Long Island Tea Made Me Mad

by Diane

(Photo from Flyinace2000)

It was about twenty years ago, while in college when my twenty friends and I played truth or dare for pizza and a movie. I did not understand how to play the game and lost.

The dare was for me to drink three Long Island Teas while dancing the night away in a club.

For the story, my name is Diane and we all were in colleges in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The club where we went dancing that night was on the south side of town and a long way from where we lived.

But we all liked this particular club and had fun every time we went. My dare was to drink the Long Island Teas in one night. As we arrived at the club, the music made us all feel like dancing, so everyone grabbed a partner to get out on the floor.

Within the first hour, I ordered my first Long Island Tea. I had been dancing for a while, so the coolness of the drink worked well on my tongue as it went into my body. I was beginning to feel more relaxed, as I danced the night away.

Soon thereafter, about another hour went by, and I ordered the second Long Island Tea. I was sipping the drinks to make sure that I did not get too drunk. Both drinks were strong with alcohol and after the second Long Island; I began to feel a little woozy.

It was obvious that the drinks were in my system and making me feel a little tipsy. I was beginning to see double of everything. I sat near the bathroom, because I had to urinate every few minutes.

The drinks were definitely going through my system. I decided that there would be no more dancing for me for a while. My friends wanted me to call off the bet, but being the gambler that I was, I became more determined than ever to drink the third and final Long. Island and win the pizza and a movie.

Finally, after waiting another two hours, I was able to drink the last and final Long Island Tea. I must admit that I was acting a little silly by this time, laughing at jokes and hamming it up with my friends.

But I finally got up enough nerve to drink the third Long Island. During the drive home, my friend had to pull over several times for me to relieve myself of everything in my system.

This night was no longer fun. While I won the pizza and movies, that night has become one of the classics to tell during story time at our college reunions.

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The Telltale Boner

(Photo from jezarnold )

Back in college, bunch of us went to a sorority friend's house to get our binge drinking on. We had pregamed at another friend's house and the bar scene was beat, so we called our friend Sammie and invited ourselves over.

King's Cup was all the rage at the time (for us anyway) so we raided her fridge of her Milwaukee's Best and proceeded to play.

After about an hour of making rules and getting everyone to do stupid things, my one friend decided to up the ante and suggested the one who draws a king can opt to do truth or dare.

We're all well past our coherent decision making limit so we all agreed.

At first it was "you're the beer bitch" stuff and "you play the next round from the fire escape" things but then the ante was raised again as someone suggested a dare of take off an article of clothing.

It was slow at first but the "rules" went away and it soon turned into a game of if you have to drink, take off an article of clothing.

There were about 3 girls and 5 guys and within a half hour, we were all sitting around stark naked. Another good friend of mine who has no problem with his nakedness decides to get a beer from the fridge.

He cracks it open, turns around and just stands there proudly flapping in the breeze. At this point everyone got the courage to check each other out and it got a little touchy-feely.

The awkwardness soon settled back in and everyone got dressed and the party shut down.

About a week later my girlfriend at the time (who was NOT present at the festivities the prior engagement) came to our house for a fraternity/sorority function. Shortly afterwards the girls from last week (from a different sorority mind you) rolled over for a visit to see what was up.

Sammie and the other girls came in and there in my kitchen my girlfriend and Sammie were standing right next to each other. No one said a word but I swear my heart pounding was going to give me away.

I don't think my girlfriend ever found out about that night but I made sure to avoid any situation where the three of us would be in the same room at the same time.

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Slapping the bag

(Photo from jsim93)

This one time I was at a party in college park Maryland and we were all drinking and I have up to this point already drunk a bunch of alcohol. Everyone at the party was a bit drunk already and my roommate Alex dared me to slap the bag.

Slapping the bag is where someone takes out the bag of vine from the box wine and you first slap the bag and then chug it. I slapped the bag and chugged the wine for a good amount. Next thing I knew I was outside rolling around in the leaves.

I blacked out for the rest of the night. Apparently I also kept drinking while I blacked out. At one point in the night I lost my glasses but it didn’t matter to me because I was too drunk to see straight anyway. My roommate who was not drinking kept messing with me and kept daring me to do stupid little things and I would end up doing them.

At the end of the party they helped me find my glasses and helped me sober up and my roommate drove me home. The next morning I did not remember what I did and my roommate and my friends showed me pictures and told me of all the crazy drunk things I did.

I learned my lesson not to drink that much ever again. Wine really gets me drunk really fast. John the person who had the party was a bit mad at me because while I was drunk and outside I shouted at random people walking by and invited them over to the house party.

Luckily nothing bad happened and no one was too mad at me. Next time someone dares me to slap the bag I will not do it.

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Truth or Dare - Bar Version 1.0

(Photo from emilio labrador)

My friends and I always entertained ourselves after our college classes in the Caribbean with a bar and lots of alcohol. I was about eighteen at the time, which was legal is legal in any Caribbean island you go to.

Nevertheless, with alcohol in the mix, you would think that we had enough to occupy our minds; but no, we found that if we played a little game of truth or dare, it made the day a little more enlightening.

Our favorite game of truth or dare started with three shots of tequila – the person who finished their shots last had to go first.

Truth or dare was the options given but the game just should have been called dare because we all found it to be easier. Our dare escapades would include us walking up to strangers and dancing, kissing, or taking off their belt.

I remember the last day of our “after school ritual.” It was really one to remember. It started off with me finishing my shot last so, of course, I had to go first.

I was dared to jump on a pool table and do a strippers dance without taking off any clothes. I bet you anything, if I was not totally drunk I would have been mortified at the task. I rolled on the pool table . Immediately, all the rated R movies I ever saw flashed in my head.

I had a plan to mimic all the sexy movies I saw on TV with their clothes on. I started off with a Britney spears pose holding my shirt to my breast. Then I gave my best impression of strippers gone wrong.

In the end, I slipped off a pool ball and landed on the floor with my face almost kissing this really cute guy. I had to be doing this for five minutes, and it felt like 8 hours. You could imagine my relief when it was Crystal’s turn.

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