The Most Silly and Stupid Drinking Story of My Life

(Photo from daniellehelm)

I was about 18 and living in New York. I had never drunk before and had no idea what alcohol could do to my tiny body.

I had just met Mike a few days ago, and my friend saw we hit it off, so she thought it would be a good idea for us to get together.

My friend Julie told Drew how wonderful I could cook, he hinted that he liked roast beef and had not had roast beef in a while. Wanting to be nice I offered to cook us all a dinner Saturday evening.

I made the most marvelous dinner with all the trimmings. I assumed he was bringing wine so I had no concerns. Mike and John showed up around 6:00 that Saturday evening to have dinner with Julie and myself.

Instead of wine they had 3 bottles of rum. They asked if we had ever played truth or dare, Tony being honest I boasted yes, I had seen this a million times surely I could do it too. Boy I was wrong.

It started out easy; I was able to dodge drinks left and right. I kissed Drew several times on the Dare, I gave out all kinds of personal information to Drew, my age, my hometown, almost everything or so I thought.

Then they Dared me to go outside without a coat, I flat out refused it was cold, so I drank my first drink. They Dared me to go outside and kiss a stranger, I totally refused.

They dared me to moon my neighbor, I could not do that. Next thing I knew I was so drunk I could hardly stand. Then I did go outside without my coat and shoes.

I did walk up to a stranger and kiss him, he was married, and when his wife walked out of the store she was furious.

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The Nasty Hangover

Pouring Water on Head

Pouring Water on Head

(Photo From nerdcoregirl)

This story is about a wedding party at Kochi (A place in India) It was my cousin's wedding party, all my family members and friends were happy in the function and I'm also. In the night party, I was in charge of drinking section.

I saw all my friends were drinking and having a lot of fun. For the first time in my life, I was forced by my friends to drink and I took about two small pegs of whisky.

I felt a bit of hangover to my mind after drinking. Slowly I got out of my senses and got a lot of confidence to do anything.

I don't know what was happening to me, but others knew it..! My legs were shaking and I was unable to even walk. Everyone in the party was laughing at me, but I didn't care about it I started to talk loudly with my friends.

Hangover after DrinksNasty Hangover after Drinks
(Photo from racheocity)
Suddenly I jumped into the dining area and started to sing an old feeling song with inappropriate lyrics. The people laughed at again and again. That prompted me very angry, and I began to unleash my dress one by one, first my coat, shirt and trousers...!

Seeing this, my friends ran into me and brought me into a bathroom and I poured water on my head. They took me under shower so that I get back into my senses after that they brought me into the bed and I slept.

It was an unforgettable incident in my life.

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Over Confident Guy and the Waitress Drama

(Photo From a.chsanauskaite)

Over Confident Guy
Over Confident Guy
(Photo from MizterForbz)
When I was twenty years old I was stationed in South Korea with a guy named Nathan. Nathan was a big drinker, but had never tried a local Korean specialty known as Soju.

Soju is a very strong drink local to South Koreans and as strong as a liquor drink in America such as Whiskey.

The bartender had mixed it into cherry soda and juices for everyone in the bar to enjoy. As we all slowly sipped and the drink over a period of an hour, our friend Nathan had been chugging it.

Drinking Stories Famous South Korean Soju Vine
Famous South Korean Soju Vine
(Photo from swimparallel)
His excuse for doing this was that he "Did not feel anything, or even taste alcohol." After a little while, he had gotten up to use the restroom.

However, as he went to stand up, he landed face first into the chest of a waitress and took her shirt and bra off on the way down before slamming his face into the floor.

The next day after we took him back home he did not remember a single moment of the whole incident.

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A Bridge Too Far - A Drink Too Much

by Ptosis Theseus
(Poughkeepsie New York)

(Photo from Courtney Murphy)

Yeah I got a story to tell. It’s the one I’ve been telling all my life and its start off like this: It took me three days to figure out what happened. On the third day I realized that I could’ve gotten really hurt, raped or killed.

So the story I am about to tell you is pieced together from the scraps of memory that I have. It was Friday, and couldn’t find any friends to hang out with. Drove through Poughkeepsie and picked up 2 strangers who were brothers.

Drank until 2AM then drove across the river where the last call is 4am. Left one brother in New Paltz and the other brother - I don’t know. Ended up and the Circle Inn I had 2 Long Island Iced Teas.

Never finished the second one. One guy I was dancing with tried to protect me and he ended up get beat down on the trunk of my Celica. Then I noticed that the bar was closed and there was nobody there except all the HD biker dudes.

As drunk as I was - I knew something bad gonna happen when I asked for all their names and they all gave me the same name.

I realize that men are like horse and not to show fear. Good thing I was drunk enough for that. I was in the middle in between two guys who were getting handy with me.

So I gave a big ol roar and said “COME ON BOYS! Let’s go to my place!”

