Drinking Dare Story - Peeing in the woods was horrible


I was home from college for the summer. My best friend was celebrating her birthday, which happened to fall over Memorial Day weekend, so we were having a small gathering at her house.

We were 20 years old, and were enjoying being home for the summer, and were drinking from a keg that had been purchased by my best friend's dad.

We were all allowed to drink as long as we weren't driving home, so a bunch of us were gathered around a bonfire in the yard.

We began tossing out truth or dare questions, which was exciting for me at the time because there was a guy who I liked at the party. I was hoping my friend would dare me to kiss the guy.

Instead, my friend dared me to pee in the woods instead of in the house. Being a little bit intoxicated, as well as having a full bladder, I accepted her challenge.

I marched off to the side of the house where the woods were, found a fairly level area, dropped trow, and began to do my business in the woods.

Not only was I relieved physically as my bladder emptied, but I considered myself lucking having gotten off rather easy on a dare.

Other people had to run naked around the house, boys had to kiss boys, girls had to kiss girls, etc. Peeing in the woods was a piece of cake! At least, I thought peeing in the woods was a piece of cake...I began to feel the effects of a few too many beers in the woods and lost my balance.

I lost my balance in my squatting position and fell backwards down a small hill. Not only was I lying in a puddle of my own urine, but I was naked from the waist down and couldn't get myself back up.

The combination of laughing really hard, the beers, and being slightly downhill made it necessary for me to call for help to get up.

Of course, my best friend couldn't come to my assistance on her own. Instead, she brought the entire group of people to see what was going on.

I was being gawked at by at least ten inebriated partygoers, most of whom were laughing so hard THEY almost peed their own pants--including the guy I had a crush on. Regardless, I kept what was left of my dignity as my friend assisted me, got me some clean clothes to change into, and we continued to enjoy the evening.

The peeing in the woods incident was all-but-forgotten within a few days until I found an itchy red bump on the back of my upper thigh. I kept scratching what I thought was a mosquito bite, and marveled at how big it continued to get over a couple of hours.

Within three hours, my entire backside and girlie parts were covered in a huge, blotchy, red, itchy rash. I realized, to my dismay, I had poison ivy from falling back into the woods!

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