Scary Ouija Board Story - Legion Caleb

(Photo from Patrick Emerson)

On June 6th, 2006 three teenage boys were having a sleepover. After a couple hours of watching TV and eating pizza, they became bored and wanted something more exciting to do.

They each mentioned ideas, such as prank-calling girls, throwing toilet paper in the neighbor’s yard, and playing flashlight tag. The group couldn't agree on an activity and became frustrated.

That's when the eldest boy, Craig, spoke up and said, "Hey, did you guys realize the date is 6/6/06? That's practically the mark of the beast! How creepy would it be to get an Ouija board and play with it on a night like tonight?"

The other two boys were somewhat frightened, but didn't want to show it. They tried to make excuses on why they didn't want to play with the Ouija board. However, Craig was persistent and quickly talked the other boys into it.

So, Craig and the other boys snuck into his older brother's room and snatched the Ouija board from under the bed. After setting it up, Craig explained that you have to ask a question and then each person will place their hand on the dial to reveal the answer.

One of the boys spoke up and said, “I got one, why don't we ask it if anything surprising is going to happen to us tonight?"

The boys agreed and laid their hands on the dial. It slowly started to move and the boys nervously waited as the dial spelled out the word. D-E-A-T-H All three of the boys gasped and looked at each other in fear.

Just about that time, Craig's eye balls fell out, and the other two boys' had epic bloody diarrhea and died from dehydration. Craig's parents returned home later that night and found the boys in a bloody, poopy, mess on the ground.

Craig's mother started puking uncontrollably and died from exhaustion. Craig's dad hated his family so he started laughing so hard, until the point he couldn't breathe and died as well. An elderly couple later moved into the house.

Now, every year on the anniversary on that fateful night, the elderly couple has wild bouts of bloody diarrhea and vomiting. In the closet lurks the ghost of Craig, with his eyeballs missing from their sockets, quietly laughing.

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