Haunted Scavenger Hunt

(Photo from Michael Dorausch)

This was a game my mom set up for us one Halloween when my sister had a sleepover. It took a lot of planning and about 20 people. Fortunately as my friends and I were too old to trick or treat, they were more than happy to help us out.

Together we came up with a spooky story about the house we were living in (This part was the only my sister was in on.) She pretended she hadn't slept the night before and when I asked her why she began talking about the strange noise in the middle of the night, like a tennis ball bouncing down the stairs.

As she embellished the story, one of my friends dropped a tennis ball down the stairs. I jumped up and acted just as scared as anyone else and began to tell the 'history' of the house. I told them all about the girl and her dog.

The story went that there was a young girl whose parents died. But she was young and scared and didn't know to tell anyone. She went on with her life, taking care of herself and her dog. She buried her parents in the back yard and went on with her life.

Soon, people began to grow suspicious, but she was afraid if she was taken away they would take her from her dog. Eventually a teacher came snooping and found the parents bodies. It got back to town that the girl had murdered her parents and fed them to her dog.

She tried to dispute it, but the others sealed her into the house and let them starve. The dog stayed faithfully by her side until the bitter end. There was no proof, but it was rumored the girl was buried in her basement.

Then, another tennis ball was dropped down the stairs with a riddle attached. The riddle leads my sister and her friends to the back garden where one of mom’s friends was half buried. Once my sister and her friends started digging, he reached out and grabbed one of them by the hand, scaring the daylights out of her.

He handed over the note with the next clue which lead to the bedroom that supposedly was where they found the girl’s body.

As they were searching around, one of my friends, dressed like a deranged ghost crept slowly out of the closet and sneaked up on another of my sisters friends. The scavenger hunt lead from room to room with different elements of the story until the climax of the kitchen where the parents were found.

Their mom and dad jumped out screaming. A fun time was had by all and in the end, the prize was a huge pile of candies. By the end, everyone was begging us to do their birthday party as well.

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The Scary Game “Freaks” for Teens and Adults

(Photo from justDONQUE.images)

In a house, this scary game can be played during the night in a sleepover. It creates a mix of hide-and-seek with a haunted house feel. I would call this game "Freaks" because your friends will dress up as freaky as possible; or your friends could dress up as if they have escaped the crazy house.

If it's on a Halloween weekend, allow your friends to each bring a mask. This game is best played at night, but it's even better if played during a thunderstorm. The purpose of the game is to allow the person to look for every freak hiding in the house.

To begin the game is to turn off 'every' light in the house. Shut all the windows or anything that may bring in light. The person who is in-charge of the searching will wait in the room (bedroom, living room, kitchen or maybe outside). The other friends will hide in various places in the house.

It can be as crazy as hiding in the kitchen cabinets or under the bed just anywhere that will make it hard to find that person. They will have about three minutes to hide in their spots, the more people participating in the game the more time.

Next, when all is settled the person will walk around the house with a flashlight and look around any corner of the house to find his/her fellow freaks. When the person finds a possible hiding spot, the fellow freak will lash out and scare the person.

This will be done multiple times. The scare will be sudden. The searcher could open the door and the freak will jump out in front of them. You could do something creative like bring a blank and place it over the person to scare them more.

This will continue on until the searcher has found all the freaks in his house. When done scaring the person, the freaks will run out of the house. But if it's raining outside, they can simply run inside a chosen gathering point in the house.

This game can be played by older aged kids

  • Around middle school
  • High school
  • But even adults can play this game

It will be better if played this game while camping and many of your friends are hiding in various spots in the dark forest, just don't go too far!

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Feb 16, 2012
Super Scary Photo
by: Francis

I love the photo on the top. Gave me a good scare!

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Hide and Seek - Horror Version!

by Rhiannon

WELCOME TO THE ORIGINAL GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK! But you see, this has more of a twist.

This works with up to three players.

Ok, so, like in normal Hide and Seek, one person is chosen to be it while the other people hide.

BUT THE WHOLE AREA YOU ARE USING MUST BE PITCH BLACK, outside or inside. The basics is the person who is 'it' has to find other players by using hearing.

YOU CAN'T TURN ON ANY LIGHTS, NO MATTER WHAT. The person who is destined to be 'it' makes noises to scare other players, giving off their destination.


Instead of trying to hide, the other players have a choice to rather: Hide, or scare the player who is 'it'.

Trust me, Hide and Seek may be fun, but this version is sure to get at least a few tiny scares.

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Mar 06, 2013
Really Creative Hide and Seek Version
by: Francis

Thanks Rhiannon for sending us your creative idea of how to play 'Hide n Seek'

What sort of rooms do you use to make it pitch black?

Sometimes it difficult to even get your room pitch black and if you play the game... aren't you worried about bumping heads with anyone?

