Embarrassing but Funny Drinking Story

by Kumar
(Tamilnadu, India)

Drinking and Having Fun with Friends

Drinking and Having Fun with Friends

(Photo from theopie)

This incident happened a long back when I was at college. And before we get into the story drinking in India is never entertained by parents at all, e.g. I'm now married and I've got kids, but still my parents do not know that I drink and if they do still I will be in big trouble!

Truth or dare Drinking stories Watching television Watching a Movie
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Our real story begins at my friend's house, me along with seven other friends of mine, all eight of us were drinking really a lot of liquor involved at my friend's home as his parents were out of station.

It was a Friday and they were supposed to return by Sunday morning and out of that 8, few wanted to watch "special and inappropriate" movies. By that time in India DVD/CD were not there so we were using a VCR player.

We were watching the movie and everyone was almost drunk to the core, all of a sudden we heard the door bell and it was his parents.

Truth or dare Drinking stories the fridge is a mess
Messed up the whole fridge
(Photo from Wallula Junction)

We were trying to clean up the mess while my friend was let them in slowly by talking to them to slow down and one of our friends who is new to VCR player switched off the player before ejecting the cassette.

The other one nearby was trying very hard to eject the player while his parents entered in and was staring at the one, who was trying to eject still with some suspicion.

My friend's mom entered into the kitchen and opened the fridge for some cold water and screamed aloud- we all went there and found- a friend called Shiva, who was fully drunk and thought that the fridge is the bathroom and puked in it.

The whole Refrigerator was a big mess and before we could recover his father switched on the TV (TV and VCR had same switch control box).

Well.... we all ran out of there and never turned to his home again till now years have passed and this guy still is in contact, but without his parents' knowledge.

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Get Your Drink On and Your Clothes Off

by Jennie

(Photo from Kyle L)

There wasn't a time when my high school friend and I weren't drinking at her house in Modesto CA. Her parents worked all the time, so anything went. She always had a mix of boys and girls at her house.

It was usually my boyfriend, her boyfriend a few of their friends, a few of her girl friends and their boyfriends too.

She and I had similar names, her’s is Jennyanne and mine is Jennie. We were always playing the popular game in America, Truth or Dare and there wasn't a dare we wouldn't do.

Our motto was to have fun with life. One afternoon after finishing off a couple bottles of vodka Jennyanne says to me, "I dare you to run through my house naked."

I told her I would, but she had to do it with me.

There was probably about five other girls and five or six guys at her house at the time. Most of them were hanging out in her living room, some were socializing, some were online and some were watching TV.

Jennyanne and I were in her bathroom together, we took off all our clothes and stood there for a few minutes, debating on if we really wanted to go through with this or not, but being that we were drunk and not thinking clearly we thought "what the heck, lets do it."

She was being shy, so I ran out without her. I went running through the living room with my arms waving in the air and laughing uncontrollably. She ended up backing out, so there I was in front of a room full of people, drunk, naked and by myself.

Everyone in the room was looking at me, I started feeling really uncomfortable and embarrassed. I went back into the bathroom and put my clothes back on.

Jennyanne has never let me forget this dare, in fact, she still brings it up to this day. I would have to say this is one of my most embarrassing stories ever and believe me I have never done anything like this ever again.

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Double Whammy

by Ally

Funny Drinking Story

Funny Drinking Story

(Photo from RJ Mancuso)

My first camping trip was to Panguitch Lake in Utah and three of my friends came along. There was me, Cindy, Cyndy (yes another one), and Bryce.

Since it was our first trip, we were a little over zealous with the amount of alcohol we brought with us. Our entire car trip included singing the most absurd songs, with Bryce doing his best rendition of “Oops I did it again”, and eating ridiculous amounts of junk food.

Things didn't go extremely well on the car ride, as Bryce started to pass an absurd amount of gas due to the 3 cheeseburgers he ate before we left. We were only 22, so what did we care about the crap we ate?!

We arrived at the campsite at around 6:00 p.m. and immediately set everything up. Once we finished, around 7:00 p.m., we had a few drinks. We walked around the lake a bit, but were extremely tired from the 4 hour drive.

It’s getting pretty late, so we set up a bonfire, huddle around, and start telling stories. Once the stories get boring, we start playing truth or dare. The first few rounds were mostly truths.

Bryce decides to dare. Cyndy, whom he’s completely in love with, to start singing the Macarena really loudly until someone from another tent tells her to shut it.

She gets up, happily, dancing and singing as loud as she can. It took all of 2 minutes for someone to tell her to shut it. We go around the group, I end up running into the freezing cold lake, Cindy ends going to the bathroom by herself and doing the Bloody Mary chant, and Bryce eats 6 hot dogs in 5 minutes without getting ill.

