Drowning in Dares

by Natasha
(United States/Ohio/Milvile )

Dared to swallow a live fish

Dared to swallow a live fish

(Photo from Quang'y)

It was a beautiful summer night in Cincinnati, Ohio. My girl friends and I were on summer break from Miami University, and we had decided to go to a party.

Inside there are people dancing, drinking, and there’s loud music. We made our way through the crowd and ran into the rest of our friends from our small town.

Sarah is my best friend, and I had ridden to the party with her. Sarah suggested we play Truth or Dare. I was a little nervous because Sarah often times had wild ideas, but we went ahead and played anyway.

Your typical truths about “who likes who” come out, followed by typical “I dare you to prank call someone” dares.

Eventually, Sarah asks me truth or dare. I say dare!

She sees a fish tank over across the way, and says “I dare you to swallow that fish.”

I was disgusted, and freaked out. It was a small goldfish, but I really didn't want it anywhere near me. I defiantly didn't want to put it in my mouth. I protested as much as I could, but eventually the entire party was daring me to swallow this poor fish.

Eventually, I decide to do it!

I go over to the tank, stick my hands in the cold water, and grab the fish. It wiggled in my hands and I quickly put it in my mouth.

I swallowed hard, feeling it wiggle all the way down.

Everyone was silent, and then cheers came up.

The dare wasn't over yet though. I couldn’t stomach the thought of what I’d done.

I ran to the bathroom, feeling sick. I vomited, and when I looked in the toilet – there was the goldfish. I couldn’t believe it was still alive!

I got out a cup and returned him to his home.

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