Too much Booze

by Mark

(Photo from Rasmus Knutsson)

I’m Mark, I was around the age of 20 when I went to my friend Bry's house to drink. We lived in California and he lived in this small town called Yucaa Valley.

We bought two of these malt drinks called Four Lokos, one for each of us. Then we bought a big bottle of Captain Morgan to take shots of on the side. We got this great idea that we would play shoots and ladders and take shots back and forth.

It was ridiculous how fast we had to pound the damn things. So I told him I had to quit that game and do something else. So we started playing Truth or Dare with each other. If you chose dare you had to do it, but if you chose truth, you had to take two shots and then do the truth for being too much of a puss to do the dare.

So first he asked me and I chose Dare because no way did I want to shots that quickly. He dared me to eat an entire crayon with the wrapper on it. Well those boxes say non-toxic so I figured it's all good.

Then it was my turn to ask him. I dared him to drink the rest of his Four Loko through his shirt. So he had to wrap his shirt over his head and try to drink the damn thing. It just flowed into his shirt and you could see it spill down his face.

We eventually called a truce because there was no way either of us could keep doing this back and forth unless we started puking. So we sat down and had some frozen burritos for a few minutes to try and absorb some of the booze.

We were sick of watching TV so we decided to take a half of a shot every time there was a flashback or a cutaway in the TV show family guy.

Really bad idea because that show has about 17 in like 10 minutes. So word to the wise, don't go playing any hardcore drinking games unless you’re notorious for keeping it all down because you’re going to end being made a fool of.

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Drinking with Blow-up Dolls

by Adam

(Photo from burnto)

My name is Adam and I live in USA, my buddies and I were drinking one night and we were being loud and partying when someone finally suggested “Hey, why don’t we invite some girls over and really have some fun?”

Now I was only 21 and a freshman in college so of course I agreed. Drunk and looking forward to some action, I called a few girls while my buddy called a few more.

Soon we had a real party going on with girls laughing and beer pouring. On my close girl friends Cindy walked up to me with an empty bottle and waved it in my face, grinning.

“Let’s play truth or dare,” she said as she let the bottle drop.

As everyone looked toward the noise, she said it louder: “Let’s play truth or dare!

I’ll go first, Justin, truth or dare?”

Justin was the big guy of the party was always serious in everything he did. But to everyone’s surprise, he agreed and said “Dare.”

Cindy burped a little and said, “I dare you to go inside the closet and kiss the first girl that goes in there.”

Justin laughed and nodded, walking over to the closet and closing it behind him. Now, we’re all sure he thought it was a joke or something because we were all acting like high schoolers now but we didn’t care.

We were about to pull the best joke on Justin ever. Cindy quickly went out to her car and returned with a cheesy blow-up doll.

Everyone is trying to hold their laughter in by now and I turned out the lights just so Justin wouldn’t see his new girlfriend’s face.

Cindy opened the closet and just as she was about to slide the doll in Justin jumped out and kissed her full on the mouth as all the guys cheered and hooted.

Fuming, Cindy stomped out of the party while Justin basked in the glory of his win.

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Revealing the Hidden Truth Behind the Dare

by Alexandra
(Boston, MA.)

(Photo from the_toe_stubber via flickr)

How Not to get Promoted I am the assistant CCO for an investment management company. It is as difficult and tedious and stuffy as it sounds.

Fortunately, I do on occasion get to travel to conferences. The best of these excursions are when I get to meet up with my friend KJ. KJ is a partner in a major firm and in his mid 50's which makes him about 20 years older than me.

He looks like the most loveable giant bear you could ever imagine. I am his opposite in every way. I am average height for a girl, but have the odd combination of being very petite with big boobs. People tell me I look like Penelope Cruz.

This is not a particularly important detail to me, but it serves to highlight how odd KJ and I look together. Although we have no romantic inklings for each other, we have a certain affinity that people misread.

This amuses us greatly. We enjoy the looks of confusion (and disgust) so much, we have invented a game to exploit the people who give us these looks, and pretty much anyone else unlucky enough to be in our path.

The game consists of daring each other to make sexual advances to random strangers. I don't have to tell you that you need to be drunk to play.

So my KJ and I are at a bar in Georgetown. The bar has a fairly hip crowd of 25-40 somethings. Kevin sticks out, but he knows the bartender so we sit at the bar which gives me a great vantage point to observe the crowd.

We begin our game. Depending on the success or failure of our dare we earn or lose points. KJ dares me to do whatever it takes (from my bar stool) to get a particular man to come over and talk to me.