Well those two guys left my car and well - it’s cold in NY and I know that these hogs never turn over on the first crank.

SO I started up my Celica and said “Wheels do your thing!!!!!” I was so drunk, at the Mid-Hudson toll bridge I didn’t have any money left and gave the guy a lighter as collateral.

BTW did I tell you that my Celica was burning over a quart of oil per day?

As I was pulling out of the toll booth leaving a cloud of burning oil only a single guy in a motorbike caught up with me.


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A Night Full of Drinks and Embarrassment :(

(Photo from b@nfy)

A few months after I turned 21, I was at a house party with my best friend. To let you know, my friend is a very big guy, and probably has about 75 pounds on me.

At some point during the evening a challenge was put into play, where me and my friend would drink beer for beer, and shot for shot.

Apparently I had far too many drinks before this challenge to be accepting it, and it was probably why I had accepted the challenge as I was not thinking clearly.

About two hours or so into the party, and around 10 shots of rum to my friends 5, we all sat down to play some games in the living room. These involved your normal games such as kings, beer pong, and so on.

After a few rounds of beer pong, it was decided we would play a game of truth or dare. It was more friendly to the ladies in the house, and of course gave us a chance to use the game as an excuse for whatever debauchery we were looking for that night.

A few rounds passed, along with some very embarrassing moments for my friend and a few of the ladies present. Soon it was back to me. Of course my friend was the one to give me my shot at truth or dare, and knowing what he knows about me I thought it best to take the dare route.

However, as well as my friend did know me, he took full advantage of my drunken state and challenged me to drink twice as much as him for every drink he took.

This would not end well. As the game came back around I was able to get a shot at my friend, and in my inebriated state, I thought it would be a good idea to use my friend’s choice of dare for a little payback.

With his dare my friend would have to beer bong full rum and coke beverage. What I forgot to take into account was that I would then have to do 2 beer bongs of rum and coke from the earlier dare he had given me.

I don't quite remember if my friend took his rum and coke bong, but I do know I made a massive mistake in taking mine. After taking the double rum and coke bong, I was able to stave off passing out or throwing up for a good 45 minutes.

It was safe to say everyone was impressed by this as I'm not a very big guy, and I had been drinking all night at a blistering pace. I was beginning to get overconfident and soon the alcohol would remind me of that.

Around 1 AM with the party winding down, it all came to a head. I ended up making a mad dash for the front yard where the home had an overhanging deck, and proceeded to vomit into their fish pond.

This is where the night began to get really fuzzy and I wouldn't find out until the next day viewing pictures that I had fallen on the back deck and started vomiting profusely.

I ended up laying in a pool of my own vomit until the one of the woman took pity and placed a paper plate underneath my face to protect anymore vomit from getting on me.

The party continued, for what I'm told was another couple hours. During this time my friends moved a ping pong table over the top of me and began playing beer pong, all the while I was passed out underneath them.

Before the end of the night, my friend and a mutual friend of ours decided to get into a wrestling match and ended up crashing down onto the ping pong table which collapsed on top of me. I never even felt it and wouldn't have known unless my friend showed me a picture the next morning.

I found the whole thing to be hilarious.

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The Drunken Mummy

(Photo from Neale Bryan)

It was my 21st birthday, and it was during that curious time in history when drinking ages had changed from 18 to 21.

I had previously been legal to drink in my home state of Mississippi, until about the time I turned 20 or so...then, it was suddenly illegal for me to drink until I had reached the magical number of 21.

So, my 21st birthday was a reintroduction to alcohol after about a year of abstaining. My friends had a party, and we all ended up playing Truth or Dare.

I, of course, chose "Dare," because, after all, isn't that what makes it fun? The dare was to down 3 shots of tequila and to then stand on my head for 5 minutes.

Now, I hadn't eaten anything all day, and those 3 shots were all I had had to drink...but they were pretty powerful! I still, to this day, don't remember anything until, apparently HOURS later, the point where I was slumped over the host's toilet, throwing up.

I realized that I had taken my clothes off, and I somehow managed to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and roll it around me, almost mummy-like.

I managed to get to my feet, still feeling quite woozy, and crack open the bathroom door and call out for someone to PLEASE bring me a glass of tea. I was dying of cottonmouth.

Someone handed me a glass of Alka-Seltzer, unbeknownst to me, through the barely opened bathroom door, and I started chugging what I thought was tea.

I didn't even get it down before I projectile vomited all over the bathroom. I heard the entire house burst into laughter.

I proceeded in my "mummy costume" to make a feeble attempt at cleaning up the huge mess in the bathroom, and then I gathered my clothes and put them back on.

During all this time, apparently quite a few hours had passed. When I finally emerged from the bathroom, it was the next morning, and the host's grandmother was the only one around.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, peering at me in disgust. I was bewildered. The first words out of her mouth to me were:

"So YOU are the reason we don't have any toilet tissue, huh? You took the last of my Alka-Seltzer, too!"

