Scary Halloween Game for Adults Only - Ten Little Indians

by Monsoon Feathercloud
(Paradise, Nevada )

(Photo from hoshi7)

The game is based upon a series of movies made in the 30's about a group of guests invited to stay at a spooky castle where one by one they were each murdered, and no one could figure out who was the murderer. This game requires 12 participants, including the host.

Six of those selected will have to be good actors. If there are two hosts, ten people should be invited. If one, invite eleven. Twelve stuffed animals will be needed, two identical animals each of six different types. Unbeknownst to them, the participants will be divided into two teams of six. The host(s) will be on one team.

For sleeping assignments, the teams will be paired off such that in each sleeping location, there will be one member of one team paired off with one member of the other. The first team will be the "inside" players. They will be in on the conspiracy. The second team will be the "victim" players. They will not be in on the conspiracy.

Each conspirator will be given a time of day for action and the location of the substitute animal, and at this time, will be expected to switch the stuffed animal. When the teams arrive and are paired off and given sleeping assignments, they will each be given a stuffed animal.

Their mission is to protect the stuffed animal and keep it safe from any harm. (Remember, one of the two in each sleeping area will be "in on it.") But he or she will be sworn to secrecy ahead of time. Before game day, take one of each of the six types of stuffed animals and kill it. That is to say, cut off the head, insert a pen knife into the eyes or ears and apply red coloring to it to simulate blood. Generally, just make the stuffed animal appear to have suffered a painful, gory death.

As each paired off couple approaches his designated sleeping place, they will want to take steps to safeguard their stuffed animal. Some many decide together to hide it away. At the designated time, the first conspirator will substitute the maimed animal for the hidden animal.

When his partner discovers the maimed animal, he or she will scream and everyone will come to see what has happened. One by one, each of the conspirators will terrorize his partner by doing the very same thing. To make the game more fun, the host will cut the power to the lights and play a tape of spooky sounds just before the "switch" takes place.

A lot of fun can come out of this game. Foremost, the "victims" will all be truly shocked and terrorized. The "conspirators" will pretend to be shocked and terrorized. The effect of this adds to the sense of panic and fright. Do not serve alcoholic beverages at the party if you want the actors to play their roles well!

It's a great Game for a Halloween Game Night!

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Feb 17, 2012
Not my pets :(
by: Anon

Noo don't kill my poor pets :(

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Scary Game - Alone in the Dark

(Photo from Mariano Pernicone)

There is a game I played back in the 1990's called Alone in the Dark and this game has two sequels that I've also played. These games are scary in the H.B. Lovecraft way and solving the problems presented can be a challenge.

Let me first state that these are old games with old graphics and I have no idea if you'd be able to play them on your computer, but Alone in the Dark is the first game I think of when it comes to scary and unique game play.

The graphics are polygon in nature, but if you can get past that and get into the story, you will have a good time, especially if you play this game with friends. I played my game with many friends in the military barracks and we had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to get past one puzzle and then another.

The controls of the game are keyboard only, so please know this before you think about getting the game. The controls have put off some people, but if you can get past that and explore the game, you will be amply rewarded. The game play is based inside a scary old house that you must figure out how to escape.

You can play a male or female character. I don't know if this game would be appropriate for children, but basically it has monsters, violence and sounds that can scare a person when they are alone and not expecting it.

There are plenty of zombie games out there that have great graphics and scary sounds and effects, but I really don't think anything tops those first three games Alone in the Dark. There was a fourth game that came out, but this game changed the whole look of the game and basically became a completely different game from the original three.

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Scary Games to Play at a Sleepover Night

by Roberta Jones
(Winchester VA, United States)

(Photo from celebdu)

When I host a sleepover, I like to have a seance. All you need is some cheap antiques from a flea market, and a dark colored candle. After the lights are turned off, you light the one candle in the center of a table, and speak an invocation.

I always use "Oh restless spirits of the dead come forth and tell us of your mystic knowledge!" Then, I'll pick up an object, and go into a "trance", speaking as if I was the objects previous owner. I open up questions to the group, and use a different voice, and sometimes contort my limbs.

It's really good for Halloween parties, and can be made more or less frightening depending on your preference. Optional accessories are wine in goblets for the guests to toast the spirit, and Ouija board as a spirit medium.

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Feb 19, 2012
Don't take it too seriously
by: Francis

C'mon man, it's not that bad. Let the girls play a game of Ouija or a seance or whatever as much as they like.

The fun is precisely in the fact that everyone knows it's not real but spooky stuff happens anyway.

It's just like if you condemned a clever science trick because you don't know how it works, even though it was funny as hell...