It works and the guy comes over. He starts to use some cheesy line, but stops short because he realizes as he looks up to see my giant bear, that I am not alone. He quickly apologizes. But KJ assures him that it is fine and we are into "whatever."

This relaxes the guy and he kind of nods at KJ. KJ asks the guy if he has a friend. He doesn't, but scans around the bar as if somehow magically some "friend" presumably for KJ will appear.

KJ then tells him not to worry if he is alone. I am beginning to get nervous as to just how far we are going to go with our little charade. But, KJ is smarter than me. KJ then puts his giant arm around the guy.

This poor guy by the way is fit but only about 5'10". He says to the guy, "I mean you don't mind taking it in the wrong way right?" The guy didn't say a word, at least he did not say an intelligible word.

He looked at me, hard. Then he looked at KJ, and then back to me. He was considering it. He looked and looked at me, really taking it in as he did the mental math. That is, would getting me be worth a bone in the bum? In the end he decided that he would keep his virginity intact.

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Just Like Fish Do

by C. R. Whitley
(USA/ Downers Grove/ Illinois)

(Photo from Evil Erin)

There was a good period of time in high school when I drank most every weekend. I wasn't a drunk by any stretch, but I was a football player and hung out with I guess what was considered the 'cool' people, though I was far from that.

I merely clung to everyone else because the parties were fun and there were always girls. There wasn't many instances of truth or dare among these parties, so when there were, it was usually when there were only a few of us and more girls than guys.

Thus, the necessity of such games was imperative. I think I was sixteen when Eric had a party, which in itself was weird. He was a few steps below me but somehow, he'd managed to wrangle a good crowd together.

I got there with Cody and Danny and they went about talking and conversing because they were good model football players who would go to college and then the NFL (which neither did), and I was the monkey boy who got drunk and laid claim to ridiculous drunk stories, one of which included a broken wall and a hitchhike home at 3 in the morning in nothing but green dress pants and a blazer.

I went for the keg and quickly worked my way from shyness to the life of the party (or so the beer goggles always say). During these moments, I liked to wander. Sitting for periods would make me drowsy or hungry.

I needed to find people and talk and what I mean by that is find girls and fail again at my advances. In one room, I found a smaller collection of people with a few bottles of vodka, along with a nice set of dim lights that shadowed a gathered circle of people sitting on couch cushions.

What was the meaning of this? I'd asked. Truth or dare, Anna said. She was the perfume of the world, enriching everything in her beautiful scent, so of course I sat down and played.

The only other guys in there were Grabowski and Joe. And considering that the only way they'd gotten these girls to follow them had to have involved the three freshly opened bottles of vodka nearby, I liked my chances.

We took turns with most of them opting for an embarrassing recount of truth for some reason. The dares people threw out were harmless though. Why would they give up their secrets I'd wondered, as drunk as I was.

No, I'd never get drunk enough to admit my five year obsession with Anna. Which explains why when Grabowski asked me truth or dare, I said dare. He was an offensive lineman on the team and his chubby face curled into this sardonic smile when I'd said that.

I dare you to go into the next room where everyone is and pee in the fish tank. This brought scoffs from the girls along with the idea of animal cruelty. Grabowski, ever the shrewd fat man he was, defended it by saying that fish always swam in their toilet.

What difference would it be?

Begrudgingly, I accepted. I couldn't risk truth. As I stood and walked to the door, I looked back at Anna because once I did what I would do, Eric would f***ing kill me (or rather kick me out, considering he was a third my size).

Well go on, Grabowski said. Taking a long swig of that cheap vodka, I walked out to the thicket of the party where Cody and Danny hung about on chairs either goading girls to drink more or talking about the next team we'd play that Friday.

I think someone may have said something to me as I walked, but I was focused and continued walking. Right in front of a row of bookcases stood the ordinary looking fish tank. I sighed, then unzipped and pulled the top back.

As I began a stream into the soft glow of the fish tank, I could feel the heat rise in my face and the murmurs of everyone in that room. Many laughed (with Grabowski being the loudest), and then more girls scoffed because that's what they're supposed to do; but I'll never forget those three words;

What the F***! I turned, smiling because it was all I could do. Eric stood there shaking with anger. His one lazy eye even swirled around and followed the lead of the other.

I don't think he was really thinking about what he would do next because before I knew it, he'd grabbed a fly swatter and I was running through the house trying to zip up and not run into anybody with my...uh, thing out.

I managed to make it outside where I then began the trek home, with my thumb out, hitchhiking for the second time of my life.