If I was to play this game, I would always try to be 'it' and scare others. That's probably the most fun part :)

Mar 01, 2013
Sounds like fun!
by: Herbert

Might even be able to cop a feel in the dark!

But 'Up to 3 players' – wouldn't it be even more fun with MORE players?!

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Inviting the Dead

by Kelly

The game ‘Inviting the Dead’ was inspired by the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot, as it was explained to me and then altered to work at a Christmas party.

During this Sukkot ancestors are remembered, special tents erected for meals and spirits are invited to join in the festivities. It is a time of remembrance and a celebration of things to come.

The rules of the game are relatively simple and the results can be touching, funny and unexpected. Prior to the gathering and presumably via invitation each guest will be asked to think of someone who is no longer living to invite to the gather in spirit.

The person they choose can someone they knew in life or someone they admired, but never met. Guests should be prepared to explain who they chose and why in as brief or long terms as they feel necessary.

They will share why this spirit inspires them or why they would in particular like to remember and share them on this occasion.

I did this at a Christmas gathering fifteen years ago, when I was first introduced to my husband's family. No less than thirty people came by that night and new spirits were invited as people arrived.

People shared stories about a wide range of people, things others didn't know about, fond memories of people from their mutual past and love for those lost. Even mistakes, like one guest who's English was limited and misunderstood the rules, invited Aretha Franklin (who is still living)- even that went over well.

You would be surprised at how much people laughed and the gratitude people had for being able to mention people from the past. Touching, funny and warm, this made the whole event feel solidified for people.

Sure some folks thought it was odd, but it drew out even the shy folks. And people who are fond of telling stories ate up the opportunity to share one.

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The Spooky Forest Game

This game is best played with large number of players

This game is best played with large number of players

(Photo from martinak15 via Flickr)

This game can be played in almost any room provided there are available light switches. You tell the children that somewhere in America there is an enchanted forest. And in that enchanted forest, all of the trees are very spooky, and seem to watch you no matter where you go.

You give one child a flashlight, and tell the other children to stand up like spooky trees in a forest. Before turning out the lights the adult taps one child anonymously on the shoulder, that child becomes the scary tree. It is the child with the flashlight who is it.

The child must wait for ten seconds in the dark before turning on his flashlight, he then looks for the scary tree in the spooky forest. All of the spooky trees in the forest are permitted to move during darkness and assume new spooky tree poses.

Meanwhile the scary tree is not permitted to move between bouts of seeking and moving. The flashlight is to be turned off as each incorrect guess is made as to who the identity of the scary tree is.

It is the job of the spooky trees to create poses in the dark meant to trick the seeker into making an incorrect guess, although they may be unaware of who the scary tree is, as he or she has been picked out in the darkness.

Once the scary tree is found by the seeker, the scary tree becomes the new seeker; the old seeker becomes a spooky tree and the adult randomly picks a new scary tree again.

This game would be best for many children, so that they can create a large spooky forest, which will be more of a challenge.

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Guess Who’s At Your Front Door

by Jay
(New York, NY, USA)

(Photo from Claire L. Evans)

The object of this game is to “Guess who’s at your front door”. Each player will be given a chance to be the person, animal, monster or creature at the front door. However the player that is at the front door doesn’t know what person, animal, monster or creature they are.

The player will have 10 chances to ask questions that’ll help him or her figure out what they are. (EX: Do I have more than 2 legs, Can I fly?, Do I eat people?). If the player at the front door thinks he or she knows what they are they can also use one of their questions to take a guess, but if they are wrong it’ll still count as one of their 10 questions. (EX: Am I a gargoyle?, Am I a Spider?).

Then the others players who are participating in the game will either answer yes, no or maybe. To set up the game all you need is a stack of blank index cards and something to write with. If you have a computer printer handy that’ll be helpful as well.

If you don’t have a printer handy simply write a scary person, animal, monster or creature on each blank index card. If you do have a printer you could print small pictures of them and tape or glue them to the cards that match the appropriate name.

Here’s a list of people, animals, monster and creatures to help get you started. Keep in mind that it’s supposed to be a Halloween based game. (Zombie, Witch, Vampire, Werewolf, Spider, Snake, Bat, Ghost, Black Cat, Frankenstein, Gargoyle, Wizard, Leprechaun, Dragon, Big Foot, Jason Vorhees, Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Chucky)

After completing your index cards, shuffle them and place them face down on a table. Have the first player that’s at the “Front Door” sit on a chair facing the rest of the group. The group will then pick up a card and share it amongst themselves. Then the person in the chair can begin asking questions.

If the person doesn’t guess what or who they are in 10 questions they lose and will gain no points for that round. If they do guess correctly they will gain a point for each round. Each player will get a turn to sit in the seat and be the guesser. You could play as many rounds as you like and in the end tally up the points to see who wins.

