A True Story and Believe Me I Really Miss That Radio!

A True Story and Believe Me I Really Miss That Radio!

(Photo from Nite_Owl)

Once long ago, I was passing by the Orient as I was doing my stint in the Military, Anyhow having some time to kill I visited a bar and granted there were numerous folks in the Bar and noticing some other servicemen there.

I drifted in too and I forget who paid for the first round of drinks but needless to say I happily joined in the festivities.....

Now different guys came and went but waiting at Airports really bored me besides drinking was more fun anyhow so I stuck around and granted I knew I had a schedule to keep but also realized I could always take an evening flight out if I screwed up and missed the plane.

So as the patrons thinned out I wound up sitting at the bar and there was a -fancy radio- sitting up on the mantelpiece of the bar!........ So one of the guys kinda dared me and said: Lets shoot for the radio as it was being raffled off.

I agreed as I thought that rather sporting so me and several other fellows shot dice and who even won paid for a ticket to get a chance on winning the radio so this went on for ‘quite awhile’ for the tickets were cheap and besides I seldom won on the toss.

So I didn’t have to pony up much cash for the tickets as the goal was for one of us to win the raffle and then who ever won the radio could then shoot dice against the others for it.

Anyhow on one of my tickets after I opened it instead of a number or a picture of the Radio I saw the picture of a Young Woman and after that some of the ‘Crazy Orientals’ started to smile and to congratulate me.

For instead of winning the Radio, I got to go upstairs and have a free time with one of the Ladies as this was also the type of Bar where ‘Social Interactions’ were allowed in those days,etc.

So I climbed up the stairs somewhat the worse for wear for drinking beer and whiskey most of the afternoon and frankly I remember very little of what happened afterwards, Still some kind friend must have helped me as someone later tossed me into a cab and I did make the evening flight.

But even so except for a very dim memory the girl is today just a fading blur to me but I still think a lot upon and even have some real regrets that I didn’t win the dare on the Radio and believe me the Girl wasn't bad but I still shake my head over losing that Radio.

Still it was worth the Dare I took for it even though the Truth of it was that I won the girl instead but such is life and it was a happy ending. ‘But still I miss the Radio!’..........

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