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Old Crow

by Charlie

My name is Charlie and this story took place in Cleveland, Ohio. It is hard to write a drinking story without adult content, but I will try to do so.

Let me clarify, though, gaps in the story definitely do NOT mean anyone was doing drugs or having sex.

Good, now that we've clarified let’s get started.

The night began with my friend and I taking shots of Old Crow (the cheapest, but best whisky). We were taking these shots tequila style, however, which means salt, shot, lime.

This may sound weird but it really tastes great with whisky too, just wipes out the shot.

That is why it’s dangerous, though. Now this was during fall break so we had no school going on and nothing to wake up to the next day. We were just trying to find a little trouble.

Our two female friends were with us, but neither of them were drinking because one is nerdy and the other is mopey.

But yeah we played truth or dare at some point, I definitely remember, definitely didn't need to be told in the morning. Obviously my friend and I were the ones doing the outrageous dares, you know because we were the drunk ones.

Usually truth or dare just turns into people making out, but we weren't trying to do that, we were all too close friends. Anyway I got dared to knock on our neighbor’s door in just boxers and ask to use their phone.

Our neighbors were an old man and woman. Very embarrassing but hey what can you do. It was still a great time. Those were the days. Once you get to the real world it is much less socially acceptable slash is way further from normal to get drunk, play t or d, and knock on old people's doors in your boxers.

Still gets done I'm sure, I'm just saying less.

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Having the Balls to Do the Dare

Scream by ~d3nt3 on deviantART)

I was my friends and I, drinking Everclear. The group of us consisted of my 2 male friends, Tommy and James, my female friend, Taylor, and myself.

Slowly we started getting drunk and as we did we thought it would be a great idea to play some various drinking games.

We started off with beer pong, then moving forward we played coins and the one where you take a drink when something happens and we decided that we would throw on the song Roxanne and every time the Name Roxanne is said we had to take a shot.

By the time we were done with that we decided to play truth or dare and when it came to my turn I choose dare.

Taylor was the one that choose the dare for me, and she dared me to shave with mayo. I stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed the mayo, and started to shave with it. However,

If you will imagine it, I am a man, and I had just shaved that morning. So, my face was not the area to be shaved, it was my legs.

I do not know why but when I was done, we continued to dare each other to shave various areas of our bodies with weirder and weirder things till we could not find anything weirder than superglue and we convinced Tommy to be able to put some on his nuts and try to shave them using super glue.

Needless to say we needed to take him to the hospital to have a razor removed from his one of the most sensitive parts.

I will still never be able to forget the look on poor Tommy’s face when he realized just how bad of an idea it was to try to shave using superglue.

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Dare Gone Wrong on a Pitch Black Road

by Eric

(Photo from knster)

When I was about 19 yrs. old, I played truth or dare with some friends while drinking. It was something that we did all the time in order to get the girls drunk or naked. Well this evening we all met at my buddy’s house and started off drinking some beer, corona I believe it was, while we played monopoly.

About an hour or so into the game we decided to make a night out of our little get together so we called some girl friends of ours and ask them to come drink with us. They of course agreed and showed up about 30 minutes later.

We all went into the back yard and built a bone fire. It was one of those really cold nights so the fire we thought was a great idea. We set up logs and what chairs we had around to sit on and began to start telling old stories and laughing, just having a good time.

There were six of us all together Me (Eric), Billy, Marcus, sarah, Kristy and Jenn. Well Kristy thought it would be fun to play truth or dare due to everyone really starting to fell a nice buzz.

So of course, we all agreed.

After a bit of playing the dares started to flow. One dare was for Billy walk bare footed over some coals from the fire (small ones).

We all laughed at how he yelped liked a women.

There were of course a few dares of this guy kiss this girl and two girls got dare to flash their b**bs.

Now we are in Callahan, FL USA, so it’s nothing but woods. So we were being pretty loud, the only houses that could hear us were about 30 yards or so away. We felt like as long as we weren’t screaming all crazy we would be ok.

Well back to the story after doing a few small dares myself, Kristy who is the girl I’m with today, dared me to strip naked and run out in front of the next car that drove by. I agreed thinking that it wouldn’t have to go thru with this because cars rarely come down this road so late.

But we still laughed and walked to the front yard waiting and drinking. It wasn’t about 20 minutes and wouldn’t you know here comes a car. So my friends ran up on the porch while I stripped down and waited in a small patch of brush by the road for the car to get closer.

Now this road is pitch black with no street lights so without a car coming at night. The only light is from my buddy’s porch light. So finally the car is close enough and I ran out waving my arms like a crazy person, maybe even danced a lil, then ran to the other side of the road.

