Scary Games to Spice up your party

Scaring yourself silly is always a good time. Even when it’s not Halloween, scary games are a big hit at slumber parties. 

Aside from an Ouija game or a seance, there are plenty of ways to have a great time peeing your pants in fear.

Everyone wants to throw a cool party that is fun and memorable for all your friends. This is where scary games come in, revealing the true personality of your friends.

The friend claiming to be a dare devil may be exposed as a sissy with these crazy and scary party games.

You want to ensure that the party you held for your friend is an event everyone will know about. You will have something to rub in the face of those friends who never showed up for the party!

You should start with a less scary game and move on to the scariest party games. An example of such a game is... 

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Playing light as a feather, stiff as a board!(Photo from chad050)

This one is a classic. Someone lays down on the ground, arms at his or her sides, to play the part of the “corpse”. The rest of the group settles around the “corpse,” each placing two fingers under the body. When they’re ready, they’ll lift the dead person using only those two fingers!

Start by telling a story of how the person died. Get creative and really freak out your friends. A lot of other variations use a call and response to start the ritual, but a story is the most fun. At the end of the story, once the person has died, start the chant, “Light as a feather, stiff as a board”.

Chant this a few times, and lift. Your corpse will float off the ground. Just don’t drop it in your terror.

Monster Maze

Monster maze will freak you out!(Photo from djimison)

You’ll have to set this up ahead of time and have a person or two around for supervision. This goes over better with a younger crowd, but blind fumbling in the dark is always fun at any age!

The maze itself is a covered pathway made of cardboard boxes or sheets and blankets draped over furniture. The less light that can get in, the better. The supervisors standing outside should also bang on the walls every so often.

You can either have people crawl through and see who can get the fastest time, or play a game of blind tag. Either way, be sure to crawl slowly so no one gets hurt.

Five Minutes in Terror

This game is great after a scary story or two, especially if those stories involve a haunted attic or basement. The basic premise of the game is to see how long people can last in the dark before they freak out.

You’ll want to use someplace suitably frightening like an attic or a graveyard. Hide one or two people in your location ahead of time. Each participant should be blindfolded and tied up. Not being able to move helps ratchet up the fear factor.

The fun part is when your hidden “ghosts” go to work. They shouldn't make any noises that would give them away as real people, just a bang or two. Blowing on the victim or tickling them with a feather will get instant shrieks. They should also be there to make sure the ensuing hysterics don’t actually prove harmful.

Always play scary games with supervision. There is always a chance someone may really get hurt because they’re too scared. Make sure you end the night with something not scary -- unless you don’t want to sleep.

Secret murderer

Scary games for girls(Photo from neys)

Secret Murderer is a game best for only girls’ party or as an icebreaker game.

You play it using tiny pieces of paper. Each party attendee picks one. On one of the pieces of paper, write “murderer”! After everyone picks a piece of paper, the party starts to rock.

You all move around, with the murderer amongst you. The “murderer” is able to wink at you and - bam! - you drop down “DEAD”!

This goes on until someone aka the “homicide detective” identifies the murderer and shouts “stop!”

In case the “detective” is wrong, instantly she drops down dead.

If the “detective” is right, then she wins the game.

After this game, you can get the party rolling with even more games to scare the hell out of your friends.

really scared face of a girl while plying a scary game(Photo from giarose)

Fear Factor Game Show

One way to do so is to host the home version of the “Fear Factor Game Show”! The show is only for those with nerves of steel.

Participants compete with each other in doing insane stunts or disgusting feats that nearly make them flee!

An example of such a feat is wearing a stern face and informing your friends that yesterday you ran over some dude and you stuffed the bodies in your room. Continue by telling them that the pedestrian brain matter spilled and to hide the evidence you stuffed it in a paper bag.

Say that you require one of your pals to help you transfer the brain matter from the paper bag to a body bag and later dispose off the body. They will have to use their bare hands in doing so. After washing their hands the evidence is lost forever.

Scan over your pals and choose the one who is so frightened that any minute he will either wet his pants or simply run out of his skin. Turn the light down low and give your pal the paper bag. The bag should contain cold pasta and some ketchup.

By feeling the contents of the bag, any doubt if this is a joke will automatically disappear. Open the bag and let him dig his hand into the” brain matter”. Watch his/her reaction as he feels what is believes to be brain matter. Afterward turn up the light and reveal what was truly in the bag.

This scary game is the best in exposing sissies!

Be creative in your story in order to be as convincing as possible.

Killer Drama Game

A group of friends in detective outfit(Photo from Anna Tesar)

Another source of inspiration for scary games that you can play with your buddies: watch an episode of any investigative drama and pick out the nasty ones involving serial killers and cults.

Try to find out who the murderer was. Keep your games less predictable even for the smartest pal around.

Scary games have a way to make your party less formal. Use them to host that superb party coming soon. Have an awesome party!

Scary Game for Adults That Will Make Them Pee Their Pants!

Here is another extremely scary game for adults that was sent to us by a visitor...

In my opinion, it is a more dangerous than just scary game, but if you tone it down a bit it is excellent.

Snipe Hunt

A "snipe" is a legendary and very fictional animal. This animal is often rumored to be of a moderate size with both feathers and hair.

By far one of the scariest games for teenagers and young adults to play at a sleepover has got to be "Snipe Hunt." This is a game commonly played by teenagers and young adults in the Southern part of the United States of America.

Bright red eyes. Razor Sharp teeth...

It possibly has the ability of flight, though this is a much debated topic of discussion. It also has a scream that is very similar to that of a mountain lion or a bob-cat, and sounds very much like a young woman being devoured...!

"Snipes" are routinely hunted with nothing but an out burlap or "feed" sack, and a stick.

To properly set up a snipe hunt you need several people that are aware of the rules of a "Snipe" hunt and at least one person that is not. This usually involves a camping trip in the deep and spooky woods.

The usual routine of this extremely scary game involves

  • copious amount of alcohol,
  • preferably beer, and usually the cheapest shit that nobody else will drink stolen from the parent’s refrigerators.
  • Weed and psychedelic drugs are also optionally substituted, but I can not condone such activity myself.

Once the camp is set up, and everybody is good and messed up, it is TIME TO BEGIN THE HUNT!!!

Once the hunt begins, it is customary to walk for a couple of hours, going deep into the unknown woods. Preferably at least a mile or two from camp.

Then it is standard practice for members to slowly start to spread out and "beat the bush," or basically to attempt to stir up a "snipe."

Slowly the ones that know what is going on will make there way back to camp, leaving the dim-witted and hopefully now lost person in the woods alone.

After several hours of partying back at the camp, and more than likely getting more than a little inebriated, it is time to go and find the lost person.

After they are located it is customary to either make fun of them for the rest of their life, or in some groups the burlap sack is thrown over their head and they take a mild beating from the sticks, and the "Snipe" is now caught.

This is a very traumatic and scary thing is you are unlucky and dimwitted enough to be the one that doesn't know what a snipe is. It is also one of the "great" things about coming of age in the south.

And don't forget to check out our Top 10 list of unusual places to prank scare your friends!

Do You Have a Favorite Scary Game or Story?

I bet you know an even scarier party game! Share your game here and let others discuss it to see who is courageous enough to play even the scariest games.

Do you have a funny or scary story to tell? From a Halloween party maybe, or from when a friend scared you to death with a prank...?

Write it down here!

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