story At Dance party

by Santhosh
(Wayanad, Kerala, India)

Beautiful Girl Performing Traditional Indian Dance

Beautiful Girl Performing Traditional Indian Dance

One day me along with my family attended my relative's wedding party at their home, they arranged everything including our items (which is purely made by their own preparation locally termed as "NADAN" more than that, which is I like to prefer and allowed by my family)

Along with that, they arranged a dance party also, a traditional dance which was performed by ladies as a group performance rather very sincerely, along with recorded music (to which they were practiced to perform).

At that time, a very old relative, by mistake, taken that remote control of the player and he tried to make a phone call considered it as his mobile, why because, he also in a good mood by that time.

When he tried to make the call, by each and every pressing the digit the song coming out is different and the dancers got confused and they somehow managed the program (all are professional dancers) and everybody got started laughing.

But the wit is, I couldn't understand what happened and why people are laughing, even though I also laughed with them. Next day only I realised what exactly happened. At that time, I thought that something which I had made was the reason for their laugh.

It is a very sweet memory which I had in my lifetime and still now it gives me pleasure and happiness.

Photos from Douz DIOP via Flickr and halahmoon the half-blood prince

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Funny Drinking Pool Party Story

by Calli
(Marysville, USA)

The first time I ever really drank some friends and I had a pool party. We walked to the local gas station and bought some wine coolers and four Locos to go with the other stuff we had at the house.

We drank and had fun in the pool swimming around and then we opened all the four Locos, which are very large drinks and have a fruity yet sour taste like an energy drink.

What they should warn you about is that you drink them and don't feel anything then all of it hits you at once like a drunken train.

We all got plastered, but it was fun. We had water fights and were hyper, then we would all get chill and just float, then get hyper again, and then we ate.

We were out there for hours, and my ring feel in the pool. So I decided to look for it. I went under hundreds of times skimming the bottom, but no luck.

Then my one friend Brad decided to start running around the pool naked, at this point he won't remember it in the morning, and I am still looking for my ring.

Finally everyone decides to go to bed, and now I have lost another ring to the pool, so I keep looking. A few hours later I wake up face down in the pool just floating.

Somehow I had slept in the pool and not died. So I snuck into my friend's room and passed out on the floor. He was still naked passed out on his bed and the other two were not anywhere to be found.

So I coughed up some pool water on the floor, shrugged and went to sleep. The floor got really uncomfy so I moved to my friend's bed because he was now covered.

I woke up a few hours later and now one of the missing friends was in the bed and Brad and Laura were nowhere to be found. So I went back to bed. Apparently Laura was so freaked out by Brad the naked guy that she and Ted slept in the car.

All in all it was a funny, crazy, drunken night I will always remember and love.

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