I tried to hide low in the ditch till the car would pass but I noticed I had a spotlight on me. I looked up over the ditch at the car and seen it was a cop! I was freaking out; he stepped out his car and asks me to come over to his car.

So I stood up both hands cupping my junk and walked over to his car. “what the hell are you doing boy!? " he said.

I explained that it was just a dare and I am not a crazy person. Then before I even finished my story he started laughing. He let me off with a warning. That is something I will remember forever.

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Truth or Dare Nose-Tacos – A Mexican Tale of Shame

by Tanya Nevins

(Photo from Zesty-Tacos)

My name is Tanya Nevins. It was my birthday, and I was stuck in Los Angeles with nothing to do. Most of my friends had skipped town for other engagements.

I remembered on lone soldier, one friend I could truly count on. We both remember that we have been slacking on our semi-annual, last minute trips down the 5 Interstate to Mexico, so I tossed out the idea that we do this epic adventure to celebrate my 34th.

Upon parking at the last lot in America and hiding our valuables in the trunk of the car, we made our way into El Mexico. We stopped at a taco shop right over the border- we had been dreaming of these tacos since our last trip.

I'd not a big drinker, but since it was my birthday, and I was in Mexico, I decided to take a few shots with my friend. Getting a little bored with the night (it was the off season and not too many tourists were in the area), we decided to play a game of Truth or Dare.

Me being a little shy, and not knowing how to approach women, he dared me to go up to 5 (cinco) Mexican women and ask them if they wanted to do a shot with me.

"So I have to take 5 shots, with 5 different women right now? This is the dare?"

After he confirmed this, I prayed to my liver and began my mission. After woman number 3, my low-tolerance self-started to get dizzy. By 4, I was making a fort under the table we were sitting at.

By the time I staggered up the energy to get to 5, I was reliving those border tacos- they were soon propelling themselves out of my mouth (and nose- I had tacos in my nose) with such force that the people around us didn't even laugh.

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Feb 10, 2014
Oh, Gosh!
by: Denise

Oh my gosh! That must have been pretty embarrassing! And sorry but I can’t help but laugh at your story – it was quite hilarious! Well, can’t blame you for snorting out all the tacos you've ate, though. Mexican liquor can be very strong, they say. But still, I hope you had a great birthday! Make sure to steer away from too much tacos — and maybe tequila — on your next one! ;)

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The Dirtiest Ever Truth or Dare Story

Caution: Read at your own risk

Caution: Read at your own risk

(Photo from David Castillo Dominici |

So a few friends, my cousin and myself were all drinking peppermint schnapps, sitting in my living room and we were trying to figure out what to do...

So one of my friends suggested we play Truth or Dare, my cousin went first and she chose Truth, my friend asked if she had ever p**ped her pants?

She said 'yes, when I was really little and couldn't hold it when I was at the Zoo' we all laughed and continued drinking and playing the game, so a few turns went by and finally it got around to me...

I chose Dare.

My cousin dared me to run down the middle of the street with my pants around my ankles, clucking like a chicken... I declined and had to drink a shot and my next Dare could not be declined...

So the game continued for a few turns and finally... it came back to me and I chose Truth (of course) my friend asked if I had ever eaten my own boogers, I lied and said no.

Then it was my turn so I asked my cousin 'Truth or Dare' she chose Dare, I then sat a few moments trying to think of what I could possibly make her do that would humiliate her completely.

I got up and walked around the house for a few minutes thinking really really hard on what it could be, then finally it hit me...

I went to the bathroom and took a huge dump in the toilet and I didn't flush it.

I then went back into the living room, took a shot of schnapps and Dared my beloved cousin to lick the toilet seat for 20 seconds while staring at my p**p and breathing through her nose.

She did it and I have pictures to prove it!

The end.

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Sep 28, 2013
the very end
by: Francis

Ouch. That's a low blow to your nose and taste!

Cool story, thanks for sharing it wih us :)

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I Was Not a Chicken! Just a Frozen Duck

(Photo from Just Jefa)

It was the middle of winter, on a very cold New York Night, and I had some buddies over to my dorm.

We decided to weather out the cold together and warm ourselves up with a nice bottle of spiced rum. We were already feeling a little toasty when Barb arrived.

We were already through the first bottle, and well into the second, when Barb submitted a suggestion for truth or dare.

"Sure, why not!"

Everyone was chicken and of course they chose the easy way out, Truth. Bah, how boring is that?

Since I was quite inebriated at the time, I stood up and declared, "Dare!"

