Dared to Do It

by Ruby
(NY, USA )

Don't Drink at Work Trips!

Don't Drink at Work Trips!

(Photo from Joanne and Matt)

I’ve never been much of a drinker, so when I do drink, especially to the point of getting drunk, it’s always a guaranteed recipe for trouble.

So this one time, I went to an out-of-town “conference” with a bunch of people from my work. I use the word “conference” loosely, because it was understood that the event was a little bit work and a LOT party.

The company paid for our accommodations and our food/beverages too - even the alcoholic ones! I jumped right in with both feet, and asked the bartender to hook me up with something that would get me drunk fast.

He made me something delicious and strong, and after a few of those, I was flying high, acting ridiculous, and flirting with my boss, who just happened to be a lesbian who was in a committed relationship.

She was a little bit wasted too, so when another coworker dared us to “do it,” we both thought it sounded like a fabulous idea.

We left the bar, staggered down the sidewalk singing loudly, went back to my boss’s room, and got it on, hot and heavy. (Then we spent the rest of the night bowing down to the porcelain gods.)

The next day, we both had terrible hangovers, but the regrets were way worse than the headaches!

We couldn’t even look at each other. Our coworkers thought it was hilarious. When we all met downstairs for breakfast, they were smirking and elbowing each other, having a great time making suggestive jokes.

And they made sure to spread the word to EVERYONE once we got back to work. The coarse jokes went on for weeks. People thought it was the best piece of gossip to come along in years.

It was SO humiliating. Things never did get back to normal, and I ended up leaving that job a few months later.

Moral of the story: don't drink on work trips!

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