She was so stern and scary that I immediately walked 3 blocks to the nearest store, promptly bought some toilet tissue and Alka-Seltzer, and hustled back to the house with it. She met me at the door, took the bag, and shut the door abruptly.

I talked to the host 2 weeks later, and she said:

"Oh, didn't you know, I was house-sitting for my grandparents while they were out of town. Boy, you sure did make an impression on my grandmother!"

I have never been more embarrassed in my life...even after another 24 years have gone by!

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Dionysus God of Wine

by Eric
(Santa Fe, New Mexico)

(Photo from MAMJODH)

It was a cold night while, my sister Kelsey, Christine and I drove from Albuquerque up to Santa Fe. We were excited because we were going to attend a house music dance party being held at a hotel on the outskirts of Santa Fe.

We were all excited to dance and have a good time, while in the car I jokingly said "I invoke Dionysus the god of wine and orgies to make sure we have a wild night." We all cheered and laughed not knowing what was in fact in store for us.

Once we got to the club we opened a bottle of wine we had in our car and started drinking (drink prices inside are notoriously expensive so we like to drink a little before hand). We again called upon Dionysus laughing.

Inside the music was booming, people were dancing and the world had become a pleasant place. We continued to go back and forth to the car and club to drink more.

By the time the main Dj act came on I was trashed, I yelled and cheered. I danced with a ferocity I have not felt in ages.

As the party started to simmer down many of the party goers returned to their hotel rooms to continue partying. We went into a friend’s hotel room to hang out. Christine says "I want you to meet someone" gesturing to a cute female sitting on the bed.

I was very drunk at this point and I assume she was as well because we started making out. At one point I realized that this was not a girl I was making out with but a guy in drag.

Oh man was I surprised. I am an easy going guy and was drunk as well so I just laughed it off and wondered off to find some other friends hotel room to party in.

The plan was for me to crash in the hotel room with Christine and Lena (the boy/girl). My sister had sobered up and asked for my keys to drive back home. I wandered from hotel room to hotel room drunk and hanging out with people until I realized I was in a room with no one I knew and they wanted to go to bed. I said okay and left.

No one I knew was up anymore, Christine was not answering her phone and I had forgotten what room they were in. I was starting to panic. It was snowing outside and I knew I couldn't sit in the hallway because every time I sat down I almost fell asleep.

I waited until I saw people go into a hotel room, I followed them and pretended I knew them. I partied with them for about 20 minutes until they all realized that none of them knew me and kicked me out.

This happened about 4 or 5 more times until all the rooms were going to sleep and I had nowhere to go. The hotel said I could not stay in the hall way so I sat outside in utter despair. My tears were freezing to my cheeks and I just wanted to go home.

I had called Christine a bunch of times and was freaking out, I didn't even have my car to sleep in, my wallet was in my car as well so I couldn't buy a room.

Afraid that I would freeze I decided to give one last effort to find Christine's room. I Banged on one door, an older couple who were not involved in the party opened the door, they looked afraid. "I’m so sorry" I muttered while stumbling away.

"One more door," I thought, "please God, I'm sorry I shouldn't have invoked Dionysus. I see what happens now." Knock Knock, this next door opened and who did I see… Lena and the man dressed as a woman, the man I had accidently made out with.

Oh my God was I so happy to see him. I passed out on the extra couch and immediately fell asleep knowing to be careful to ever invoke Dionysus again.

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Drinking and Streaking

by Josh

© Vladgavriloff | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

My name is Josh, and my embarrassing truth or dare story (while drunk), happened in Roy, Utah, in the United States.

One time, about two years ago, while I was with a group of about ten close friends (both male and female) I had a party at my house.

We were well stocked with vodka and everybody had about ten to fifteen shots each. By that time, we were all extremely drunk and decided to play truth or dare. It started off pretty basic - truth questions about "adult activities" and embarrassing moments.

Some dares required friends to take extra shots in a row, some dared men to kiss men, women to kiss women, some so entertaining such as farting in ones hand and smelling it, and so on. Nothing vulgar.

We continued to drink and play, laughing and cringing at some of the truths, and bowling over in laughter at some of the ridiculous dares. My personal embarrassing dare came when I was dared to streak across my current street neighborhood.

After three more (extremely quick) vodka shots, I agreed to do it, extremely hesitantly. Needless to say, with my inhibitions null, I did it. The embarrassing part came when, as I was streaking, I noticed an elderly lady about four houses down sitting on her porch smoking a cigarette.

I glanced at her, and her jaw dropped. She ran inside and I tripped and fell, and before I could jump up and turn around, she had her husband outside. He chased me around the block, past my house, and I had to hide in a bush.

He continued on without seeing me and I made my way back home, petrified. My friends all laughed while I redressed myself and regained what little composure I had left. In retrospect, it was a hilarious mistake!

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