A slow grin spread over Barb's face and she let out a little chuckle. "Alright, Cami, I dare you to take off all your clothes and run across campus, through the cafeteria, and to the dean's door. Then come back, the same way."

I groaned, regretting my bravado, and glumly agreed to the dare.

After all, I was no chicken! Just a frozen duck.

So I stripped off all my clothes and peeked out the door. Ah! empty! There was no one around as everyone was snuggled in their beds, staying warm and not exposing themselves to possible ridicule.

Ok, here goes nothing, I thought. I stuck my foot out the door. COLD! I took a deep breath and out I went. Running as fast as I could to the center gazebo. I reached it, halfway there, I thought to myself.

No one has yet seen me. So I take off again, through the nearly empty cafeteria. (Only the janitors were there and they didn't see me.) I took off again, the dean’s door. Out I ran and rounded the corner and ran slap into the dean!

He dropped his folders and thank God he didn't see my face. I took off running as fast as I could back to the dorms. I went around the back because I didn't want to take a chance of him seeing me enter my dorm. I got to the room and everyone was passed out. I swore to myself, 'never again.'

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Red Wine in Rawlins

by Rick Henderson
(Rawlins, Wyoming )

(Photo from Clara Raubertas)

Wyoming, has got to be one of the most boring towns in the world. Not surprisingly, just about every teenager is either a meth head or a drunk. Luckily, I fell into the latter category.

One night, me and a few of my friends somehow convinced 3 of the cutest girls from our small high school to come over to my friend’s house, who was throwing a small party while his dad was out of town (his Dad worked for the railroad, and was gone a lot).

I an attempt to appear cool and smooth before the three girls showed up, we proceeded to pregame. As usual, we drank way too much and by the time the girls arrived, we were way too drunk.

Regardless, we convinced them to stay and started to play truth or dare. After a few uneventful rounds, I chose "dare."

My friend Chris dared me to chug a 1.5L jug of Carlo Rossi Cabernet Sauvignon (I am not much of a wine connoisseur). Without missing a beat I leapt from the sofa, sieved the jug, and with much bravado I lifted the jug to my lips, and poured the red liquid down my throat.

In what seemed like only a matter of seconds, I had finished the wine. "Hey that wasn't so bad," I thought to myself, turning to the girl on my right and winking at her.

I bowed to the cheers of my friends and sat back on the sofa, happy to have surely amazed the girls with my awesome drinking ability. About a minute later it hit me. I stood up, clenched my teeth, and tapped my friends legs to let me get past him so I could get to the bathroom.

"What's Up Rick?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Uh oh . . . " I murmured.

A deluge of red wine proceeded to spew from my mouth, spraying the sofa, the coffee table, and worst of all, the three girls.

Needless to say, the girls stormed out, my friends spent the next hour cleaning, and I spent the night on the porch.

I guess Rawlins isn't so bad.

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The Showstopper When I Saw the Topic

(Photo from Liber the poet)

I instantly recalled a hilarious story from a college days game of truth or dare. Several friends and I were freshman in college in 1997.

While most of us were attending a satellite campus, one of our friends had moved up to the Penn State University main campus, and had invited us to visit.

So on Friday after class, we made the two hour trek to State College, Pa. and began to enjoy a weekend of partying, hanging out, and catching up.

After a few hours of partying, someone decided to initiate a game of truth or dare. This was innocent enough and went on for a while with all of us drinking, and having to confess to various embarrassing things to whom we had slept with.

This was all fun, as we were drinking, and everyone was having fun. Then came Nicks turn in the game. He had to divulge a truth of some sort of embarrassing story, and what came out of his mouth slowed everyone down for the night.

He informed us that as a teen, he was at a family member’s farm, and in the barn was a dangling chain with a hook on it. He decided to climb this chain.

For whatever reason, he lost his grip and fell. The hook on the chain caught him in the crotch, and ripped his scrotal pouch open, and he had to seek emergency medical care.

He lost a testicle out of the deal. Nick had upped the ante from our casual truths to a topic of a little TMI. We stopped the game after that, and I've never looked at Nick the same after that.

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Jun 06, 2013
Way Too Dangerous Dare!
by: Francis

You should never do something like that.

Dear readers,

When you have stopped feeling the pain of Nick on this story, and I think that I will not for some days, please make sure that you never ever do a dangerous dare like that.

An Extreme dare like this would be the only reason I say don't play Truth or Dare.

Anyways, thanks for sending us the story. I hope Nick still is fully functional and now I’ll go home and cry myself to sleep :(

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