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Funny Naked Drinking Story

Funny Naked Drinking Story

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Ok so this one happened at a party when I was 21. Truth or dare is usually a game that comes about towards the end of drinking nights because most of the time it takes a lot of alcohol to get people to play it.

My friend Doug had decided it was his goal to get as many people in our Hoboken, NJ apartment complex to play the game. He succeeded this night and by the start of the game I, and others, were already feeling pretty awesome.

Now as in most truth or dare games the content just gets better and better from an audience perspective and we had already had a few make-outs and flashes and other risqué events.

Now I had chosen Dare because at this point in the night I had about zero self-appreciation and I got the dare to "go streaking."

Obviously if I’m sober this would have never happened, but with the introduction of alcohol and peer pressure this seemed like a great idea, I don't mind being naked in front of others, but the problem with this dare is that if you are streaking you are actively going away from your group into the unknown.

So for the first 10 seconds or so it's all good, but once you round a corner suddenly you are just naked and alone. In my drunken stupor even I realized this would be a bad idea so I decided to just streak one block and head back.

As I’m rounding the second corner I come upon another naked person pretty much doing the exact same thing. They had definitely not been at our party and I can only assume they lived close by the apartment complex.

It was a surreal situation where we both just kind of head nodded at each other and only looking back do I realize just how odd it was to run into another naked person streaking.

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