Top 10 Halloween Pranks: List of best places to surprise anyone!

You'll scare everyone shatless with these Top 10 Halloween Pranks!

Some great places to hide in and jump out:

  1. Hide in a container. Make sure it does not roll backwards when you jump out.
  1. Some lockers are big enough for a person to be standing in. Disguise as a ghost with a big blanket for added effect!
  1. Pose as a corpse in a morgue. If you pull this off, you are officially the most hardcore Halloween prankster ever!
  1. Get invited to a feast. Make sure all food is covered under a blanket like in a real gourmet restaurant. Prepare yourself in a way your head is under a blanket. Wait for a hungry victim...! BAM!
  1. Have a cat lie in ambush for an innocent bystander to throw something in a waste paper basket. Let the cat do the scary surprising!
  1. Have your foot stick out of a full basin. (You have to watch the video to believe this. How did he pull that one off!?)
  1. Grab a huge moving box and jump out!

    • Best when it was standing around for some time and no one would ever expect it.
    • Worst when you land in the back of a moving van and stay there for a day...
  1. Hide under a big pile of leaves. Easy to do at Halloween: it's autumn. Scare them hard before they get rid of your hideout!
  1. Prepare a little outlet for compressed air, place it under a paper plate and let the food be blasted away! That'll shock anyone.
  1. Or just blow up the birthday cake with a firecracker!

There: another Top 10 Halloween Pranks!

Make sure that everyone stays safe, no one gets a heart attack and no cats are harmed. Because I love cats. Have fun scaring people! If some YouTubers can do it, so can you!

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