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Dead space 1 & 2 (Scary Computer Game)

(Photo from SS Games Online)

I'm not much of a "scary game" kind of guy but the most fun I have had with a chilling game was when I was playing Dead space 1 & 2 and amnesia the dark descent and Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

When Dead Space 1 came out me and my friends played it in the dark and were really freaked out. The moving shadows on the walls made our skins crawl and jump from our seats when we fought alien zombie monsters.

What's worse is when you walk down a hallway of dead people only to find out that they'll get up and attack you when you pass them. Dead space 2 was very similar but still fun nonetheless.

DS2 delves more into the story of the DS universe than the first game, but has added on a few more ways of playing the game Amnesia is where the bar was set. This game was especially scary because this game does not let you fight back against the evil trying to kill you... they make you run for your life and hide in the darkness (strategically) .

It's more of a puzzle game to figure out what happened to an abandoned castle with a Lot of history behind it. The suspense is what really makes the game over the top scary, the built up tension throughout the game is thrilling and teeth chattering and will make you not want to see what's behind the creepy door, but will eat at your curiosity.

With each new puzzle of the castle finished, you'll be sucked into the great story and game play. Darkness: Sanity's requiem is pretty scary as well... actually just extremely creepy. You play the part of Alexandra Riovas who is investigating the death of her grandfather.

The more you go farther into the game the more insane you will become (Character and player).When you play this game you will question the reality of everything. All in all it's a great game that'll keep you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.

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My Silly Halloween Costume Dare

(Photo from Gamma Man)

When we go to local stores, my friends and I often play games of truth and dare. These often involve trying on items of clothing located throughout the store or even riding the kiddy bikes located in the toy section. It was my turn to play and I was so afraid.

I am a private person, so usually; I get stuck with taking the dare. I stood there sweating bullets wondering what it would be this time. My friend dared me to try on a Halloween pumpkin outfit located in the Halloween section of the store.

The costume didn't look dangerous, but oh later on, I would find out otherwise. I took the dare and tried the costume on over my clothing. Much to my chagrin, that proved to be a big mistake. The costume was found to be very snug; actually it was like trying to cram a watermelon into a baby sock.

I managed to get it on, and felt very proud of myself, for I had completed the dare. Being claustrophobic, I was in a hurry to get it off. I mean, I wanted it off now. I tried and tried to pull it over my head to no avail. It was no use; it was so tight that I felt like it was trying to take my blood pressure.

Even the great anacondas of the Amazon don't have a death grip like this costume had on my curvy figure. Finally in a moment of panic, I tugged it really hard and was happy to see it lying in a pile on the floor.

For a moment all was right with the world. Unfortunately, it took my shirt with it also. I was standing in the aisle in nothing but my jeans and bra. I was so embarrassed.

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Mar 25, 2012
not the worst costume
by: Francis

You are lucky they didnt choose a worse costume. A good friend of mine lost a bet and had to streak - so to speak - in the BORAT swimwear over the busiest place in town.

Now that is an embarrassing costume!

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Dirk and the Legend of Albino Hollow

(Photo from Josh McGinn)

It was a cold, dark October night in the backwoods of Oregon, early fall and my friends and I had traveled a good part of the day to our campsite.

My friends had joined me by the campfire I had started, and we decided to have a little Jack Daniels, which soon turned into a lot of Jack Daniels.

One thing led to another, and soon we were playing Truth or Dare. As my friends were female and I was not, things soon became interesting.

It started with the ladies, Betty and Elsa, usually going with Truth, and I usually, in typical guy fashion, went with Dare.

After a while though, I could see that Elsa, a tall, strawberry blonde Norwegian, was itching to ‘man up’ and take on a dare. I excused myself for a few minutes under false pretenses of a bio break, and set about my plan.

While I was off in the woods, I called my friend Jim by mobile phone. I knew he was in a campground very close by and was planning on coming by later that night. I spoke to him briefly and headed back to the campsite.

When it was Elsa’s turn, she, as I guessed, picked Dare.

I gave her some very specific directions to a log not far from the campsite and asked her to bring back a large, grotesque mushroom that was growing on it.

She said “Ok Dirk, I will do that, but you just wait till I get you on your turn!”

She then set off for the log. Betty and I had another shot of Jack, and just as we finished it, we heard a blood curdling screech! Betty panicked, spilled her drink on her white pants, and I got up calmly and went off in Elsa’s direction.

When she saw me, she promptly punched me several times on the arm, saying “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!”.

My friend Jim, who happens to be an albino, had hidden behind the log and jumped out at her in his camouflage outfit, wearing a pumpkin on his head left over from a carving they had practiced on in a nearby field.