While Bryce downed the hot dogs, Cyndy looks at him as if she’s nauseated. Once he’s done, she says, “I can’t look at anymore food, I feel sick!” We all laugh because we don’t think she’s seriously ill.

Bryce decides to taunt her bit with another hot dog. Again, Cyndy looks sick and says a bit too loud, “Cut it out Bryce! I’m going to be sick!”

Bryce continues to rub the hot dog all over his body, all while saying, “Ummmmmmmmmmmm, soo goooood, you know you want a bite.”

Cyndy says, “This is it guys!”

We all look confused until she proceeds to projectile vomit on Bryce while simultaneously pooping her pants!

Cindy doesn't immediately see what’s happening, but I do and I can’t contain my laughter. Bryce is stunned to silence, but jumps right in to clean her up. He cleaned up EVERYTHING.

They are now happily married and still in love. It’s to this day, the most hilarious camping story we've ever produced and we NEVER play truth or dare anymore.

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Too Much Drink

by Shawn

A Game Gone Out of Hands

A Game Gone Out of Hands

(Photo from Jenn Dyer)

Well it was about 11 years ago I was living with my girlfriend and her cousin in Atlanta GA and we drank all the time with no problems.

But this particular night we had Gin and Hennessy, and at that time I was a very heavy drinker I think I was about 22 years old I believe.

So we were all off that night it my girlfriend and her cousin an her boyfriend an so we decided to play True or Dare.

Now before I go on, I would not recommend drinking and playing a game like this with your special someone.

Back to the story, so we are good and drinking now I had been drinking since early in the morning so I was good and rolling. So the game went on for about 30 with a lot of true question being asked and it was all fun and games.

Then the dare came up for me to kiss my girlfriends cousin..... So what did I do, I went and put my tongue in her mouth literally. So now her boyfriend is feeling some kind of way.

Giving me the evil eye, mind you that we all agreed at the beginning that it was all fun and game. So then his girlfriend dared him to kiss my girlfriend and he did and I didn’t have any issues with it.

Then a dare was thrown at me to drink Gin from my girlfriend’s cousins navel an I did. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Her boyfriend got into a rage an started to get in my face so we fought right in the house.

I was bashing him bad because he was holding me around my waist and I was tagging him in the face. I finally got free and went into the kitchen a grab a knife. (Mind you I am drunk out of my mind now).

As I proceeded to him my girlfriend grab the knife from me and while she was doing that the blade slide across my fingers cutting them open. Blood was leaking everywhere. By this time the cops came and they separated us a got the story together.

I went to the hospital and then charged me with battery. Now that I look at it, it was a very bad choice to mix relationship and liquor and a game like Truth or Dare.

I learned a lot from that experience, since then I have made amends to him and his girlfriend for the poor behavior I displayed an all was forgiving.

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Funny Drinking Story!!! Water! Water! Everywhere

We tried hard not to laugh in his face...

We tried hard not to laugh in his face...

( Photo From 2493™ )

Water, water everywhere! Ramesh and me are fast friends. One day, while taking an outing in the evening, we got into a pub and had a drink.

Ramesh took 2-3 pegs more than me and while talking, he suddenly suggested that we visit one of our friends, Mr. Shah's new house.

Drinking Stories Friends Drinking TogetherFriends Drinking Together
(Photo from hibino)
We have already heard quite a lot about the new house, built in imported marble, with a swimming pool and an aquarium the size of a pond inside the house in which some attractive fish swim, around which Shah spends his evenings with the family.

The day still had time left, so I also agreed to go there. We thought of giving a pleasant surprise to Shah, by visiting him all on a sudden.

Excited, we both took the car and went there, and the Shah family was thrilled beyond measure to receive us! Mr. Shah himself took us around to show the house and we marveled at the exquisite articles kept there.

The funniest event occurred when we entered the pool area! The flooring was done with green colored marble and it gave the floor a ripple - like impression.

Ramesh, who was a bit too drunk, thought it was water everywhere and started walking carefully, putting step-by-step and finally in a swim-walk manner!

It was a funny sight to watch and we laughed till our tummies ached!

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Best 20 bucks I EVER made

It was about 5 months ago and my sister and I decided to go to Atlantic City, NJ.

We ended up getting a bottle of vodka and putting it in a water bottle so we could walk around with it.

We were drinking and walking on the boardwalk all day and night till we were pretty drunk. We finally started playing Truth or Dare (as we always do when we go)

I was broke at this time so my sister dared me to lick the carpet at one of the biggest casinos. There was a crowd of people around us so I got down on all 4's and licked the carpet.

I made sure to drink some vodka soon after.

Best 20 bucks I EVER made.

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