Did anyone ever have a bad experience after a seance?

Feb 15, 2012
Do you know if it's only a joke?
by: Anonymous

I would be really, really careful with invoking stuff you don't know for *sure* does not exist.

You can't prove it does not exist - so there might be scary stuff like ghosts and such stuff out there.

I have heard stories about people getting hurt or other scary stuff happening. Just be careful when you play games like this one or the Ouija game or seances especially...

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How Will You Die

(Nashville, TN, USA)

(Photo from Legadema via deviantART)

The games Apples to Apples and Cards against Humanity are really fun at parties, but going off of those ideas I'd like to tweak them a bit and come up with something fun that would be more catered toward scary Halloween parties.

So I came up with “How Will You Die?”

The person throwing the party has to be the one to organize it. What you tell the group of people you're playing with is that it’s a game like Apples to Apples; where you all sit in a circle and with a number of players and one Dealer.

Each player gets dealt three cards; three OBJECT cards (i.e. knife, bare hands, pillow) three ACTION cards (i.e. stab, push, suffocate) and one LOCATION (i.e. kitchen, bedroom, yard.)

Each person has to pick their own death with the cards they have. As the games master, you know there’s more to it than that.

You finish the game, and already had one person in mind (a friend you want to play a prank on who participated in the game) and you recruit the other players secretly to help you set up a prank that would stimulate their own death-cards. (i.e. stabbed with a knife in the kitchen) one of you disguises yourself and pretends to go after your friend with a knife in the kitchen.

Fun game + Good Halloween scare!

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Bobbing for you don’t know what

(Photo from marcsiegert via Flickr)

The game involves players taking turns, however each turn involves all the players’ participation. A bucket large enough to submerse ones head in is filled with disgusting items.

Within the bucket is one of five non-disgusting items. The items are predetermined and all players are shown them before the game begins. The players all sit in a circle.
  1. Player One goes first. He or she is given a bucket of items. These items are too be of a rather, disgusting type of quality.

    Item like cooked, wet noodles, mayonnaise, boiled eggs, watered down marshmallow or other semi-messy but manageable products. This player chooses which non-disgusting theme item to place into the bucket, he must do so, so no other players see.

  2. Player Two is the person on the right of player one. They are then instructed to make a decision. He can choose to ask three yes or no questions about what the non-disgusting item is in the bucket or choose pass to the next player.

    If he or she chooses to pick the questions, and correctly determines the item the first player is forced to bob for it in the disgusting bucket. If he passes it moves on to the next player.

    However, if the other players pass and it becomes this player’s turn he is forced to bob for the item.

  3. If an item is guessed, whoever did the bobbing is out of the game. The last clean person wins.

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Bloody Zombie Kill

by Pablo
(New Hampshire)

(Photo from Matt Hendrick)

This game can be played with 3 or more people. Costumes are required but can be homemade to look like a zombie.

Squirt guns are given to each participant which contain water mixed with red dye (blood). The participants flip a coin to see which zombies hide and which one is the hunter.

The participants then hide and the hunter goes after them to try and "kill" them with the red dye as proof of their being hit. If the zombie gets 3 or more hits with the red dye it falls to the floor in agony.

The game is best played in partial darkness and is best played outdoors in a scary remote location to make it even scarier. However, it can be played at home. Scary sound effects are also recommended for this game.

Participants must wear light colored clothes in order for the hunter to see the blood stains. The winner is the zombie with the least amount of blood.

After game ideas is a zombie buffet in which food looks like body parts, for example jello mold for brains, gummy worms in chocolate pudding and other zombie delicacies.

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House of Spooky Horrors

by Doris McFee
(Fort Lee, TX )

(Photo from Ben Salter)

House of spooky horrors is a game that should be led by an adult and played by a group of children. In this game, the adult will be required to set up a maze of spooky items for children to touch (while blindfolded).

The upside of this game is that it can be played in any weather, as the maze is setup in a living room, dinning, room, basement or kitchen. In order to prepare for the game, you will need cooked and cold angel hair pasta, peeled grapes, corn off the cob, and corn husks.

Also make sure you have enough blindfolds for all of the kids. Peel the grapes and place them in a bucket. When children stick their hands in bucket during the maze tour, the grapes will feel like eyes.

Be sure to make a spooky sign so they can see it when they take their blindfold off. But you should also announce what it is they are touching as they go through the maze.

The corn should be cold and in a bowl. These will act as teeth! And finally, she husks will feel like hair. You should also play spooky music and make sure the children don't peak until they've made it through the entire maze.

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