To this day, we still talk about the ghost of pumpkins past we encountered on that alcohol enhanced night.

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Truth or Dare: The Scariest Slumber Party Game of All

(Photo from valerietylerdesigns)

I personally have not been to a whole lot of sleepovers. As a growing adolescent, I was plagued with headgear, Hermione Granger hair (see: Sorcerer's Stone), and bifocals. It was always really hard for me to make friends growing up, and when, by some miracle, I was invited over to someone's house for a slumber party it was quite an ordeal for me.

Now, at any teen/pre-teen female gathering, it is always customary to gather the heard together and participate in some sort of group activity. This can be a screening of an old Mary Kate and Ashley movie, freezing someone's bra, or playing a game. Now, gone are the days when you can simply break out the Twister board or play a quick round of Guess Who.

Generally, the new female generation likes to play games that involve items of a more salacious nature. Since we all know that girls are a bit gossipy at times (or all of the time) and enjoy any opportunity that might involve getting the low-down on who likes who, Truth of Dare generally rears its ugly head somewhere around two in the morning.

Though Truth or Dare is not your typical "scary" sleepover game (see: Bloody Mary), its tendency to bring out the inner gossip girl in all of us is what makes it truly horrifying. Before you know it, you are into round three. Patrice has already admitted to kissing Paige's boyfriend and Carol is still fuming over everyone insisting that she do a lap around Old Lady Asher's house in her under-roos.

Truly, Truth or Dare is the game that cane either make or break friendships. I would suggest that before you start your first round, you decide for yourself if you are prepared to take a picture of yourself wearing your headgear and then texting it to Bobby Pine, quarterback/ demigod. You have been warned!

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Scary Game - Mamasita

(Photo from tinanwang)

Background History of the Game:

100 years ago when the home was first built lived an elderly Spanish woman who took care of the kids in the neighborhood. She could not have children of her own and had 10 miscarriages over her life time. But she loved all the children so much she told them to call her Mamasita.

Every year Mamasita would throw a huge Halloween party for kids only. She would give them any kind of candy or treat you can imagine. But Mamasita was stern woman as well. If a child every disobeyed her she would take out her long whopping stick and beat the hide off of the children.

At her last party the city was struck by a category 5 hurricane. Some parents were able to retrieve their children before the storm, but most had to wait until the storm was over.

The next morning when the parents went to find their kids there was no trace of anyone including Mamsista. Some say she stole the kids some say they died in the storm and were washed out to sea.

Every now in then on Halloween, when the lights go out you to find Mamsista walking the halls of the old house looking for children to either be nice to or to beat who are not following the rules.

How to Play This Game:

This Game is almost like hide and seek. Hand out players either a red or blue card. Hand the person playing Mamasita a description card. For example, blue children are bad, find and whoop them or all children or bad.

Players run around the house and hide from Mamasita. If she finds you, you are either punished or put in the no fun zone or given a treat. If adults are playing you get a shot. Kids get a piece of candy.

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Three Spooky Games to Play on Halloween or at Slumber Parties

by Brenda Jones
(New York, NY, USA)

(Photo from taymtaym)

What's in The Bag?

One great game to play on Halloween and at slumber parties is "What's in The Bag?" This is a simple game that requires a little prep work.

First, you must gather the proper materials:
  • Large, broken pieces of chalk become werewolf bones.

  • Peeled grapes can be witches eyeballs.

  • Baby carrots are devil's horns.

Then, the items are placed separately in their own containers (they must not be see-through!). A piece of fabric with a slit in it can be used to cover the container. The party members sit in a circle and pass the buckets around, slipping their hands inside the slit and feeling the strange materials.

The buckets can be labeled and decorated. This is a fun sensory experience that is sure to creep guests out.

Spookier Manhunt

Another fun game, provided the weather is good, is a spookier version of Manhunt. While there is one person who is "it" in hide-and-go-seek, Manhunt is the opposite: everyone is "it" and must find one specific person.

Have everyone else wear creepy masks/makeup while searching for that one person. Seances are a blast during Halloween, sleepovers, and parties. Technically, there is little prep work that is required, but for a full effect, it can be good to set up.

Candles, flower petals, and even religious paraphernalia can all be used to prepare for the summoning of the spirits. A darkened room can also get people in the right mood to commune with the dead.

Similarly, a dark room with candles is the perfect setting in which to tell scary ghost stories.

Spooky Truth or Dare

"Spooky Truth or Dare" is another great game. Players have two choices. If they choose truth, they can answer a scary question about their paranormal experiences, and must share a frightening tale of something supernatural that has happened to them or someone they know.

If they choose dare, they have to complete a scary mission. This might include walking through a graveyard at night alone, or exploring a haunted attic.

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